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Christina Aguilera’s Abusive Father Comments On Pregnancy

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Christina Aguilera's estranged father Fausto Aguilera has decided to comment on Christina's alleged pregnancy, telling Life & Style magazine, "I'm so excited. I want Christina to achieve all her goals. I wish her all the happiness in the world." Some publications are saying he's "confirming" her pregnancy, but the quote sounds more like they called him and told him the news, and he responded.

For those who know Aguilera's story well, you'll know that the five-time Grammy winning diva barely has a relationship with her father, as her mother left him when she was a young girl because of physical abuse in the home. The abuse and the effect it's had on Christina is well-documented in her music — in songs like I'm OK (video below), Oh Mother, and even The Right Man — where she talks about how emotional it was to realize she had no father to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day.

In her 2006 interview with gay magazine The Advocate, she said "It was a turning point in my life. I went through my whole life not really ever caring or wanting [a father figure], but when the time came around and everybody started asking, 'Who’s going to walk you down the aisle?' it saddened me that I really didn’t have a good answer. I have a good answer, I think, for everything."

Fausto popped up years and years later — naturally after Christina had become rich and famous, and Christina was even seen with him in her MTV Diary. But Christina says that was a one-time thing, and other than letters he has sent her that she didn't respond to, she has not been in contact with her father.

Which is why it's quite odd that publications would call him up for a quote in the first place, let alone use his words as a "confirmation" of the pregnancy. The media seems to have taken for granted that Christina is pregnant, and judging from pictures of her stomach, outfit changes on her highly successful worldwide tour, and a videotaped visit to a maternity doctor in New York City, she probably is. But Christina and her reps have not confirmed that she is in fact with child.

I think this is quite an interesting subject, because I've heard some people compare Fausto Aguilera to fathers like Michael Lohan who are horrible to their children and are absent fathers in their childhood, but pop up years later to latch on to their children's success and fame for attention. And naysayers respond, saying we constantly complain about men not being good fathers to their children, but then bash them when they try to repair the damage they've done. My personal take on the matter is that if Christina weren't rich or famous, he would never have made any effort to contact her. And when someone hurts you as deeply as an abusive parent can, it's often extremely difficult to forgive and forget, when years and years later you are still dealing with the repercussions of the abuse.

Either way, Christina seems to have her head on straight, and will probably be a good mother to her child. I foresee no rehab, crotch shots, bald heads, or umbrellas in her future.

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  • cassie guitar

    Christina Aguilera is my idol.
    what her dad did to her was wrong and stupid.
    she has every right to not talk to him.

    and where it says up there that her father is only coming back because shes making money and famous. well i personally think thats very true.

    i have looked up to christina aguilera for my whole life. and i have also wanted to met her. just to get to know her. and to tell her that her dad is not worth anything. if your parents hit you they shouldnt expect you to talk to them again.

    christina is a great person and i respect the fact that even through she had problem in her life and still had the courage to sing and make a career she wanted to do.

    P.S. christina is going to be a great mother. i know for a fact.

    love cassie

  • Tanya

    Hey to all over the world,My name is Tanya and Im 18 years old.I live in Nova Scotia Canada.Im a big fan of Christina Aguilera fan.Shes has strong voice.My favorite song is I’m Ok.Some of the things i like to do are sing,dance,write poetry,shop,work at a clothing store part time and mostly be with my friends.Thats all I have to say.I love Christina Aguilera!!

    love and peace to all over the world
    Tanya xxoxx

  • maxine

    she’s not ok i can tell buy the way shes singing.Shes scared of her father and i know that but when she sings this song its so emotional and i heard when she sung this song she cried

  • MA

    I just recently saw the video Christina released after her son was born. “Save me from Myself,” along with video from her wedding to Jordan. I thought it was so sad to see this beautiful bride walk along down the aisle, but when I read more about what her father is really like, I really give her credit for walking down the aisle alone. Good for her, really. Her father doesn’t deserve to be in the honorable position of giving his daughter away at her wedding. I’m glad for Christina that she found a man that she loves so much and loves and respects her right back despite what Christina saw as a child. Although her father is a miltary man he’s still a punk for hitting his wife and kids. If I were a member of the press I wouldn’t ask that jerk what his thoughts are/were on anything regarding Christina. He was an absentee father and now that she’s made something of herself he wants to comment and share whatever thoughts? He really should climb back under that rock that he’s been under for decades, slime.

  • Heidi

    I think it is good she walked down the aisle by herself, it shows that she isnt her fathers to give away

  • Bri

    Christina, you have every right to not talk to him. He abused you and your family, and now to come back because you are famous is wrong, completley.

  • pierina

    i think she has to talk to him cause in real life he is her father and he is so sad because know he realizes how he loves christina and i think both have to be adults and reconciled I

  • Shannon

    i thing she stil hurt by what her father done and everthing i tought it was terrible she had no father to walk her down the aisle .
    You can hear her pain in the song.
    she was recording the song ”im ok ” she sings ” Bruises fade father but the pain remains the same ”

    she broke down crying on the floor the producer came in and lowered the micriophone cause she wanted to sing the rest. people say you can hear her crying throughout the song ”i’m ok”

  • GIGI

    I think Christina, should not speak to her Father Fausto, unless she can forgive him, and reconcile with him. She would discuss this with her Mother of course, as she and her Sister and Mom, were the ones badly abused. she should keep in mind He is contacting her, because she is Famous. Love christina, wish Her only the Best. GIGI