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Cindy Sheehan: And You Thought YOUR Mother Was Crazy?

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So I know I’m behind the times on the blog-feast on the Cindy Sheehan incident but, for an event such as this, I have spent a few days processing how I feel as a moderate. I’ve also been drinking. A lot. But some processing may or may not have been done in that time.

Alcoholism aside, it’s August. Which means college students like myself are savoring our last few weeks of freedom and President Bush takes his own vacation on his Texas ranch. Things are slowing down on Capitol Hill for the time being and the media has three things it can focus on right now: Israel, Iraq, Irate Mother.

Irate Mother pwn3d the media.

I am not a liberal. I am not a conservative. And it’s times like this that I’m glad I’m neither of the above, for the simple reason that both are crazy. And more importantly, I think Cindy Sheehan’s crazy. Now, before you start beating me with blunt objects, let me safely say that as a mother she has every right to grieve the loss of her son. It is a tragic and unfortunate loss. It’s also a loss that hundreds of families across the nation are dealing with.

And yet, you only see Cindy Sheehan parked outside the President’s Texas ranch, reminiscent of the hippie pothead who would sit outside the Union in college and sell hemp bracelets and psychedelic rugs. Except the hippie pothead didn’t try to force his opinions on other people, except for the opinion that marijuana is delicious candy.

While Cindy Sheehan has the right to freedom of speech, and has the right to grieve however publicly she wants, the simple question is: Is this what her son, slain Army specialist Casey Sheehan, would have wanted?

A dedicated serviceman who went to Iraq in the name of his country, dedicated under the leadership of President Bush? I think Casey Sheehan would be embarrassed.

So Ms. Sheehan has opted for the more public, passionate grieving process. Okay. So then she’s jumping on board with MoveOn.org, Michael Moore? I’m sorry for your loss, Ms. Sheehan, but the minute you turn your crusade over to the hands of Michael Moore, you immediately lose legitimacy points. The left is using her as a poster child for the big evil war. Granted, Iraq’s a mess — I don’t need the left parading Sheehan around; it’s called the 6 o’clock news. And I sure as hell don’t need Michael Moore telling me what to think politically.

That’s not to say the right is blameless. They’ve gone on an all-out smear campaign. In a press release, the family of Sheehan stated that they disagreed with the way she was handling the whole thing. You can bet the Drudge Report cats were busting a load over that one. They’ve all but gone on record saying, “She’s crazy! Look at the crazy woman! Poke her with a stick!” My kid brother did the same thing when he found a near-dead raccoon on the side of the road.

The right end of the spectrum is lifting up evidence against her, smearing a bereaving mother. The left end is lifting her up as the trophy child against the Iraq War. So Cindy Sheehan has gone from grieving mother to political pawn with a cool tent.

And incidentally, it seems as though everyone’s forgotten what this was even about. Argue what you will about the legitimacy of the Iraq War — fact of the matter is, a soldier was killed. A tragic event that deserves solemnity and respect. Not a three-ring media and political circus, which in turn is just polarizing the nation even more. Not to mention something tells me Casey Sheehan would have never wanted this kind of attention turned onto something he obviously cared deeply about.

I wonder if she has any cool hemp bracelets in that tent…

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  • 1) “A sinister cabal of superior bloggers”?

    Spc. Casey Sheehan (KIA Sadr City, 04 Apr 04) was a soldier. He was in the US Army, not the Marines.

    2) Who’s using who? As an evengelical Christian conservative who opposes this war, I surely hate being on the same side of anything as Michael Moore and Babs Streisand. But what the hey, even a blind pig is right twice a day. (Or something like that.)

    Point is, opponents of Mr. Bush’s war come in all shapes and sizes, from all across the political spectrum. And you know what? Politics is often symbiotic. For all his faults (notably playing fast and loose with the truth to sell his crockumentaries), Moore is using Cindy to further promote his opposition to the war. And doncha just know that Cindy is using Moore’s influence (sad though it may be to consider) to promote her opposition to the war.

    Likewise, the GOP used Mr. & Mrs. Schiavo to press their agenda, and the Schiavos used the GOP to press their own.

