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Cigars Versus Cigarettes: A Tobacco Showdown

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When it comes to tobacco, smokers — sans the snowman and the Sherlock Holmes’ of the world — typically choose cigarettes or cigars. This results in a tobacco war between the two choices: in a scene straight out of West Side Story, one group claims cigarettes are better and one group counters, declaring the cigar’s superiority. Ashes fly, cigars cry on one another’s shoulders, cigarettes filter out, and items get burned.

To the cigar lover, the items that get burned are cigarettes. Cigar lovers believe their cigars are just better. True cigar lovers typically look at cigarettes with a sense of disdain. To them, a lover of tobacco who smokes a cigarette is like a lover of fine food eating things made in an Easy Bake Oven. Some cigarette lovers may disagree, believing that cigarettes are the best choice of smoke, but other cigarette lovers may simply be intimidated by cigars – scared of a Henry Clay or a La Aurora, they find comfort in a Benson and, of course, a Hedges.

It’s hard to blame these people. Cigars can appear scary, like a stick of tobacco lurking in a bedroom closet, waiting for night to fall. Yet, like so many things, the fear of cigars is unwarranted. People can crush cigars in an ashtray, on a sidewalk, or on a garbage can. For this reason, cigars should be more afraid of people than people are of them.

Once cigars are welcomed into the hearts of tobacco lovers, they will usually find they are not intimidating and are just the opposite. Besides providing luxury, cigars offer a handful of other satisfying avenues, avenues that cigarettes get lost going down. It is because of this that we will now list the top five reasons cigars are better than cigarettes.

1. The Length: Yes, size matters, at least when it comes to tobacco, but size, for the purpose of this argument, isn’t about the physical length of tobacco, it’s about how long it lasts. Cigarettes are short-lived. People often smoke them in ten or fifteen minutes. Cigars, however, last much longer. Smoking is pleasurable and that pleasure is greatly extended when a cigar is ignited.

2. The Sophistication: Sure, cigarettes sometimes look sophisticated, particularly when people smoke them with a cigarette holder ala Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but most of the time, cigars are much more synonymous with sophistication than cigarettes, at least in America. Simply smoking a cigar garners a sense of sophistication, while smoking a cigarette usually requires a prop: a cigarette holder, a top hat, or a monocle.

3. The Variety: I am certain that cigarettes have some sort of variety. If they didn’t, there would be no sense in the several different cigarette brands that exist, but the variety usually consists of certain cigarettes being lighter than others or some having less nicotine than a competing brand. Cigars, on the other hand, instill much more variety. Cigars not only look different, they also smell and taste different – really different. Different cigarette brands taste different, but not to the extent of a cigar. While cigarettes typically don’t travel down the flavor road, cigars do. Different cigars offer extremely different flavors: one cigar may have hints of leather and earth while another one may taste like coffee and chocolate.

4. The Bars: Ah, the cigar bar. Is there any place more welcoming for the seasoned smoker? Cigar Bars are a Mecca for the lover of tobacco, a place they can go for a sense of true luxury. Some Cigar Bars let cigarettes in, welcoming their tobacco-bearing cousins, but true Cigar Bars maintain signs of No (Cigarette) Smoking Allowed. Cigarettes, on the other hand, have no Cigarette Bars to call their own. Well, not unless you count bowling alleys.

5. The Drinks: A lot of cigarette smokers like to couple a smoke with a cup of coffee or an alcoholic drink, but does coupling a cigarette with these types of drink really enhance the experience? If the cigarette has no complementing flavors, probably not. Cigars, on the other hand, go well with drinks. With a variety of flavors, it’s easy to find a cigar that goes well with everything from an espresso to a cognac, from a bottle of scotch to a bottle of wine.

From cigarette smokers to cigar smokers, smokers are on the same side: they all love tobacco. Even so, cigars are a little ahead of their kin: they can’t help themselves; they’re the favorite cousin.

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  • Adam Garcia
  • merlin7777

    I’m a huge Seinfeld fan and Jerry actually tried to create a new show around a year ago called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Anyways, he and Larry David had a quick conversation about cigars vs cigarettes. (http://comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com/larry-david-larry-eats-a-pancake)

    Essentially, Larry’s point was that cigars are enjoyable and are moments to savor. This is opposed to cigarettes being something quick, dirty and mainly to relieve stress.

    Anyways, a very interesting topic. It would be interesting to do a new topic on cigarettes vs cigars vs e cigarettes. I am personally considering venturing into the world of e cigs, I found a lot of good information at http://vapestaff.com, but still can’t seem to make up my mind.

  • Sehp

    This was a funny and great article. Absolutely loved it. Just for the record, I smoked cigarettes for a time, then decided on cigars, and don’t regret that.

