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Christina Aguilera Gears Up To Release New Album

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If you head on over to music producer Tricky Stewart's Twitter account, you'll see he recently tweeted about some artists he's currently working with. Among them are Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, and Christina Aguilera.

I admit I'm not the biggest fan of this man's work. He's done Jesse McCartney's "Leavin," Beyonce's "Single Ladies," and Mary J. Blige's "Just Fine," all of which I like. But conversely he's also done Britney Spears' "Me Against The Music," Rihanna's "Umbrella," and Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body," all which make want to throw up my Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookies.

That said, there've been producers that Christina's worked with before who hadn't impressed me with their previous work, yet turned out something impressive when it came to working with Christina. One example is Rich Harrison, who is famous for producing Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" and Amerie's "1 Thing," yet who managed to create one hell of a foot-stomping pseudo-gospel tune called "Makes Me Wanna Pray" on Christina's Back to Basics album that in no way resembles any of his previous work. So it's possible that while this guy's catalogue isn't making me squeal with glee, he could actually end up turning out something relatively unexpected with Christina.

Considering Tricky doesn't seem like the kind of producer Christina would normally gravitate to, especially in lieu of the more electronic, futuristic sound she's trying to create for her next LP, it seems as if she's doing a repeat of her pattern with her second album Stripped. In chronicling the story of Stripped, Entertainment Weekly did a piece in which famous producer Rockwilder talked about the making of Dirrty:

"Aguilera told Rockwilder she was looking for a track that would announce to the world that she's back — but not the same as she was."

Basically, Christina had finished the rest of the tracks for the album, and needed something fiery that would get people's attention and announce she's back. She did something similar with "Ain't No Other Man", a song with bombastic horns and explosive vocals, and an intro that would perk your head up quicker than a fire truck sneaking up on you on a back road. The point is, though Tricky Stewart is miles different from people like Linda Perry, Ladytron, and Sia (all people she's confirmed to be collaborating with on this album), it's possible this departure from the "theme" could indicate she very well could be done with the album.

Sia Furler, most known for her song "Breathe Me" which has been featured on the beloved series finale of Six Feet Under and the broadcast of the 2006 Victoria's Secret fashion show, has already completed her work with Aguilera.  She told Australian publication the Herald Sun all about her experience working with Christina. One of the things she mentioned was how deep Christina's knowledge was of her music.

‘‘Obviously she likes Breathe Me, that's the one everyone goes for, but she mentioned seven songs as far back as the first Zero 7 album, and songs like Destiny and Distractions, and a song called Moon from my last album that nobody ever picks as a favorite.

‘‘That won her some points, she's a listener, she knows my random album tracks nobody gives a s— about. That's pretty flattering.''

She then goes on to discuss how hands-on Christina is in the writing and recording process, unlike many other pop artists.

"I would put any of the songs we've written on one of my albums. And it's a total collaboration. There are some artists who walk in and say ‘I want to write a song about a stiletto', then walk out again.

‘‘You write the song and they take a third. That's not at all what it's been like working with Christina. Often she saves the day when we're stuck.''

In addition to Sia,Christina has been photographed with Daniel Wu of Ladytron as early as December, and according to him, they've been working together in the studio as well.

"We first heard that we were one of Christina's favorite bands last summer. We were thrilled. So we went over to Los Angeles to meet her in December where she identified the type of Ladytron songs that she liked. We were impressed because she had a real deep knowledge of our music – album tracks, not just the singles."

At this point the album seems well on its way.  And if the choice of producers and songwriters is any indication, it's piecing up to be just as diverse as her last two efforts.  Which depending on how you look at it, is either to her avail, or her demise.

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  • la aguilera

    love xtina!! 🙂

  • Jake

    She’s going to flop. Like always.

  • Louie

    This album is going to be huge!

  • rus

    can’t wait. thanx for the nice article….

    can’t wait too see haters devour their hatreds…

  • polilla

    this summer
    are u ready for the super bitch

  • YES

    FANTASTIC, I’LL ORDER THREE OF WHAT EVER SHE MAKES PLEASE. Because unlike so many artists, her music lasts way past the initial frenzy…

    BY THE WAY, SHE HAS NEVER flopped.. o.k..

  • TINA


  • JAKE


  • Ty2Phine

    Christina Aguilera at her age should be a legend. She has pips of Steel. She’s the harder version of Mariah Carey/Whitney. However, she always goes left field. All her fans want is a soulful record. CALL ALICIA KEYS. Impossible was incredible. Loving me 4 me is Incredible. Stripped was a GREAT soul pop record. Stop trying to be Lady Gaga, and Be the soulful vocalist that you are.

