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Chronic 2005: Be A Drug Dealer?

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Just when you thought gaming couldn’t do any worse than 25 to Life, welcome Chronic 2005. This new game from MnMStudio lets you deal drugs in a virtual world. It’s very similar to the early text based game DopeWars.

“We wanted to take online gaming to a new level and allow people to experience an exciting journey into the seedy underbelly of society,” said Michael Dixon, lead developer of Chronic 2005.

Chronic is an online text and pictures game. You start out with $2,000 in cash and $5,000 in debt to the loan shark. Your journey begins at the Los Angeles airport as you explore the neighboring cities in search of the best suppliers and buyers. Upgrading your guns, armor, hiring thugs, and staying ahead of the cops soon becomes the way of life.

In playing the game, you encounter cops, hookers, and other drug dealers. If you get into a fight, it plays out like a role playing game. You have to push the Light button and try to get your opponents health meter down. The goal of this game is to become the top drug dealer. Plus, whoever comes out on top will win an Xbox 360.

Love it or hate it, this online game has become very popular. You can play for free for one month. Then after that a $2.95 monthly game play fee is charged. This premium membership lets you hire bodyguards, buy weapons, and takes you into a deeper level of interaction. They also a few ladies in the game that might tickle your fancy, and help you out along the way.

To date, Chronic 2005 has been downloaded over 250,000 times, and is currently ranked in the Top 10 “Most Popular Simulation Games” on CNET’s Download.com.

Chronic 2005 is available for the PC as a free download on the game’s website. Not that we would suggest you play such a game.

Come on! Download it. Everyone else is.

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  • Doobie

    I love Marijuana. It the the best non drug in the world!
    Everyone should smoke Marijuana.
    420 bitches!!

  • Yo

    They finally made a game for broke blacks and russians

  • cannibus

    smoke weed

  • viny

    i luv drugs

  • sounds dope

  • I’m downloading it right now…thanks for the tip! 🙂

  • I wonder if the developers ever read the economic studies published on street-corner drug dealing….the average wage for a street dealer works out to just slightly above minimum wage, with the bonus opportunity of being shot and/or arrested.

  • Eric Olsen

    great job again Mike, thanks!

  • Learn how to become a drug dealer for real, much more fun!