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Chupacabra Captured In Texas!?

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Reggie Lagow, a farmer in Coleman, Texas decided to set a trap last week, hoping to capture what ever it was chasing and killing his turkeys and chickens… What he found was a creature which is described to be a mix between a rat, a hairless dog, and a kangaroo…. Could this be the mythical Chupacabra?

The Chupacabra, Spanish for “goat sucker”, first made the news in 1994, after several attacks were reported in Puerto Rico. The following year, in August of 1995, 150 animals were attacked in Canvanas, Puerto Rico, and according to reports, similar attacks have since been reported from Mexico, Central America, South America, and Chile, to the Southern United States.

Another strange animal thought to be the Chupacabra was the Elmendorf Beast, a canine like creature shot in Elmendorf, Texas, in August 2004. Although an initial DNA test proved inconclusive, a second test was performed and determined that the animal was a coyote with mange. Sightings of several animals matching the Elmendorf Beast have been reported in the area. Many are still skeptical over the test results.

What has people mystified is the manner in which the animals are killed… The victims’ blood is drained from their bodies, and in some cases internal organs have been said to have been removed, although nothing more than two puncture wounds in the neck are found. Animals reported to have been killed by the Chupacabra include chickens, rabbits, goats, and horses.

Eye witnesses have described the Chupacabra as being a bipedal, reptilian type creature, standing 3-4 foot tall, with long, muscular hind legs and small bat like arms. It is said to be greenish or grey in color and hairless, with a row of spikes or ridges running from the top of its head down along its spine. It has also been reported to have extremely large, red eyes and most notably, long fangs.

One of the more notorious eye witness sightings occurred in Varginha, Brazil on January 20, 1996. Following a UFO sighting, a creature was witnessed by three girls, Liliane and Valaquira Fatima, and Andrade Xavier, who claimed to have seen a biped creature standing about 1.6m tall, with a large head and very thin body, brown skin, large red eyes and V-shaped feet. The creature’s similarities to eye witness descriptions of the Chupacabra have led many to believe that Chupacabras are in fact extraterrestrial beings. The Varginha Incident

According to NBC4-News, the animal found in Coleman, Texas has been transported to a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department lab for testing to try and determine its origins. A spokesman for the TPWD, Tom Harvey, remains skeptical. “If you want my take on it, I think it’s a hoax… From the photos I’ve seen, this could be a White Tailed Deer fawn.”

Mr.Harvey said he had yet to hear a report on the animal, but hopes to have more information by tomorrow morning. An update will be posted as soon as one is available.

*Update – Mr.Harvey has now spoken to Wildlife Division Director Mike Berger about the animal trapped in Coleman. Berger, who contacted the regional director in West Texas, Ruben Cantu, for more information, reported that they confirmed that “the ‘chupacabra’ is a Mexican folk tale, not a real beast.” From the photos they’ve seen of the Coleman animal, they feel that it may be a coyote.

According to Mr.Harvey, he hasn’t found any evidence that this animal was ever handed over to The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. “I don’t think anyone with our agency has it or knows who has it. It’s possible that no one ever had this animal in custody… possibly someone took a photo of a dead coyote or other animal, doctored it a little and started spreading this hoax.”

It seems only Mr.Laglow and his chickens know for sure.

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  • Ken Gerhard

    I’ve obtained a more detailed photo of the Coleman Critter from a neighbor and interviewed Mr. Lagow in person about a year ago. The animal was most likely a grey fox, although it’s appearance is still a bit of a mystery. Perhaps it was a mutation that was only sporting its under fur and not a full coat.

  • somebodyinmesquite

    It is real. The location is Bonham, Texas. My dad has spotted the creature on his land on a couple of occasions and finally got a photograph with his camera this morning.

  • Chris

    I believe that although there are alot of unexplained creature sightings (cryptozoology) and some of them are pretty out there, one should not dismiss all of them as imaginations. In some cases the evidence is overwhelming and to laugh in off would be ignorant. For example check out La Bete or the Nandi Bear. Just cause science cant explain it does not make it false!

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  • jesusman45

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  • panda

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  • STM

    Mate, I have been feral-pig shooting on a rural property infested by them, and you really do have to watch out for those buggers.

