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Close to the End

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(Dedicated to Mr. Bush’s last term in office.)
Sung to the music of “Close to the Edge” by YES

[edited to fit on your screen]

Close to the End
by anonyMoses Hyperlincoln

A seasoned bitch could call you from the depths of your disgrace,
And rearrange your liver to match up your boily face,
And achieve it all with music that came quickly from afar,
Then taste the wrath of man recorded, losing all against the hour.
And assessing points to nowhere, leading ev’ry single one.
A Sundrop can exalt us like the blog of Mr. Sun,
And take away the plain in which we move,
And choose the course you’re running.

Rough at the edge, found in the corner,
No right of way, no right today…
Close to the ledge, down by a liver,
No right of way, no right today…

Crossed the line around the changes of the Sumer,
Lashing out to dull the color of the sky.
Passed around a moment clothed in mourning sadder than we see.
Getting over all the time I had to worry,
Leaving all the changes far from far behind.
We relieve the tension only to find out the master’s bait.

Down at the bend, round by the corner.
Close to the end, just by a liver.
Reasons will pass you by.
I get up, you get down.
Now that it’s all over and done,
Now that you find, you’re in a hole.

My mind convinced, eclipsed with the younger Moon attained with Rove.
It changed as almost brained amidst clear manna from above.
I crucified by hate and held the world within my hand.
There’s you, the time, no logic, or reasons we don’t understand.

Sad courage claimed the victims standing still for all to see,
As armoured movers took approach and overtook the sea.
There since McCord, the license, or the reasons we understood would be.

Rough at the edge, closed down my liver.
Kos to the edge, found in the korner.
Close to the end, round by the corner.
Down at the edge, found by the river.

Sudden call shouldn’t take away your startled memory.
All in all, the journey takes you all the way.
As apart from any reality that you’ve ever seen and known.
Causing problems only to receive no mention,
Stupid paths that climb halfway into the void.

As we cross from side to side, we hear the total Bush refrain.

Down at the bend, round by the corner.
Close to the end, down by a liver.
Reasons will pass you by.
I get up, you get down…

In his white face
You can clearly see a Libby sadly looking.
Saying that he’d take the blame
For the crucifixion of their web domain.

I get up, I get down,
I get up, I’m a clown.
Two million people barely satisfied.
Two hundred women watch one woman cry, too late.
The eyes of hurricanes can achieve.
How many millions does he deceive each day?

You get up, I get down.
I get up, you get down.

In charge of who is there in charge of me.
Do I look on blindly and say I see the way?
The truth is written all along the page.
How old will we be before we come of age for truth?
I git up, I git down.
I git up, I git down.
I git up, you git down…

The time between the votes relates the colors to the schemes.
A constant vogue of triumphs dislocate man, so it seems.
And space between the focus group ascend knowledge of Plame.
Their song and dance envelop time, lost social temp’rance fuels the flame.

Then according to the man who showed his outstretched arms to space,
He turned around and pointed, threat’ning all the human race.
I shook my head and smiled a whisper, knowing all about the place…
On the hill we viewed the silence of the valley,
Called to witness cycles only of the past.
And we reach all this with movements in between the sad remark.

Close to the bend, down by a liver.
Down at the end, found in the corner.
Reasons will pass you by,
Now that it’s all over and done,
Call to the seed, write Mr. Sun.
Now that you find, you’re in a hole.
Reasons will pass you by,
I git up, I git down.
I git up, you git down.
You git up, I git down…

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  • Oh. My. God! I thought this would be jokey, but it’s absolutely seriously awesome!

    I was a Yes fan back in the day. Still I’m having trouble here and there, keeping the melody in my head as I read your “lyrics.”

    But I remember the opening lines of the 1st verse, the hook, of course, and that unforgettable bridge: I get up, I get down!

    I’ll have to go look in my creepy storage room for ye old album, so I can really on the same plane with your rendition.

    What’s more, gotta come back later and do your click-thrus! I can tell we’re already on the same plane politically.

    Good one!!

  • Merci! I like to think that the exuberance of the final strains will correspond to the final strains of the current regime. Hope you find the album! I’m gonna dig mine out as well…

    Your blog is very formidable…

    A votre sante!