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Christopher Eccleston Chosen as New Doctor Who

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It’s official Sci-Fi fans. The next incarnation of Doctor Who will be played by Christopher Eccleston. Christopher has starred in many films populare in the UK, most notably, Shallow Grave.

This new version of the Doctor is supposed to be “darker” and more contemporary in that they have decided to shed some of the usual eccentricies of the past Dcotors such as the hats, scarves, etc. Ecclestion also wants this doctor to have a “love interest”. So far, all of these things make this new Doctor Who making a strong diverance from previous Doctors.

I’m not so sure how I feel about this. I grew up on Doctor Who and my love for the Doctor and British comedy stems from late Sunday Nights with my father, Monty Python, Dave Allen, and Doctor Who with a tall glass of chocolate milk. I’ve always loved Doctor Who for its low budget cheesey goodness. Female companions were not love interests but eye candy to get in trouble. Perhaps we were already granted a preview of the new Doctor’s change of heart(s) in the recent BBCi’s animated Doctor Who adventure, “Scream of the Shalka“. I wasn’t too sure about it at first but by the end of the first episode, I was hooked. Scream of the Shalka also introduces the Doctor’s first non-white companion, Alison. A nice change from the usual companions, she’s smart, sassy, and very independent.

At least there are new Doctor Whos to look forward to. Hopefully even with all the changes they are planning in the franchise, it won’t end up to be a real sci-fi stinker like Enterprise.

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**On a side note, if you can get a copy of it, do rent Shallow Grave. Its one of Ewan McGregor’s stronger acting roles. He gives a solid, good performance in this movie just like the rest of the cast. Directed by Danny Bole, it’s British Cinema at it’s best.!**

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