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Chromotherapy for Holistic Healing

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Holistic healing therapies have been used by mankind since the dawn of civilization. Holistic healing therapies because of their simplicity and safety have yielded brilliant results, saved many lives, and cured many diseases. Chromotherapy is one form of holistic healing. It means holistic healing through colours.

Chromotherapy as a part of holistic healing has been used in Egypt, China, and India since long ago. According to holistic healing therapists, the deficiency of any particular colour in the body can lead to imbalance in function and various diseases. Our body has seven chakras, which holistic healing covers while healing us. Each chakra has a colour assigned to it, and each colour has a meaning, Depending upon our problem, and the chakra imbalance, we use the colour most required by the body to heal us and to bring that particular chakra into balance. This art of holistic healing is proven and safe.

Here are the colours and their information, required for holistic healing.

  • Red: The colour red is associated with the root chakra. It is the color of life, energy, warmth. It energises blood circulation and balances a low body temperature. It increase the rate of breathing, and can be used in holistic healing to fight diseases like anaemia, asthma, diseases of the throat, chronic coughs, and related illnesses.
  • Orange: The colour orange represents the sacral chakra. It can be used in holistic healing to treat mental illnesses, depression, and pessimism. It also can be used to cure respiratory and digestive problems. It provides relief from muscle strains. The colour orange represents in holistic healing a warm and cheering attitude. It is the colour of sun, so it signifies sympathy and empathy. It is the colour of new possibilities of life.
  • Green: The colour green represents the heart chakra. It is the colour of earth and nature. It has a harmonising effect on the human mind. That’s why when we fall ill, doctors advise us to go for walks and be around nature. It soothes one’s mind and heart. It is a neutral colour and can be used for any holistic healing. It cures cysts, diseases of the eye, and diabetes. Green is further said to promote the glandular processes, to promote relaxation of the organs, and to stimulate general detoxification of the body.
  • Blue: Blue is associated with the throat chakra. It is said to be the colour of peace. It is used in holistic healing as an antiseptic. In treating hyperactive children, doctors use blue. In hospitals the colour blue soothes the patient.
  • Yellow: The colour yellow signifies the solar plexus chakra. It strengthens the nerves. It helps in mental balance and stimulates high mental alertness. The colour is used in holistic healing for curing nervous disorders, and it is also said to uplift the mood.
  • Indigo: This colour signifies the third eye chakra. The colour controls physical and mental perception. It is cool and electric and acts as a purifying agent in holistic healing. The colour indigo can be used in cases of addiction.
  • Violet: This is a colour of transformation. It helps in holistic healing of melancholy, delusions, and alcohol addiction, and awakens spiritual insights.
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  • Very unique I never heard about this kind of healing before. And doesn’t even know that colors have tons of definition in Holistic healing as you said. I only heard chakra on anime that I am watching before didn’t know that it’s for real. I am excited to learn and know more about this thing.