    “And dat,” as they say, “be politics!”

    ~ Phrank

    Cursed are the proud, for they shall inherit the quagmire.
    Cursed are the warmongers, for they shall be called sons-of-bitches.

  • count dookie

    I went to a peace vigil Wednesay night inspired by Sheehan and, I’ve got to tell you, you need to get out of the middle of the road (there’s nothing there but dead chickens).

    Cry all you want about “extremists,” but it is possible to have a principled position for or against something.

    Try having one.

    BTW, using that freeper/Michelle Malkin line about what Casey Sheehan would have thought is so disrespectful and despicable. Speak your OWN mind, drunken student blogger.

  • Hey Chelsea, you think Casey would be embarassed?

    Just want to say, what the fuck do you know about what Casey would think? Did you know him personally? I’m guessing he would probably have a hell of a lot of sympathy for his mother.

    And I doubt he’d be embarassed of her.

    More specifically, though, I’m pretty sure you don’t know shit about what he would think.

    Making that claim–saying that a dead soldier would be embarassed of his grieving mother–is despicable. That’s it. Period. You don’t have to agree with what she has to say, but leave her goddamn dead son out of it.


  • And I sure as hell don’t need Michael Moore telling me what to think politically.

    I hope you see the irony in making that statement in the context of this post…

  • Bill B

    You should lay off the sauce.

  • “BTW, using that freeper/Michelle Malkin line about what Casey Sheehan would have thought is so disrespectful and despicable. Speak your OWN mind, drunken student blogger.”

    My opinion is my own, count dookie, and I am speaking my “OWN” mind. Startling that more than one person may have the same opinion. Every person I know who is currently serving in the military (with whom I have spoken, that is), has said what Cindy Sheehan is doing is a disgrace to every effort they’ve made in Iraq. So going on the majority, I’d say Casey probably wouldn’t be thrilled about it.

    And I think you’re confused about what a moderate is, my extremist friend. I’m not in the middle of the road with my principles or political views. I am pro-gun. I am pro-choice. My political views are my “OWN” and so varied, I refuse to put myself in a political category. If you check over the post again, I think you’ll find I definitely have my own stance.

  • One Monkey’s Uncle

    Hmm, perhaps in your drunken haste you’ve overlooked the fact that what Casey Sheehan might think about his mother’s vigil is utterly irrelevant. He wasn’t a mother who’d lost a son, so what opinion of his is in any way material to this discussion?

    Of course, if he were here to ask, Mother Sheehan wouldn’t be encamped on the Preznit’s neighbor’s lawn, now would she? But he’s not there, little drunken one – and neither are over 1,800 others who are never, ever coming back. They are dead, their lives wasted on a fool’s errand, justified by demonstrable lies that continue to this day.

    So leave off the post-burial psychoanalyzing of Casey Sheehan’s inner feelings about his mother, OK? It’s not about his feelings, it’s about the lies and the deceptions and the hot, stinking, sucking death that’s going on every day that American servicemen remain in that hellhole.

    That’s why Mother Sheehan is there, that’s why George “Bring ’em on!” Bush is too chickenshit to take fifteen minutes out of his day camp schedule of biking, napping and reading “My Pet Goat” to talk to her, that’s why people like me say that people like you ought to be in Iraq, being wounded and killed, if you think this is such a just “cause.”

  • Hollis

    Yeah, like the man said, sign up – then you’ll understand stuff, little girl – easy to solipsize when yr safe in college

  • count dookie

    Okay M. Lou. You can be my friend.
    But let’s be clear: many people ar oppsoed to the Iraq war who are not “extremists.”
    I oppose this war, and I consider m position to be reasonable, not extreme.

    My reasons, or why we should get out of Iraq now:

    1. The professed reasons for going into Iraq were lies. There are no WMD, and no link from Saddam to al Quaeda.

    2. The war has inflamed Arab/Muslim hatred of the US, and who can blame them? The war has killed perhaps 100,000 Iraqi civilians, there country is in ruins, and Iraqis are not now living in “freedom,” since the are occupied by foreign troops and plagued by physical and economic insecurity. Would you thank the “liberators” who bomb your house, kill your family, and imprison and torture your friends?

