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In the 50s and 60s the cigarette was the iconic symbol of “cool’, while today the anti-smoking, health concerns and regulations have made cigarette smoking the antithesis of cool.

Forced to stand out in the cold for the next cigarette, and in many cases banned altogether, the cigarette smoker has had to work to find a place to smoke. Electric cigarettes and smokeless cigarettes are trying to find a solution for those not ready or able to quit. The list of 599 additives and 4000 chemical reactions in commercial cigarettes may be enough to compel many to quit.

An electronic cigarette delivers nicotine without the staggering number of additives and chemicals. For a hard hitting, content rich information forum blog on electric cigarettes try the E-cigarette forum. This blog contains information on potential legal restriction and regulation, reviews and general information on smokeless cigarette options.

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