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Clemens vs. Congress

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I am here to say to Congress that as an American citizen I really don't care that much about Roger Clemens and whether or not he took performance enhancing substances. If he did, then that's sad for him and sad for baseball. But I assure you that it is no way, shape, or form worthy of Congress' time or effort. Hell, it's not even worth the time of TV channels like CNN where they feel the need to run story after story about this. Aren't you a real news channel?

This could be another elaborate smoke screen to blind the American people from the real issues facing them. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman Henry Waxman and Republican Tom Davis should stop worrying about a game (that's right guys, baseball is just a game) and start focusing their attention on much more important issues. When you were elected did you think your constituents wanted this to be what you focused on

Here is a short list of some of the oversight committees that would make more sense than wasting taxpayers' money on finding out about a game someone may or may not have cheated on:

How about a committee to look into a president who lied to get us into a war for oil?

Waxman and Davis are very concerned about how Clemens lied under oath; well, what about Bush? This is just my opinion, I know that the war is much more than just oil. But you can't help but wonder when Halliburton gets no bid contracts and the real enemy isn't even in Iraq. You want to try Clemens for perjury, then the same should apply to everyone who takes the oath to serve and protect our country, don't you think? Hell, I'd even settle for a committee to investigate just one of the lines of bull that "Dubya" has fed us: Iraq's involvement in 9/11, wiretapping, torture, Katrina response, WMDs, Valerie Plame, his relationship with the Saudis, etc.

How about a committee to look into our failing health care system that leaves millions of American citizens without basic health care and costs the rest of us an arm and a leg?

Our health care system ranks pretty much last vs. the rest of the rich countries in the world. And below dictator ruled Cuba! We are certainly not naive about the simple fact that US heath care is about making money for the pharmaceutical companies – there is more money in the treatment than in the cure. So while people get addicted to prescription drugs that have side effects that sometimes are worse than the problem they treat, the companies continue to turn record profits, and we as a people continue to suffer.

How about a committee to look into why billions of dollars in revenue is generated by oil companies and yet the cost of gas just continues to skyrocket?

Isn't it strange that Exxon/Mobil sees their biggest profit ever in 2007 and the price of gas/oil keeps going up? I fully understand that they are in a money-making business, but why do I have to pay hundreds of dollars a month so I don't freeze to death in my home?

How about a committee to seriously look at immigration reform instead of building a wall on our southern border?

It's sad that there are some people in this world who judge people by the color of their skin instead of their actions. So many people are trying to fight immigration reform that it's starting not to make any sense. Why would we not want to have the millions of illegal immigrants in our country made into citizens? It would help the economy greatly! Think about the amount of tax dollars that could be generated if they all started paying income tax. Hell, it might even save social security!

Now I know that the slave drivers in American business would never want to actually pay someone a fair and decent wage, but maybe it's about time that we wake up and stop playing the tough guy. They are here already. They are using our resources, driving, living, and enjoying the life that America offers. But instead we decide that we should build a wall, on only part of the border, to keep them out. Great idea! They will never think to go around/under/over it! It would be nice to see the racism and horrible treatment of people come to an end for a change. But maybe that's too much to ask for. We do have steroids in baseball to worry about after all!

This list could go on and on. And again, before you jump all over me for just speaking my mind, I'm not insinuating that all of my opinions are more than just that. I just wonder what the US would be like if more people opened their mouths instead of just letting themselves continue to get walked on. We've got corruption in the highest office in America. Why should anyone under him be any different? We live in a democracy where the American people are supposed to be able to vote on issues and elect our chosen leaders. The system we operate in is nothing like that. The only votes that matter are the electoral votes that the (Presidential) candidates get, not the common vote. I mean seriously, did everyone forget already how Gore won the popular vote in 2000?

How can anyone have faith in a government that spends more time worrying about Roger Clemens than more pressing issues? This list is short and far from detailed enough to sway Congress's moral authority on the subject, but you can't blame me for trying. It's become very clear to this American that our government is more concerned with trivial game-playing than ending serious problems around the world. You think anyone in Darfur cares about Roger Clemens?

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  • Anon

    This article should be on moveon.org – Thats where the liberal propaganda is published. I understand how frustrating it is for Democrats to loose at everything and not get anything done even against a president whose rating is in the 30s. But you only have your congressmen to blame.

    The Democrat congress hasn’t accomplished a thing since they came to power. I seriously cannot think of a single major legislation they introduced and passed (that their base wanted them to pass). I heard things about ending the war and bringing troops home and what not.

    We know what a Democrat president will do based on this congress’ performance..he/she will promise big and deliver nothing.
    They have no time to bring the FISA bill to a vote (because they know it’ll pass easily like it did in the Senate). They have no time to discuss other major legislation but holy crap a baseball player doing steroids? Lets use our power to investigate that! I mean that is way more important than the war on terror or the economy or enemy surveillance.
    I guess if someone told them that terrorists take steroids, the congress would get right on it.
    At least the Republican congress got things done even if they were corrupt.
    No wonder the approval rate of congress is about to hit single digits.

    Maybe after the break they will do something worthwhile – like investigate Pelosi’s botox injections!

  • “How can anyone have faith in a government that spends more time worrying about Roger Clemens than more pressing issues? “

    Are you asserting Congress has spent more time on Clemens than any the issues you listed above?

  • JustOneMan

    You are right…congress is going after Clemens because they are nothing more than a bunch of old fools..here are a few more committess..

    How about a committee to investigate the collective IQ of a Dumbocratic controlled congress who have been continuosly duped by a so called moron of a president. Hmmmm a moron republican smart enough to fool a whole party of “smart” dumbocrats…what does that tell you?

    How about a committee to look into why congress will not allow the building of new oil refineries or the drilling of oil reserves?

    Thats just what we need is more congressional committees…

    JOM “Obama…the Affirmative Action Candidate”

  • JOM “Obama…the Affirmative Action Candidate”

    Well now, McCain’s got the GOP nomination locked – for sure after next week’s primaries…

    So who was it you said you were going to vote for, again?

  • The Obnoxious American


    I agree totally with what you are saying, but I can think of one thing the dems did – raise minimum wage. So they rode the populist wave and stuck it to those pesky employers, and said you will pay the people more money. And the employers, said, ok, we will pay some more money, and fire the others. Now we can all blame Bush for a higher (yet still very good) unemployment number.

    I’d like to weigh in on this issue. I agree with the article that our government has better things to do. In terms of the demonization of Clemens, I think it’s terrible, Clemens may have used steroids to extend his career and possibly heal faster, but he wasn’t using it like bonds or mcguire who literally used it solely for performance benefits, not to heal or fight old age (which is arguable a legit use for these drugs, especially HGH). Why isn’t Bonds or McGuire facing the same music?