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Claudia Acuna at the Jazz Bakery

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Music is poetry. Lyrics spoken by a woman who is such a sweet soul exudes with honesty and compassion for life. A native born Chilean, Claudia Acuna sings a number of tunes in her native language translating into a warm wonderful sound!

Her musical side kick Jason Linder is definitely in the house. Jason, a dynamite player in his own right, works so well with Claudia. When she speaks, her voice is soft and sweet and full of inspiration. She tells her stories and you get such vivid pictures in your imagination. Claudia is an artist who feels the world and paints that picture with her voice for the world to enjoy!

Essiet Essiet is killin’ on his bass solos. Claudia steps near and her presence provides her players with a little extra energy creating just the right vibe. You can hear it in the music and see it in their smiles.

“Beautiful Smile” indeed was one of the outstanding tunes of the second set at the Jazz Bakery. Jason was switching from Piano to Fender Rhodes and not missing a beat. The two instruments compliment each other so well and Jason plays them with perfection. Tony Escapa, new on the scene to me but obviously a solid player, swept with the sweetest brushes.

Claudia sings like a woman who has had so many things to express all of her life and music flows out of her body with such truth and purity. She is a captivating soul and one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! It comes through on stage, in her music and in her life!

She has a brand new disc on Maxjazz entitled “Luna.” Get it! You won�t regret it!

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