    You are mad to use anything smaller than a .303, which is probably why all the old wartime Lee-Enfields are still doing the rounds here, and even then it might not stop them. A large-gauge semi-automatic shotgun is better, but that’s no guarantee either, plus they’re now illegal 🙂

    They can (and do) rip your calf off in an instant, and once you are incapacitated, you are stuffed. They WILL go you.

    The .303s double for crocodiles and big, nasty kangaroos as well, although crocodiles are as hard to kill as elephants and don’t scare easily, unlike me.

    I know Americans opposed to kangaroo culling think ‘roos are cute … but, well, I’ll just say they can be really aggressive and will rip you to shreds with their hind feet, which have giant claws, in a flash.

    Saltwater crocs, of course, or “salties”, will just eat you when you are least expecting it. And they’re protected too, so if you are dumb enough to get too close to the water it’s your problem.

    Back to the bunyip: I have seen one during a full moon, but in my defence, it was 3am, and I was walking down a dusty, outback road after a really big night at the pub.

    It was very hairy, big, mean-looking, stank from a distance of about 50 yards, seemed to flit around in the shadows going from gum tree to gum tree as it followed me down the road, and had a wicked, evil-looking grin.

    I’m certain I saw it though, but a few of the locals reckoned it was just Mad Wal, who lives in a shed on a paddock a mile from the pub and who hasn’t shaved or cut his hair in 50 years, is still wearing the same clothes he had on as a teenager when his entire family disappeared in strange circumstances, and who by all accounts, doesn’t much like strangers.

    They said I was lucky not to have become another unexplained disappearance on that road … the bunyip (not to be confused with that other outback creature, the Yowie) is said to be a devil that comes to life, so maybe Wal isn’t quite who he says he is (or who the locals say he is, because no one under the age of 60 in that town has ever spoken to Wal).

    Gives me the shivers just thinking about it.

    Chupacabra schmabra. The bunyip’s the one to fear, and I hope they never get over to California, but I’m sure one will be sighted there sooner or later.

  • Well, that Outback of yours is quite a size, Stan, and there must be all sorts of strange things wandering around out there (other than Rolf Harris, I mean).

    Did you ever see an obscure horror flick called Razorback? It was American-made, I think, but set in Australia and starring good old Bill Kerr of Hancock fame. It was about a giant feral pig munching on the inhabitants of some small town way out in woop-woop. Not even available on DVD, as far as I can find out, but quite good.

  • STM

    There seems to be a very common denominator in chupacabra sightings.

    The latest one was in January this year (2008), in Cadiz province … in the Phillipines. Hmm.

    The other sightings most often reported are in the southern and south-western United States, especially Texas, and parts of central and southern America …

    The common denominator, apart from the odd sighting in Maine, of all places, is the extensive speaking of Spanish in nearly all of the places it’s seen (actually, that COULD apply to Maine).

    It’s a wonderful piece of hispanic folklore, much like the bunyip in Australia.

    Forget the hoppy little chupacabra. The bunyip – now THAT’s one scary creature, and there ARE many reported sightings.

    The common denominator in bunyip sightings is usually the speaking of a bizarre form of English that can sound like swahili after one too many lagers.

  • salas1102

    the chupacabra is a awsome creature to study but i wonder why it only attravckes to goats anyway i have a project to do about therm
    any advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • salas1102

    this is a spooky story

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  • Roxy

    el chupacabra really doesnt exist its just a story a myth

  • x

    The simple truth is it’s not human, nor animal, or alien…it’s a demon and will not be albe to be captured only seen.(Trustme)

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  • joe

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  • Steph&Sarah

    I think we came across one today driving on the road … it hoped infornt of us … it was so strange!

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  • Diana

    hey I just got a call from the police department they said they wanted their dog back, you know what ANNIE whatever your fuckin name is just give it back to them!!!

  • John Menuis

    This is no Fox,tail too long and front legs too short. This is no coyote. Dunno what it is but I hope someone finds a live one.

  • swingbobdeadpants

    i Reackon these could be what we sometimes call PADFEET in the U.K.

  • Tania, Tania. . . you should curb yourself. You sound like one of those bellicose folks who claim to be “oppressed”. You oppress yourself with your depraved comments.

  • Tania

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  • Liz

    Thats perpostrous if they really thought it was a chupacabra dont you think they would’ve checked its stomach and diet through his system and found goat blood or any type of notice that they had sucked blood no info people!