    3. Recent terrorist bombings in London and Madrid were a (condemnable and despicable) response to the Iraq invasion. The US is a greater target for terorism post-inavasion. The US is les safe now than before the war.

    4. The war is costing hundreds of billions of dollars (going to corrupt contractors) and, so far, 1800 American lives. How much more blood should we spill for this disaster? Not one more drop!

    I don’t think these views make me an “extremist.” If they happen to be the views of so-called extremists, well, maybe those people have been vilified unfairly and aren’t so extreme after all.

  • BigBoned

    No cookie just extremly misled.
    Cookie and the rest of you liberals that have an ass for a head.

    Explain coherently what the fuck liberals are doing planting crosses on public property? That is a big no-no in your book right? But I guess you change the program as you see fit. Can’t wait for your spin

    Also, answer this: Two liberals and one clear thinker in a room. Only one gets out alive. Who walks?

    Might is right…think about it…[edited]

  • Ever seen a a side-of-the-road DUI memorial BB? Lot’s of crosses.

    The rest of your comment is less.

  • Ah, Temple, good to see you trolling my posts again. 🙂 The only comments I ever read when they come into my inbox. Long time no see!

  • brutus45

    I’ve never understood most of the comments regarding the Sheehan issue. Rarely do they move beyond the obvious and insipid. The issue is the media coverage given to Ms. Sheehan. There is no real debate on her right to do what she is doing. Likewise, there can be little doubt that history has shown that the media has the ability to manipulate public perception creating horrific results. Once war is declared, then open protest to that war is detrimental to the troops. One can rationally debate that we never should have gone to Iraq in the first place. However, the time for that debate is after we have done everything in our power to win. We are in a war in Iraq and that’s reality. Now we must win.

    People compare this war to Vietnam. It is like Vietnam. The United States never lost a military campaign during the Vietnam War, yet one would never get that impression watching old news clips (or reading many “historical” accounts). The official justification for the Vietnam War was to protect the entire region from falling into the hands of despotic communist control. The anti-war movement dismissed this justification arguing that the war was illegitimately based on economic and imperial grounds. The parallels with today are striking. But what people seem to forget is history proved the official justification was correct. After we withdrew from Vietnam and it fell to the communists. Laos and Cambodia did likewise. Two million people were murdered in Cambodia as a direct result. That blood is on the hands of those who opposed the war and something they have never been held to account for.

    Cindy Sheehan and those who have co-opted her are giving hope to the terrorists. It is their hope we must destroy.

  • Sharlene

    I notice that ‘The Huffington Post’ has adopted Cindy Sheehan’s rantings and are carrying all her messages and letters. I remember Huffington, and wasn’t she the person who ran anti-SUV ads that suggested that people who bought sports utility vehicles were supporting terrorist? Isn’t that the same Arianna Huffington who drives around in limo’s and has private jets at her disposal? I wonder exactly what would be the ratio of gas consumption between a SUV and a private jet or a limo as far as that goes. Getting back to the subject of Cindy Sheehan, I just read an article she wrote for ‘The Huffington Post’ in which she defends some of her comments about Israel, by blaming them on a former friend. Here is a quote from that article, Cindy Sheehan– ” A former friend who is anti-Israel and wants to use the spotlight on me to push his anti-Semitism is telling everyone who is listening that I believe that Casey died for Israel and has gone so far as to apparently doctor an email from me.” I was watching the news and heard myself Cindy Sheehan say that her son didn’t join the military to protect Israel and it wasnt just my imagination. Maybe deposing Saddam did protect Israel to some degree, after all Saddam launched dozens of scud missiles at Israel as I recall. I believe also Saddam offered reward money for the families of suicide bombers who killed innocent Israeli women and children. So if in the process of removing Saddam,those actions were beneficial to Israel’s security, so be it, and Im glad that’s the case.

