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Chrétien kept my balls!

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It loses a lot in translation, but former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien admitted he treasured the balls of both Bill Clinton and G.W. Bush, among others.

Okay, they were golf balls, and he was trying to justify spending public money on golf balls with his name on them.

But you really need to hear the testimony to get the full fark of it (the CBC has the audio, but it’s 30 minutes but, you really need to hear it for the full funny).

The list included two American presidents named Bush, former President Bill Clinton, and former Vice President Al Gore.

The final ball was a gift from the law firm Ogilvie Renault, which employs former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Gomery commission counsel Bernard Roy and Gomery’s daughter.

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  • RJ

    Funny: I heard Cretin had no balls…