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CIA Assassination an Option in Thwarting the Iranian Nuclear Threat

Among the most serious of the problems facing the world today is the unrelenting attempt by Iran to develop nuclear weapon capacity. The rogue nation declares a right to nuclear arms, nuclear tipped missiles. To make matters worse, Iran, and the supercilious president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have bragged that they will “wipe Israel off the face of the planet“; While this is only rhetoric, it cannot be ignored.

Politicians in America, in Great Britain, and throughout the world have pondered what steps may become necessary should this Iranian proliferation continue. Some have conceded a willingness preemptively to strike Iranian nuclear development areas, showing strength to the world and eliminating the threat. Recent history has shown that strikes such as they propose, intended to resolve the threat in a few days, can stretch on for years, and involve all quarters of the world. A preemptive strike, regardless of how well planned, would inevitably lead to the deaths and severe injury of many persons, and would likely elicit strong criticism from those uninvolved.

In early January, Iran rounded up and arrested several persons whom they charged with spying. In that instance, they accused Israel and the United States of carrying out covert intelligence operations in order to undermine Iranian elections, and in some cases to oppose the Iranian nuclear program. In a similar arrest in December, an American man, Amir Mirzaei Hekmati, was arrested as a spy. Iran media reported that Hekmati admitted to U.S. training and was involved in terrorist activities.

We can imagine a scenario wherein those accused of spying are held captive in the near-areas of nuclear research and testing. This strategic placement would hinder or thwart any preemptive threat from the free world.

Some, in discussing the need to prevent atomic weapons in Iran, have cautiously mentioned the potential for CIA intelligence participation. A network of operatives and spies covertly infiltrating the region, utilizing 21st century devices and techniques as speculated by Hollywood moviemakers, in the real world; a thrilling consideration. Daring but less bloody than other options, the use of CIA agents is not unprecedented. We recall when Joseph Wilson was sent by the G.W.Bush administration to establish uranium enrichment in Africa, for sale to Iraq, prior to the invasion of that nation.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has blamed the American CIA, and Great Britain, for the violent death last week of a scientist working to advance the Iranian Nuclear Weapons program. Thirty two year old University Professor Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan was assassinated Wednesday in his Peugeot 405 automobile, at Gol Nabi Street, in Tehran, the Iranian capital. Two men on a motorcycle sped to his car, then attached to it a potent magnetic bomb. The powerful explosion devastated the auto, killing the Iranian specialist, and injuring Roshan’s driver, who later died at a hospital. An 85 year old woman unfortunately on the street at the time was also killed. If the CIA was indeed involved, we may soon see more of such timely and controversial deployment.

Following the fatal attack, the Iranian state news agency sent a letter to the U.S., stating Iran had “evidence and reliable information” that the CIA provided “guidance, support and planning” to assassins “directly involved” in Roshan’s killing.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton denied any U.S. role in the slaying and the Obama administration condemned the attacks. Israeli officials, in contrast, have hinted at covert campaigns against Iran without directly admitting involvement.

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  • Glenn Contrarian

    We would be fools to assassinate them, for such would only edify the patriotism of the Iranian on Main Street and give the government all the reason it needed to redouble its efforts. Indeed, this is precisely why I strongly suspect that the murder was committed by Iran itself, for I am certain that the intelligence agencies of both America and Israel would not want to give Iran an excuse to strive even harder to complete a bomb.

    If I were Obama, I’d covertly cause a war between Pakistan and Iran – for the only winners in such would be us.

  • jj8898989

    show me the quote about wiping israel off the map. and a direct translation from when it was said in persian

  • peter petterson

    That would certainly put a few cats amongst the pigeons, so to speak.Ice picks tipped with curare and other poisons have been used in the past. Seriously, the US just has to ensure Israel is adequately armed and protected.

  • Cannonshop

    There’s a fundamental flaw in that assumption: nukes have been pretty much open-source technology since the 1950′s, and a Nuclear programme relies on a much bigger base than a handfull of officials and scientists to be credible as a threat-once the designs (Not that hard to do) are developed and the infrastructure is in place, the number of engineers and mechanics you have to kill to stop it from moving forward gets up into open warfare territory. (not to mention the engineers and mechanics at every nuclear power plant, plus the students and grad students studying it. Genie’s out of the bottle guy, you can’t stuff the mushroom cloud back into the steel case.)

  • El Bicho

    why would Iran do it?

  • Clavos

    For the sheer joy of killing infidels on a wholesale scale?

  • Cannonshop

    #5 Why did 3rd world countries buy supersonic jets and build massive palaces of government in the seventies? Why did countries with no industrial base buy Battleships in the late 19th Century?

    They’re doing it because they think it will make them powerful, that the rest of the world will take them seriously. IOW, it’s about prestige and influence…

    and, of course, the ability to bring Tel-Aviv to 10,000 degrees celsius in under a second.