  • Cindy Sheehan has responded to President Bush’s comments concerning meeting her and has posted her response in The huffington Post. The first statement Cindy Sheehan makes that comes off as anti-democratic is this one and I quote Cindy Sheehan- ” Does anyone else know what “democratic” means? It simply means majority rule. Not some high-minded, free-floating, pie in the sky ideal. It means 50 percent plus one.” Cindy Sheehen in that particular statement actually attacks 51 % majority rule as a bad form of government and if you can read anything else into that, defending that statement, please make your comment at the end of this post. I would like to say to Cindy Sheehan that 50 plus one is much better then Saddam’s 1 % plus brutal totalitarian rule in which the 1% Saddam, rules 99 % of the entire population. Maybe Sheehan has met with some socialist organizations that oppose democratic forms of government. I did notice that a socialist website called ‘Socialist Worker Online’ is running a rather large article advocating Sheehans position. Cindy Sheehan actually gave an interview to the Socialist Worker Online, she spoke to Socialist Worker’s ERIC RUDER which is mentioned at the beginning of the article. In her interview with the Socialist Worker Online she says and I quote ” Some people may think that we’re fighting terrorism over there. But when is that job ever going to be complete? Terrorism is just a new “ism.” It was “communism” when I was growing up.” Here Cindy Sheehan is discounting the validity of the threat of communism in the past as just a made up ” ism.” I believe history taught us that communism brutally oppressed and killed millions of innocent people and is still somewhat of a threat today in places like North Korea where millions have died from starvation due to KimYong II, brutal rule. Cindy Sheehan later went on to say and I quote ” I DEFINITELY think that we should support war resisters in the military”. I will leave that statement up to the readers interpretation, but it sounds to me to border on subversion and treason. Here is Cindy Sheehan’s interview with the Socialist Workers Online in its entirety http://www.socialistworker.org/2005-2/549/549_06_CindySheehan.shtml .
    The next statement Cindy Sheehan makes is both inaccurate and untruthful and I quote
    “This is the biggest smokescreen from him yet. I didn’t ask him to withdraw the troops, I asked him what Noble Cause did Casey die for.” Actually Cindy Sheehen didn’t ask Bush, she demanded that he “bring the troops home now”, here is a quote from her statement made on August 18 2005 and carried by ABC News “”If George Bush comes out here today or if we leave here at the end of August, this is only the beginning, and we’re not going to stop until our troops are brought home”, I would suggest that means a withdrawal what would you think it means? Also in this ABC article written by Eric Noe it is stated ” In addition to requesting a meeting with Bush, Sheehan is now calling for an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. She promised to send a similar message if the president agrees to meet with her.” Here is the complete article you be the judge http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/story?id=1045556&page=1&CMP=OTC-RSSFeeds0312 . Is ABC lying, did they just make that up? I have myself watched Cindy Sheehan on national television say time and time again “bring our troops home now” but she has stated that she has never intended to ask Bush that question. I smell another lie. Whats really strange is in Cindys own article she just released today she says this and I quote ” Then bring our troops home. The status quo in Iraq is awful”, if you ask me she cant even get through one article without contradicting herself. She goes on to imply that America is spreading “imperialism ” by what she says is 14 permanent bases being set up in Iraq the size of Sacramento, California. I dont know if there is any United States military bases on the entire planet Earth the size of a large U.S. city,if there is please let me know ok. By the way the interview Cindy Sheehan gave to the Socialist Worker is the same Socialist worker who ran this article entitled ” The Meaning of Marxism” in which they praise Marxism to no end. Here is the link to that garbage http://www.socialistworker.org/Featured/MeaningOfMarxism.shtml

  • Brad Eleven

    Well, that was just plain meanness, in my estimation.

    Reminds me of the churches I saw last year that featured sermons and multi-media presentations attacking Dan Brown’s work of fiction.

    Beware of people who will only talk to you after you’ve been chanting and singing for an hour or so. It’s OK for religion, IMHO, but it’s more than a little dangerous when it comes to politics.

  • mark

    Just one line id like to comment on that is repeated over and over again by the brain washed brain dead liberals. 100,000 iraqi civilians dead. If this were the case at least 500,000 Iraqis would have to also have been seriously wounded. But where are these half a million amputees and maimed people being hidden you idiots. If the left wing socialist, communist, fascists actually could produce proof of such an
    holocost im sure they would but instead all they produce is more anti american propaganda. Yes you morons a half a million iraqis have been murdered more maimed for life, but they suffered at the hands of saddam, not George Bush.

