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Chris Matthews Attacked

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Last night an attacker wearing a hood jumped the security line where Chris Matthews was broadcasting from and attempted to attack him. He was quickly removed by police.

Perhaps broadcasting from a location practically in the street just wasn’t the great idea someone at MSNBC must have thought it would be.

You can see the video here: http://tiger.towson.edu/users/bstelt1/attack.mpeg

I’ve noticed that sometimes it doesn’t work the first attempt, you only get about a second of the video, but a second attempt is usually successful.

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  • Laura Ingraham was talking about the incident this morning. She said that she felt very vulnerable and could hear the crowds getting more rowdy behind her. As she walked away from the set she saw someone throw something and heard the commotion.

    Not only are these protesters interested in disrupting the democratic process, they are trying to step on the freedoms enjoyed by the press. All this, of course, may ultimately hurt Kerry more than Bush.



  • RJ

    FoxNews is really stressing the “NYPD cop attacked by protestor” angle…

  • FoxNews is really stressing the “NYPD cop attacked by protestor” angle…

    oh shit, now mayor on the planet, and owner of 9/11 will jump on this and drag his 15 minutes out another year or two.

    if i lived in new york, i would be pissed at how he has made this about him, only about him. as if he own the whole fucking day. and that line about “i looked over and said…i am glad bush is our president” is such a crock of shit. i am sure what he was thinking is that this should take some of the heat off me screwing around.