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  • Billybob

    When I am on my daddys farm I have fun with the cows, pigs, chickens and goats. Kassandraa, come on down to me daddys farm and we have much fun ok. I have a pet chupacabra. Named her Daisey.

  • cora kansas

    The chupacabra is no new deal! I’m 33 years old now–I remembered years ago my mother telling us (kids) of a strange animal that matched a similar discription that used to terrorized the farm animals of the poor farmers of the (Pamlico) Sound in northeastern North Carolina from the 1920’s through the early 1970’s. There were many sightings of these creatures and many of them had frighteningly close encounters! All the folks of the region used to speak of them all the time, but somehow it never reached the headlines.

  • this animal is more genuinly more schocker .
    as I saw it thought I directly that it did something terrible. Now places itself in addition, ask whether it this animal weiklich gives.
    but the different indicated which I from the Internet rausgesucht, say all which other one and now point I no more further!
    whether you do not ask to answer can remain actually also ask I believe can so really know. In addition the videos are rather ridiculous and one can not really believe it the animal really give. If one can call it animal.
    also perhaps but if someone an answer point can it on German me one nachhricht write. e-times I afterwards still communicate those to address. But do not ask is answered actually yet. I have times one would list together placed. In the Internet it is said that he multicolored incite to have is and wings. in addition it should be large 2m (rather improbably or?) and it is to have vampir teeth. that is also again a thing which I believe only with difficulty can. I do not point whether I wrongly lies, but which thinks it?
    I hope I wars soon an answer, since the topic interests me.

  • M.S

    People all over the world untrust the goverment and geez who can blame them but I have to say a person is a rational being, people are not! If a blood sucking or other strange new creature was found roaming the california countryside a new age witch hunt would ensue if the species is dying then how can hunting it and or killing it help them? Although we may not like the lack of official reports on the animal it may be for the best .. and hey maybe one day in the near future more official information may surface about it. I personally believe that the picture is genuine and hopefully we dont judge to harshly that which we do not know.

  • sunshine

    hey,look on http://www.kfsm.com and look at the article about johnson county ar.,unusual animal found,very interesting,a dog with mange,i dont think so!i live in johnson county and was wondering about your take on this animal.

  • J Patton

    I saw the article on the “texas chupacabra” several months ago while surfing the web. I live in Texas and this was the first I had heard of and seen pictures of the animal. My father, son and myself were returning home from vacationing in Oklahoma today (8-5-06}. We were headed south on 271 and had just gotten outside of Clayton, OK when two of the exact animals were crossing the highway in front of us. A vehicle was coming from the opposite direction so the animals turned around and went back to the side of the road and stood there looking at us. I had passed them at this point and turned around. As I was turning around a pickup passed by. I returned to where they were still standing on the side of the road. As I pulled over they went down the steep embankment and crossed a fence into the brush. Their skin was a blue/gray and had very little hair that reminded me of what you would see on a pig. Their skin looked kind of dry but not mangy, there were no sores or weeping on the skin. Their tails were long and they walked kind of stooped with their tails tucked. They were poor and hungry looking.They didn’t seem to be very scared but did avoid contact with us. I don’t know what kind of dog they were but they are not a coyote, fox, wolf and certainly not a deer or kangaroo as some speculate.

  • Jarrell BIG TIME

    i have a dog that looks like that i feed him MEOW MIX

  • jessica barranco

    well, i believe is true, cause im from puerto rico and ive heard a lot of crazy thinggs over there about the chupacabra. one day my cousins were staying in my parents house and when they went to sleep they heard a noise like a loud growl next to their window and also tried to open up the window. puerto rico has really weird windows, i dont know if anybody ever seen them.
    there not like the ones in the u.s. anyways…my cousins and my sister and brother got scared, so they called my dad and he went outside, but didnt see anything it was gone. it was really weird.

  • lol ok well that was an awesome article and true it is a bloodsucking creature,but what i think was that somewhere in a remote area, judging by what Mrs.Largow discripted how it looked like, i think somewhere in a remote area, possibly an animal that was similar to sheep with the fleece, but much older, bred with a pre-canine species and the results were that. P.S. KIDS RULE

  • Alex

    how are the chupacabra able to have sex with other chupacabras

  • Daphne

    i wonder if the chupacabra is a human sucker and how are you able to see the chupacabra in person with out getting eat’en or suckek wut ever

  • Daphne

    you need more info about the chupacabra

  • venace

    at least an illegal would know how to spell. not like some ignorant red necks out there. i feel sorry for that animal. what ever it is. it looks to me like a hairless fox with a bad case of leprosy.