  • arapahoe

    What strikes me about the incredible amount of energy Cindy Sheehan has put into her assault on Bush’s war is: knowing the risk of death/injury her son was taking on when joining the army, she should have poured that energy into trying to change his mind about enlisting. If she did in fact do that, then she must accept his decision and the tragic outcome. If she didn’t, then spewing out her frustration, guilt, and sorrow on Bush is misplaced. The families of law enforcement professionals must accept and live with such risks, and we never hear about them camping in front of the City Hall or whatever and screaming at the mayor when their loved one dies in the performance of duty.

  • i think sheehan is a load of shit. all she is doing is getting her 15 min. she is always laughing and smiling she had her opp. w/pres. bush. why does she deserve more? she
    ***Can’t Understand Normal Thinking***

  • Christopher Morrow

    As a soldier (US Army reserve) and a free member of society here is what I think. I enlisted in the US Army about 2 years ago, after we had allready invaded both Iraq and Afganistan. I went to basic combat training knowing full well that I will serve at least one, probably two tours in Irag, Afganistan or both. I signed the US Army contract knowing full well that I was signing my life to the US government and the US Army, and they in turn could, and would put my life in harms way. I live happily, aware of that decision, and I would not have it any other way.

    I cannot even begin suppose that I can understand what Casey Sheehan was thinking, but the fact is that: he voluntairily reenlisted after the war had begun, when he was done with his service, had he simply waited, his contract would have been fulfilled and he would have done his duty honorably, possibly without even getting deployed. Casey proceeded to volunteer for what we call “QRF” or quick reaction force. For the most part (I have been a qrf volunteer) you volunteer for such duty for excitement, for action, for heroism maybe. You duty when assigned to QRF is to respond to any and all disturbances in your assigned sector. This duty is rarely forced, mostly volunteers, just like our army. Casey Sheehan gave his life saving his battle buddies, just as I would give my life to save mine.

    His mother has every right to protest this war. Indeed it may be her duty to protest it. As James Madison said in his Federalist papers, the only way to control factions (ie groups of people with the sames ideals) is with factions of opposing veiws. Protest the war, as that is your guarentied right, a right guarenteid by my service, and the service of my comrades at arms. But do not use the death of an honorable hero to further your protesting.

  • billy

    So then she’s jumping on board with MoveOn.org, Michael Moore? I’m sorry for your loss, Ms. Sheehan, but the minute you turn your crusade over to the hands of Michael Moore, you immediately lose legitimacy points.

    you claim to not be a conservative but you repeat a conservative lie????????

  • Shawn

    To all those who think America should pull out the troops from Iraq and think this war is
    a total waste,

    America was not in Afghanistan or Iraq untill 9/11 incident.
    Ofcourse Papa Bush was in war with Iraq but isnt that for a totally different reason ? .
    Do you guys really think that America should let go of the 9/11 incident like as if it was
    some flight accident due to mechanical errors ?
    Think people , it was the terrorists who did that with the intention of bringing down the economy
    of united states. And what you people want the united staes government to do ? just ignore the
    facts behind the attack.
    Here is a simple 4th grade math for all who hate this war ,

    Saddam is an enemy of America.
    Osama is an enemey of America.

    Enemies enemy =>friend.
    which makes Saddam and Osama friends.

    Raise your hands if u dont understand the above steps
    , let me bang your heads on the wall.

    Saddam was capable of making nuclear weapons. If IRAN could , obviously Saddam can
    with all the money that he had. He would have done it to bring down united states.

    Well,What will stop Saddam from making a nuclear weapon and give it to Osama and his dick
    suckers to nuke America? They did succeeded in 9/11 attacks,didn’t they ?And with little more effort,they could
    have got the nuclear weapon into this country.
    Think about this situation,
    9/11 never happend. America was thinking that it is all safe. Then on fine day
    Newyork was blown to pieces(well a nuke could coz more harm then that for sure).
    By God’s grace , they didn’t nuke us . But they had the potential then with
    saddam being the president of Iraq.

