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Clip Talk: MySpace Film – The Filmmakers Tool

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MySpace, the web site that revolutionized the way bands meet their adoring fans and one another, has rolled out MySpace Film – a tool for filmmakers.

The new film section includes featured indie filmmakers, upcoming film festivals, a bulletin board where members can post screenings of their movies, a filmmaker discussion forum, and a classifieds page where members look for crew, equipment, and collaboration.

“Bands get discovered off MySpace all the time,” co-founder Chris DeWolfe said. “MySpace Film could be a tool for yet-to-be-discovered filmmakers too.”

According to Michael Wang for Show Business Weekly, MySpace already hosts hundreds of filmmakers and their short projects, and will become a great forum for directors and animators looking to bring their films to a young, eager audience.
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  • What is this – a free ad? Would’ve appreciated some commentary/expansion

  • This looks like a great opportunity for those really wanting to showcase their talents and vision. Some of the things that I saw when I visited the site looked like they were going in a good direction that will help serve an always underserved market.