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Closer Than Kin “The Machineries of Breath”

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This album is a ridiculous combination of horrible vocals and mediocre hardcore. The singing on this disc sounds like something you might here at an opera. The screams are, at best, average. The guitar work and the drums are good– too good for this album in fact—it makes the poor vocals and production sound even worse.

Too much meandering between styles left this reviewer feeling lost, dizzy and dare I say a bit schizophrenic. The lyrical content consisted of regrets of former relationships gone awry—almost like he wanted to make me feel sorry for him with all of his “girl problems” and the like.

The band boasts huge claims about touring with hardcore greats like Hatebreed, and yet, there is nothing in the music to show that they are anything but another “follow the current trends” hardcore band that will, in time, just fade away. Two thumbs way-WAY down.

Jeff Petermann
Action Attack Helicopter Magazine

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