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Clash of the Titans Remake Clashes With the Original

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The charm of the 1981 original Clash of the Titans is missing from the 2010 remake. One might assume the director, Louis Leterrier, was trying to cash in on a Lord of the Rings look-alike. Who knows? What I do know is the script includes major deviations from the original. This is seen in places like the invention of Io, Gemma Arterton, a Tinkerbell-like guard for Perseus, Sam Worthington of Avatar fame. It is more about going to battle and less about what makes a hero. This movie seems to follow formulas and cinematic tricks found in Lord of the Rings, Braveheart, and Gladiator. In this writer's opinion, it has little in common with the original.

coverBack in 1981, the original Clash of the Titans, directed by Desmond Davis, was released. I was 11 and didn't see it at the movies. Instead, it must have aired a few years later on TV 5 almost every hour on the hour. So I watched it a lot. I know the movie like an old friend. For that reason, I had high hopes for the 2010 remake directed by Louis Leterrier. I found the movie exciting at times and the CGI amazing (for example, the Kraken). At other times though (many other times) the script went far afield from creating a primary drama of the Gods hating men.

dusaI had no idea why the writers made Perseus' motive destroying the gods. This is not a theme in the original. What's more, the Gods are in cahoots with a brand new character called Hades who does most of the interacting with the humans. Clearly this was not a perfect parallel remake. By that I mean, for example, there was no Burgess Meredith character (Ammon) in the remake. There are many omissions I noticed along with lesser or added characters that were puffed up. As I alluded to earlier, I can assume only that this was done in attempt to adhere to what successful franchises like The Lord of the Rings formulated.

krakenI recall thinking, "This all looks so fake." It is funny how back in 1981 I never thought that about Calibas or the giant scorpions. They were made in the original by the stop-action animation of Ray Harryhausen. I think a movie that has the charm of the original doesn't need huge dollar CGI. The remake had the potential to expand upon the charm of the original. Unfortunately, it fails to do so. Rent the DVD in a couple months when it comes out. I wouldn't spend your hard-earned dollars on this one. Better yet? Get the original and watch it. In this writer's opinion, the remake clashes with the original.

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