    Plain predictions alright, but can anyone gurantee that it would not have happend with Saddam in power ?

    This war is a strategical attack to protect the future America. Those terrorists
    are like cancer, you ignore them , you will pay dearly one fine day.

    Oh yeah, and for all those who are so much concerned about people dying in Iraq and Afghan,

    More than 2000 people died in one single day in united states,civilians, not marines or soldiers, remember the date ??? 9/11 .
    All in less than an hour. Who is responsible for that ? Bush ? Papa bush?George Clooney ?No fuck, it is the terrorists.

    So you guys dont care about terrorist killing 1000’s of americans in less than an hour ?
    but you will care for the soldiers lives that die in their job ? Ofcourse I do care for the soldiers lives,
    but if they die in the war, its a part of their job . The number of soldier’s died in the war so far
    is still lower than the number of civilians died on 9/11. 10 more incidents like that would wipe out
    some of this countries population. Those who cry against the war like cyndy sheehan could gurantee that they will
    protect the public from such terrorist actions ?

    If you are really worried about soldier’s dying in Iraq ,
    Don’t you guys realize that when they sign up for the military, they are taking a job in which,
    if sent to war, there is a 50%/50% chance that they will live or die. It is their job,
    they are doing their job . Yes, it does sucks big time that people die in the war, but aren’t
    they doing their job ? aren’t they soldier’s who serve their nations purpose of attacking the enemies?
    I dont understand this, No mother or father makes an issue when their son/daughter sign up for the military.
    No mother or father makes an issue when the government pays for their son/daughter’s education .
    No one makes an issue when a soldier gets all the benefits from the military .
    But they want to make an issue when the government sent them for a war. Who else will the
    government hire to fight for the war ?? Iraqi’s ?? Or Chinese ? Come on ,this is one job
    where there cannot be any outsourcing . America has to depend on americans to protect it’s land.
    And every american should support its country first before opening their big mouth to talk shit about
    governement in trying to support a mother who lost her son like 100’s and 1000’s of mother’s out there.

    The anti-war guys make the americans and the american soldiers look like a cowards. If there is a war,
    there will be death. Don’t Give your support to the dead one’s family by talking crap about
    the government and crying out anti-war comments,it does no good for them.If the same
    family asks for a job in your company, how many of your will really hire them without an interview ?
    Remember, Those soldiers died for their country,and if America pulls out now ,
    what about those dead soldiers ?They died for nothing ???.

    You are living in america with all the freedom,enough freedom to talk shit about the government,
    and you dont care if people in other places live in poverty without freedom
    dying in the hands of people like saddam. How many Iraqi’s die in this war ?
    How many Iraqi’ died in the hands of saddam? Atleast after the war there will be freedom in that country.
    It always gets worse before it gets better. This world needs a balance and that is what this government is trying to
    bring right now .

    And about Cindy Sheehan, i really feel sorry for her loss. I know a mother’s pain of losing
    a 25 year old son, it’s not new to me, i have seen my mother crying over my dead brother’s
    body who died in Afghanistan for this country. My mother took the pain coz she knows that it is all in the game
    . And now i am seeing Cindy Sheehan,the celebrity i should say, making issue over her son’s death.
    She is not only disgracing her son’s pride, but she is disgracing every soldier’s family,living or dead. I am from one such
    family that is ashamed of cindy sheehan’s attitude. Why didnt she tell the governement to stop paying
    for her Son’s/other soldier’s education ??. Why isnt she making issue about the benefits to soldiers.
    Hmm, i wonder why? Now she is making issues because soldiers are dying in Iraq. I didn’t
    see her in CNN or in ABC when so many people died on 9/11. Is it ok with her if the terrorist keep coming and bomb
    every city in United states every other month killing 1000s of people ? Will she be able to protest against those
    terrorist to pull out of America ?