  • doug

    another illeagal made it to america

  • jessica

    i think that the story is true. i just don’t belive these people making fun of all these true stories, next thing they know they will be the next victom of the chupacabra. so if your one of those people that don’t belive or make fun of people that do belive i hope you watch your back. when i say people that make fun of people i’m talking about people like “#16 chris” if you read it you’ll probably be talking bad about her. hey i may only be 11 but i know what i’m talking about.

  • hannah

    i am studying the El Chupucabra and find this very interesting. the very first picture, look at its eye slits, they are very large. even though it does look like a coyote i think that this may be the Chupacabra

  • kayla

    I think the situation needs to be taken serious,and not turned into such a joke.At any time another attack could accur and someone( not an animal)could be hurt.

  • Michael and Ruth, thanks for setting the story straight for us. I think it’s fairly obvious that the photo hasn’t been doctored, and that Mr.Lagow has little to gain by lying about the animal, or the circumstances surrounding it. It appears the only ones guilty of misinformation are NBC-4 News, who reported that the animal had been taken to the TPWD, who later reported that they knew nothing about it.

    This isn’t the first animal like this one to have been found, as I mentioned in the article. There have also been multiple eye witness reports of animals fitting this description ranging from Texas to California.

    Is it the legendary Chupacabra? I don’t think so. Is it a coyote with mange? Perhaps, but I’ve done a little research on mange, and the animal’s appearance doesn’t quite fit.

    There are two kinds of mange which result in massive hair loss.

    Demodectic Mange – The dog’s skin is sore, crusty, and oozing; the hair follicles are clogged with mites and debris…symptoms include thinning of the hair around the eyes and mouth and on the front legs that evolves into patches of hair loss approximately one inch in diameter.

    Sarcoptic mange – Dogs with scabies dig and bite at themselves with great ferocity. Telltale signs of sarcoptic mange are crusty ear tips, fierce itching, and hair loss, particularly on the ears, elbows, legs, and face in the early stages. Later on, the hair loss spreads throughout the body

    Did Mr.Lagow see any scabbing, or encrusted wounds? In the photo, the animal’s coat seems smooth, and even, as does the Elmendorf Beast’s in the photo above.

    To see examples,do a Google picture search for “mange”.

    What ever these animals are, they need to be studied. If they are indeed coyotes with mange, something needs to be done to help them, and stop the inevitable spread of the disease among their own species, as well as others.

    This could also be the result of a new mutation of mange, or the immergence of an entirely new disease. Again, something we shouldn’t be ignoring, or writing off as “inconsequential”.

    If this is some sort of hybrid, or new species, that too must be studied, and documented!

    Personally, I have little doubt Mr.Lagow is telling the absolute truth, and both appreciate, and admire his coming forward with his story.

    I think if we knew how many credible witnesses to these types of events never come forward, we’d be utterly amazed.


  • Michael Lagow

    This is an amuzing site. Comments made by uniformed parties carry no value. How do the facts get so twisted? Ruth Lagow is my mother and again, is a very honest and honorable individual. Her statements are true and correct. You, Mr. Harvey, are very uninformed of the events and are making things up as you go. This is referred to as “poetic liberty” in the business. In other words, false statements. Your message carries no value to its audiance.

  • Ruth Lagow

    The only thing that Mr. Harvey and Mr. Becker was right about was the name of Mr. Lagow and the name of the town, Coleman.
    They knew nothing about what they were spouting off about. They were not here nor did you get off your can to find out.
    M. Lagow has never been a farmer. The critter started getting the chickens and he got about thirty. When he started in on the third neighbor his dog corned the critter in the barn and then he killed it. Mr. Lagow did not kill it.
    He and Mrs. Bouroughs tried to catch it in a live trap with no luck.
    The turkeys you mentioned is one wild turkey . He came here four years ago , it was so young it did not have pin feathers. He found food and water and stayed and believe this he is a free bird.
    Two people saw the critter alive and several saw it after it was killed. It was not a rat , coyote or hairless dog as you suggest. It had a soft wooly fleece not hair.
    The local vet suggested the name CHUPACOBRA. Not Mr. Lagow, he just took a picture as did our neighbor. Hers was a kodak picture , neither of them doctored the pictures as you inplied.
    No one here said that it was on the way to T.P.W.D. . It was thrown in the trash on its way to a land fill somewhere.
    Now aren’t you a shame of your self for all the melarky you put out? You should be. Ruth Lagow

  • bob

    the wtory is sotrue

  • Well, we know who to blame for Hurricane Katrina now. Think about it. Just look at this timeline for definitive proof:

    August 18-August 22

    At some time in this interval, El Chupacabra is killed in a trap set by a Texas farmer.

