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ClipTalk: As The YouTube Turns

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CBS is the second network in as many weeks to challenge YouTube’s policy of posting their proprietary content.   The video clip in question is the CBS News story of an autistic teen’s triumph on the basketball court. YouTube to date has delivered 1.3 million viewings of the clip, making it the onto the sites Top 20 all-time list.

The issue; “It’s uncool for people to take our video without permission” said Betsy Morgan, SVP and GM of CBSNews.com. “It’s interesting and encouraging that there’s that much of an audience for our content. But this stuff should come back to the core site – otherwise it’s theft.”  Morgan’s message about acceptable give-and-take was further clarified when she stressed, “We’re not anti-YouTube. We are anti-taking video without our permission.”

So, for now, according to Staci at PaidContent.org, YouTube has taken down the clip and, we are hoping, in discussions with CBS and NBC to gain permission to show their clips.

Meanwhile, the incredible story of Jason McElwaine, the autistic team manager-turned-hero, is indeed getting tremendous attention across the web. We have been tracking the story and featuring links to the many sources providing coverage. You be the judge – Here’s the link.

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