    Will the war stop the terrorist from entering United states ?may be yes,may be not, but atleast we got rid of one of their
    potential support who use to be powerful enough to make nukes.Its like playing chess, attack the supporting pieces
    first before you attack the threatning piece. Thats why the government went there in search for
    nukes. It was a guess, they wanted to make sure that saddam will never be able to support terrorist in the future
    at any cause. They have completed their mission . Now whats going on there is the finishing touch, let them finish it.

  • Joseph P Carey

    I find it strange that a grieving mother is going against her son’s wishes, but than I did some private research into the matter, and I found these little know details that the News media seem to glance over and forget to mention in their publicity of Ms Sheehan and her cause as often as they might mention a 30 year old drunk driving conviction of other personalities.

    1) She did not raise her son, the Soldier’s real father, her first husband, raised the young Casey;
    2) She had very little to do in his life as he grew up, the boy was abandoned to the single parent family of his father;
    3) Casey was in the Army, and he reenlisted for the opportunity to go to Iraq;
    4) Somehow, Ms Sheehan received the death benefits for her son, and she had him placed in a private cemetery, and to date, there is still no gravestone on the young Soldier’s grave sight (I understand the Death Benefit is a substantial amount of money that Ms Sheehan refuses to use for her son’s benefit, but has given quite liberally to the Peace Movement);
    5) Casey has a brother that despises his mother for the shame that she has put on his brother Casey’ death.

    This is not the grief of motherhood that Ms Sheehan is involved in; this is politics over the body of her dead son that she never had time for while he was alive. This is her guilt and her politics and her sick form of transference of his death onto others, to only make her feel better because of her bad job at being a mother.

  • Andrew J. Grotowski

    I hate this ugly looking ill informmed bitch from hell that uses the loss of one child in a cultural war that we may LOOSE becacause Americans: as weak as the Sheehan bitch have not the stomach for war. This bitch “a wannabe” has not a clue that the functional equivalent to the “friggen Fonda” is being used for the touchy feely leftist clowns of the past mis-fonication of phony fellation of enemy catch as cath can , dupes. The Fugly poster child NEO_Vietnam propagandist “to hell with America Leftist defeatism.”

  • Andrew J. Grotowski

    I hate this ugly looking ill informmed bitch from hell that uses the loss of one child in a cultural war that we may LOOSE becacause Americans: as weak as the Sheehan bitch have not the stomach for war. This bitch “a wannabe” has not a clue that the functional equivalent to the “friggen Fonda” is being used for the touchy feely leftist clowns of the past mis-fonication of phony fellation of enemy catch as cath can , dupes. The Fugly poster child NEO_Vietnam propagandist “to hell with America Leftist defeatism.”

  • Andrew J. Grotowski

    Furthermore; we need less Bush haters and more people to support the troops (as which I count myself) having endured several WARS since 16 MAY 1941. I do give a good Goddamn about my country. Not so A PRIGGIN cINDY sHEEHAN. wHAT IN THE hOLY hELL HAS SHE THE RIGHT TO SPEAK FOR ANY VETERAN that served as much as 90 days. This misled phony basks in the limelight of media attention, for now. I say, for this in the end she will be humping of to Dogpatch USA with her tail; between her chapped legs as a forgotten miscreant. American populace do not easily fall to Flash-in-the-pan BS from weak “give-away-the-castle” better red than dead Phonies.

  • RogerMDillion


    this is one of the reasons why you people on the right look like foolish chumps.

    You scream about people not supporting the troops when they don’t want them fighting in wars they don’t believe in, but you are strangely silent when the administration leaves these same troops hanging out to dry.

    When news broke that the Pentagon had not completed guidelines for allowing soldiers, their families or charities to be reimbursed for combat equipment they bought for use in Iraq and Afghanistan, a year after the passage of legislation calling for such a program where was your outrage?

    How does the administration support the troops with their poor planning and lack of accountability?

    Supporting the troops is more than putting on a yellow ribbon on your car.

  • >>When news broke that the Pentagon had not completed guidelines for allowing soldiers, their families or charities to be reimbursed for combat equipment they bought for use in Iraq and Afghanistan, a year after the passage of legislation calling for such a program where was your outrage?<< How is that not supporting the troops? That's not supporting charities that supported the troops. What if the money that would have gone to pay back those folks went instead to providing more equipment for the troops? The government's resources are finite, after all. Dave

  • RogerMDillion

    “What if the money that would have gone to pay back those folks went instead to providing more equipment for the troops?”

