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Christina and Justin Diss Vancouver

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Thousands of disappointed pre teen fans may never get over the fact that Justin and Christina never made it to Vancouver. As it turns out, out some of the tour truck drivers have criminal records. And there was barely any time to get to the city and set up in the first place. Even if the pair hadn’t been held up at the Canadian/U.S. border for so long.

This is what’s wrong with acts that are solely put together to make money off fans. They have no reason to care. Why not leave more time in between shows? Maybe these artists will be finally be exposed to their fans as the complete and total talentless hacks that just don’t give a damn about actual music and performing. I find this almost as sad as Elton John and Billy Joel being too afraid to come to Toronto because of SARS. get real, and live up to your responsiblity to the fans who want to see you perform, and paid their good money for that opportunity.

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  • michelle

    talentless hacks? not quite.

  • That’s nearly as sad as a great number of American artists not attending the (I think it was…) the European Music Awards because of the Iraqui War. That’s brave, first starting it and then not daring enter Europe.

    Anyway, I’m sure these teens will forget all the Justins and Britneys and whatever and see that there’s really fantastic music out there that you never hear on MTV.