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City Lights Closes In Protest of War

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On Thursday, March 20th, 2003, The City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco closed it doors to protest the war on Iraq.

The legendary Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti made the following statement about the closure:

“Due to the inhuman and illegal Middle East war launched by Bush the Second, and his far-rightist planners of the new Pox Americana, in defiance of the United Nations and most of the population of the world, we at City Lights Bookstore will close our doors for the day when US Forces begin their attack, hoping that everyone will join us in demonstrating for peace.”

Ferlinghetti, and accomplished poet who published Allen Ginsberg’s Howl in 1956, remains very active in the political sphere. The poet has published his latest piece, Speak Out on the City Lights home page. It reminds us to speak our mind and be heard, for now is the time!

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