    If it went to the troops, the charities wouldn’t have been sending equipment and Congress wouldn’t have had to enact the law.

    Notice the first two items mentioned before “charities” are “soldiers” and “their families”.

    When you send troops without the necessary equipment, that’s not supporting them. Are you telling me that the troops and their families, who already pay the ultimate price, should be expected to pay for their own equipment? And we’ll leave out the stories about returning, injured soldiers having benefits cut. Is it any wonder why the military has trouble meeting their recruitment goals.

    “The government’s resources are finite, after all.”

    Really, Dave? Then you should tell that to the government because they seem to be completely unaware of that. Have you heard about the latest bills and budgets? The Alaskan Senator threatened to quit if they cut the pork for his bridge. That’s a true patriot. Other items in the budget: $2,300,000 for Animal Waste Management Research Laboratory, Bowling Green, Kentucky; $3,000,000 for Grape Genomics Research Center, Davis, California; $1,000,000 for B.B. King Museum Foundation, Indianola, Mississippi and I love B.B.; $2,000,000 to replace buses in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, which should be a state issue; $1,108,000 for alternative salmon products in Alaska. And we have to rebuild New Orleans. Most of thgat sounds like private enterprise potential. If it’s needed grant tax breaks, but these handouts are a joke.

  • Roger, I’ve already posted an article about some of the insane pork coming out of washington. It’s certainly one of the reasons why our government resources are finite. I agree that the government should reimburse these folks, but at the same time, I’d like them to focus on some other priorities first, including stopping the porkfest, cutting down the deficit and making sure our forces overseas have whatever they need to do their jobs.


  • RogerMDillion

    “I agree that the government should reimburse these folks”


    “making sure our forces overseas have whatever they need to do their jobs”

    These issues are the same thing. The reimbursement pays back soldiers and their families who bought items on their own to buy things to do their jobs.

    Who’s got the reading comprehension problem?

  • Nancy Pelosi


    1) Remove US citizenship from Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan for treason.

    2) Secretly implant the GPS tracking device behind their ears. Air drop both of them down to the mountains between Afganistan / Pakistan border (They will soon join their boss – OBL)

    3) Follow the tracking signals to find out where OBL is hidding.

    4) Freeze Michael Moore’s bank account (ten of millions $ profit from F 9/11 movie) and use this money to help out 9/11 victim families and Iraq / Afganistan veterans.

  • Andrew Grotowski

    This may be spurious, I hit a wrong key in WINvista and blew myself away. This is in response to Cindy Sheehan and her attack on everything American. Having faded from the stage of imfamy, I would backoff my statement of her being Fugly and concentrate on her being plain Ugly-American miscreant. May I say this is not a personal attack without being considered an idiot. No I can not find myself falling in love with Cindy Sheehan even if she votes for Romney

  • Andrew Grotowski

    Answer to Roger MDillon 2005
    Way too many peole feel excused with a simple ‘yellow ribbon’ on the ass-bone of their cars. I am not the one. Enemies, defectors, republicans and democrats all claim support of the troops. Whatch wat they do, not what they say. The next war is with Iran, have you the guts to support this? Now that is support that may transcend partisan politics. Figure a ‘limited’ thermonuclear war in the Middle-East with Isreal painting it with a broad brush, of the United States micromanaging it from Camp David. Go figure your support of the troops.

  • bliffle


    Are you suggesting that if GWB, based on his judgement, launches preemptive nukes against Iran, before leaving office, that everyone must support the attacks in order to Support The Troops?

  • Cindy Sheehan along with Ralph Nader and Michael Moore is just further proof that the far left can be equally as goofy as the far right.

  • luke weyland

    If personal attacks were not allowed then there would be no article for me to comment.

    What else is above work by Ms Smith if not a personal assault on Cindy Sheehan, a wonderful caring woman, who’s son joined the US army in order to defend his nation but perished while while being forced to invade another nation.