    August 23

    5:00 PM EDT: National Hurricane Center announcement: “… broad low pressure area over the southeastern Bahamas has become organized enough to be classified as tropical depression twelve.”

    August 24

    11:00 AM EDT: National Hurricane Center announcement: “[tropical depression twelve] has become much better organized … and has strengthened into tropical storm Katrina.”

    August 25

    5:00 PM EDT: The National Hurricane Center upgrades tropical storm Katrina to “Hurricane Katrina”.

    11:45 PM EDT: News of El Chupacabra’s demise “about a week ago” is posted to BLOGCRITICS.

    August 26

    Various BLOGCRITICS commenters openly mock El Chupacabra, Pat Robertson, God, the United States government, and alien spacecrash victims.

    11:30 AM EDT: Katrina is upgraded to a Category 2 hurricane.

    Mockery from BLOGCRITICS commenters continues unchecked.

    August 27

    11:00 PM EDT: The National Hurricane Center issues a warning suggesting that Katrina is moving in a western direction in an area that includes New Orleans.

    August 28

    On BLOGCRITICS, more insults are made against religion, against Pat Robertson, and even a subtle indirect dig against Fox News.

    2:00 AM EDT: Katrina is declared a Category 4 storm.

    8:00 AM EDT: Katrina is declared a Category 5 storm, the highest possible rating.

    August 29

    6:10 AM CDT: Katrina, a Category 4 hurricane with 145 mph winds, makes initial landfall near Buras, La.

    The facts speak for themselves!

  • I’m from coleman. i like the story.

  • Anastasia

    Hi-Hi! I was surprised! You all have never seen this amusing ridiculous animal? When I was young we frightened them near a city dump. We called them tuzicks and they had striped tails and very sharp nail on a back legs.

  • I love reading the stupid comments that people leave on articles like this… They are SO FUNNY! You are all stupid. “he’s my dad” “made by evil scientists” “religion is a legend” Thanks for reporting Annie!

  • R. Michael Lagow

    Mr. Reginald Lagow is my father. He is a retired businessman living in Coleman and is a very honest gentleman. I can assure you that the picture he took has NOT been “doctored” as Mr. Harvey pointed out. I don’t think anyone really has an answer as to what the animal was. My father simply wanted to stop the killing of his chickens.

  • Aliciajon

    You people are raunchy

  • Jessica


  • Jessica

    Annie can u track down Richard Sandrak

    jes’ askin

  • Jessica

    Hey ppl, El Chupacabra was made by some stupid scientists El Chupacabra is a rat,dog,rabbit,and i forgot the rest i kno this because i have the docamentry of the Chupacabra and it shows u how El Chupacabra was made but if u ppl want 2 believe wut u believe than fine go ahead and p.s there is 4 more of the chupacabra the mom is dead but there is 4 more of the chupacabra

  • Pat Robertson

    Hey that’s the dog that my wife and I use in our SEX videos

  • get real

    folks. what we have here is simply a fox or coyote with a bad case of mange. the chupacabra along with a long list of the other things everyone WANTS to believe in (including religion lol) is nothing but a legend and will always be that way.

    poor doggie.
    nighty night.

  • Annie

    I’ll give it a shot!

  • Can you track down Mr. Laglow?

    Jes’ askin”!!

  • Eric Olsen

    classic! We all know that the body is REALLY at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, right next to the alien autopsy

  • The Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. don’t know where the animal is…I’ve updated the article.

  • Eric Olsen

    super job Annie, couldn’t be better – thanks!

  • Annie, this is interesting.

    Keep up the weird X-Files type stories. I find them amusing.

    That is all.

  • Pat Robertson says “El Chupacabra” is a demon sent by Almighty God to kill Mexicans.

  • Annie

    LOL…Could be!