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ClipBlast Video for Thursday March 9th

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Among the video clips we highlight on ClipBlast today:

Failure to Launch will do so tomorrow. The comedy stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew McConaughey – she plays a woman hired to help get him to move out of his parents’ house… but who ends up falling for him in the process (what a shock!!) These video clips are all from CBS:
Watch Sarah Jessica speak with Harry Smith Watch Video Now -
Watch Sarah Jessica in this raw interview Watch Video Now -

Watch Matthew McConaughey in this raw interviewWatch Video Now -

[ADBLOCKHERE] you think you should have gotten a better score on your SAT’s than you did? Well, maybe you were right. As this CNN video clip explains, about 4000 kids just got a letter from the testing people saying their scores should have been higher. But now another question: the problem first cropped up in December – why’d it take ‘til March to admit it?
Watch the Video Clip Now! Watch Video Now -

According to this video clip from the CBS Early Show, police have linked the bouncer at the club where a New York grad student was last seen to her murder. Fibers taken from the home of Darryl Littlejohn reportedly match with material found on the packing tape used to bind Imette St. Gullen’s body.
Watch the Video Clip Now! Watch Video Now -

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