    She just can’t get it right. No offense but Britney went back to her pop sound and she’s on top of her game. Christina find ya way home.

  • Marco

    I love Christina! I can’t wait until her album comes out! I love her so much and I check on news about her almost everyday. Since I can’t make personal attacks, I’ll just be vague in what I have to say. People keep hating on Christina, but her career is obviously better than theirs is. Christina’s career is great and she will continue to be.

  • dave

    i love christina.. and the fact she changes her sound.. britney is the same old pop crap.. and annoying..everyone says she is an entertainer / but all she does is lip sync and flip her hair.. and says the same things and every sone.. i got sick of hearing.. are you ready .. now all she does is say .. hee haha ho ho in every song.. i wish she would go away

  • YEs

    ALL her cd’s have been great. She obviously does not want to repeat the same stuff over and over again.
    IMAGINE if we repeated what we did the same way everyday for years. It would probably bore us. So I think she does it to expand her talent, not get bored and learn about all types of music. Life is short, to each it’s own.

    Tina Fan.

  • Gabriel

    I know that this album is going to be HUGE!!! One of her best! I so can’t wait! THNKAS

  • segurosquiallday

    La Aguilera is amazing and I m sure that she is going to give us an Amazing album that people are going to be taking about just like her old ones. People still talk about Stripped which was an amazing accomplishment and then she did Back to Basics which was also an amazing success. This album is going to be so different from the other ones and she is the only one that always gives the public something different every time and thats why she takes a long time to produce it because she wants to give us the best quality that she can. Christina Aguilera is amazing and I cant wait till the new Album comes out because she is going to rock it all the way…


    since when did xtina flop. Ok in some countries some of her singles didnt do too well, but id wudnt say theres ever been a point in her career she “flopped” and all her albums have been IMMENSE! i remember a few years ago her seying this next album was going to be short and simple. well looks like shes changed her mind. Since when was 8 different mood boards either short or simple lol! im glad she doesnt repeat the same old. she keeps us hanging, and i like how she nevfer reveals the albums title until last minute and shes always really secretive about it. although this time round shes let on to alot more than usual. it will be incredible i just hope that the first single is a number one. she never had a number one on b2b so i hope she dus this time round. like the article sed, shes probably finnished the album now and is working with trikky in order to get a single to number one.

  • spread your wings and soar!

    people hate xtina cause nobody like her…
    she’s different, amazing, fenomenal, creative, fantastic…
    there’s no prediction about her music in the future
    love u xtina…

  • irene taylor

    with christina’s outstanding talent, and just a fraction of the hype that is showered on britney, christina’s sucess would be unstoppable.

  • leonardo

    Simply; I Can’t Wait, but if she’s taking her time like she did with B2B, i guess we’ll be reward.

    Your My Fav Christina, _Always_

  • Camille

    I can’t wait to have her back! Her presence is needed BADLY. She is an amazing entertainer and there’s no one else like her. Can’t wait to see her again!
    We Love You Christina

  • Louis

    Christina’s talent has always been there, since she was a little girl. She’s a great singer and dancer and the kind of music she sings, always is perfect for her. She has an amazing image and career going for her right now. With all going well I think she’s going to get better and she’s going to get stronger in this album. All the best to her.

  • Shannon

    Christina is untouchable, she is a talent unmatched! I’ve been a fan of hers from the beginning and look forward to her new music. Every time she arrives with a new album, she arrives with a fresh sound and a fresh voice! In this album she is going to show us SHE MEANS BUSINESS!

    CHRISTINA 4-Ever

  • Chelley

    Love the article. Exactly what I am looking for in a review. Christina’s talent is remarkable. She appears to be a serious singer trying to embrace and portray many genres — Pop, R&B soul, Jazz, Latin, etc. But she’s a great dancer also and I hope she starts to have more fun and enjoy dancing and “feeling the beat” also. Her music and videos can be mesmerizing (except that “Keeps Getting Better” video). I love that she puts out albums where you can enjoy almost every song. Not just filler songs for an album but well done music. I pray this new album doesn’t stray too far away from what her fans have come to love and enjoy but is an outstanding representation of her ability and enjoyable for all.

  • Squirrellytoons

    Hey – can’t deny Aguilera has gone some of the best pipes in the business….I can’t wait to hear this CD – so looking forward to it

  • Jonathan

    Christina is a legend. She is true to herself and has a voice unlike any other. She isn’t trying to be anyone but herself. She never fails to impress me.

  • Jonathan

    Christina has NEVER flopped. If you listen to her music it’s genuine and real. Christina reminds us that the music industry still has hope.

  • Well, her last two albums were great but before then, not so good.