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I got the idea to watch City Of God through the last date I had. It was THE good thing I got out of that date. If you want to get new movie ideas you should probably go on dates.

My date told me among his friends he had been the only one who really liked the movie, and most of the others found it disgusting and wrong. But I found City Of God really great. It’s about gangs in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’s based on the true story and told from the point of view of the character called Rocket (Alexandre Rodriguez), who narrates from the present.

You could say, it’s a kind of documentary in novel-style, very well true also in general about what life was and probably still is like in Brazil’s slums.

You have to really watch this movie, concentrate on it, you shouldn’t make breaks. So much is happening, it’s hard to follow if you only watch it while doing something else. But I’d say, absolute recommendation for those that do not like only light entertainment.

What I found just funny was: I watched a German version with English subtitles, and the translation was pretty funny. One example is – in English they said “I’m gonna get me a drink” and in German they said “I’m gonna get me a beer”. Now I wonder what they really said originally. I suppose the word “drink” is closer to the original version, and in German they only used “beer”, so that Germans can feel home and better relate to the story. LOL

I’m not the kind of person that likes to give too much information about a movie. If I like a movie I want people to get surprised by its story, so, if you are curious to really find out more before you watch the movie you can read the synopsis at Rotten Tomatoes and watch a trailer at IMDb and get more background information about the true story the movie is about at Movie Habit.

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