  • Hand rolled Honduran

    I quit smoking cigarettes about 14 years ago. Recently obtained taste for cigars, for good hand-rolled ones. When I smoked cigarettes I could not appreciate the good cigar, it was a different kind of smoking, it was all about quenching the thirst for nicotine. Cigars are all about the setting and the good taste. I wouldn’t even smoke one if its too windy and I cannot see the smoke I puff, weird but thats how important setting is. If day is too busy, or I am in a wrong mood, I will not smoke either, cigar appreciation requires proper time and mind set. For me anyway. There is still some addiction, and mild cravings next day which require to be managed. This is a very sensitive area for me, I know how bad it was smoking cigarettes, how hard it was to quit. Therefore I am very cautios about possible addiction, and I know there is one when we talk about cigars. Very mild one, but it is there. I also engaged in sports, and on weightlifting days I sometimes smoke before going to gym, couple hours prior. On cardio days I usually do not smoke. After workouts I would never smoke, wrong mood set.

  • JAL

    do cigars,saying’all natural tobacco with non-tabacco ingredients added’still have the same tar and nicotine as cigaretts?

  • tommy Triumph

    cigars are better, they are cooler, there for people who seeing smoking past a quick taste of cancer, they are hard working men who have a big cigar in there mouth, those are the pioneers

  • justin from texas

    ill smoke a Cigar but ill never touch a cigarettes

  • Phillip

    Its like Sex the longer you wait in between each time you do it the crazier it is 😉

  • Jose

    An addiction to cigars only comes from so
    ething I experienced more than 40 cigars in less than 60 days, after going a week without one, all I could do was think of a smoke, never fell for a cigarette until I found camel Turkish silver from a fellow Cigar man like my self, the draw before lighting it even taste like a cigar, ether way a true cigar lover knows that patience is key and if you really want to fall into the taste of a specific cigar, wait several weeks atleast 2 to ole another cigar and it will taste much better, you will be sensitive to underlying flavors and the excitment of having another cigar after 2 weeks is like a 5 yr old at Christmas, try it atleast once best cigars I’ve ever had

  • Travis Caldwell

    Switch to cannabis. Cannabis has a wide variety of mouth watering natural flavors. Some pot tastes like oranges, and some even smell like cotton candy. And that’s on it’s own with no additives.

    But unfortunatley, just like in the tobacco industry there is alot of nasty chemical laden trash pot in the market. Always buy nice seedless pot with a great smell.

  • Johnny Blaze

    Unfortunately, both of these have extremely damaging healthe effects after long term use. I would strongly suggest electronic cigarettes as a healthier to standard tobacco products. By eliminating the tobacco, but keeping the nicotine, electronic cigarettes give you a nice kick, but not the tar and othr carcinogens found in tobacco.

  • Alex

    Well, everytime I go fishing I always seem to start and end the night with a cigar in my mouth and almost always questioning why the hell I keep buying them at the servo. Addiction? Maybe. But cigars are just so damn socially enjoyable. Cigarettes don’t have equal appeal to me.

  • “it seem you dont get addikted to cigars like you do to ciggies dont know why prolly because there more natural”

    “btw missing cigars for three days is pretty good seeing i was on about 9-10 a day lol”

    So you don’t think you can get addicted to cigars, huh?


  • simon c

    btw missing cigars for three days is pretty good seeing i was on about 9-10 a day lol

  • simon c

    cigars are better by far my friend smokes ciggies i never see him without one my cigars all the way but i havnt had one for three days it seem you dont get addikted to cigars like you do to ciggies dont know why prolly because there more natural

  • I quit cigs about 5 years ago and went to cigars. While I still miss cigs, I feel MUCH healthier and breath better on Cigars.

  • I was just in Paris and I saw a bunch of smoking cafes, called tabac. Inside these cafes you can see a lot of people smoking cigarettes (no one was smoking cigars when I went in). There is a counter where they sell different brands of cigarettes, filters, papers, rolling tobacco. This is a thing you did not mention on your report, cigarrette smokers can roll their own, any size or shape they want. They can use special papers with scent or even transparent.
    I am not a fan of either cigars or cigarettes, and from my smoking experience I can assure you that cannabis is better than both of them. There are tons of different types of strains, each one with different smell, flavor, effect, etc. There´s also hashish for those who like to mix with tobacco. And if you are in the mood for a cigar you can just roll a blunt :-).

  • indigo

    :)) both are good… But I smoke cigarettes…

  • Not even a fair fight. Cigars vs Pipes would be more interesting. I can think of points in favor of each, there. 🙂

  • What kind of cigarette lasts 15 minutes? I can barely make a petite corona last that long.

    One other important difference: cigarette tobacco is chemically processed (and tastes like it) while cigar tobacco is fermented and aged naturally. If you put a lit cigar down it will go out. A cigarette will burn to the filter all on its own due to the added chemicals.

  • Believe it or not, Sherlock Holmes’s pipe habits were matched or exceeded by his consumption of cigarettes and cigars.

  • I smoke pipes daily and I’m tired of being likened to Sherlock Holmes.

    Cigars are great and, for obvious reasons, this is a non-story.