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Chris Brown Artist of the Month on Music Choice

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R&B, hip-hop/pop singer, dancer, and occasional actor Chris Brown was discovered at a petrol station in his home town of Tappahannock, Virginia. Just a year later, in 2004, Brown found a home on Jive Records and released his debut album, Chris Brown, in November 2005 at the tender age of 16. His eponymous album reached number one in the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop charts and spawned several Top 10 hits around the world including: “Run It!”, “Yo (Excuse Me Miss)” and “Say Goodbye”. Chris Brown also garnered two Grammy nominations for Best New Artist and Best Contemporary R&B Album.

After the release of his debut album, Brown teamed up with fellow R&B, pop singer Ne-Yo to co-headline a 28-city tour entitled Up Close and Personal Tour before heading back into the studio to record his second album, Exclusive. Recently the release date for Exclusive was pushed back from August 28, 2007 to November 6, 2007. And now in the run up to the launch of his second album, Music Choice have announced that Brown is their Artist of the Month for September.

Viewers will get an all access pass in the Christ Brown Naked feature. Get an exclusive glimpse into the mind of Brown in a fan Q&A session. See Brown’s Do’s & Don’ts of Sneakers and of course you get to sit back and enjoy videos as Brown walks you though his Homeroom Hits Video Playlist.

Music Choice US was launched 1990 as digital cable radio, and has grown in the 17 years since it launch to include cable and satellite TV video-on-demand, digital cable radio music networks, online services and most recently it has been made available on cell phones.

Music Choice’s cable and satellite video-on-demand service reaches 23 of the top 25 markets nationwide. The digital and cable music radio networks cater for all musical genres with channels dedicated to everything from rock to rap and country to classical. The online services are available through Comcast and Time Warner Cable. This online service replicates the video-on-demand available on cable and satellite, streaming, interruption free, more than 50 music channels, with the added ability to customize music playlists with hundreds of music videos over multiple genres.

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  • do u like a lot of girls who are ur fans chris brown

  • Cindy Sishuba

    Chris Luvy i have to say that i am obsessed about you i love your style. your smile everything about you and you can sing baby. Keep up the good work,you rock

  • rebecca Goncalves

    hi cris ur the best singer/dancer keep up the good work i love all ur music u rock lv frm rebecca but people call me becky

  • noella

    i think u are a great role modle to all young people out there because you have encouraged me to move forward in music myself.so keep doin wat ur doin an av fun.take care later


  • damon

    I want to be so much like you. your the best !!

  • damon

    love the song wall 2wall!! I play it as least 5 times aday!!!have fun with your next song!!

  • Yolanda Clark-Green

    Hi Chris you got it going on. [Personal contact info deleted] All evrybody want to talk about is hype. How fine you are. When is your next dates of release. The many parties you have etcetera.

    Happy New Year 2008
    Merry Christmas 2007

    I would like to send a shout out to the Valley family. Like Chris I have Auntie’s and whatknot in Arkansas. I have truely enjoyed visiting with y’all last year for the reunion on my father’s side(God rest his soul) and family on my mother. Thank you for all the care and consern for the cards, photos, letters, T-shirts, and calls I got for the holidays. Happy birthday to everyone including you Chris Brown. Happy 18th Birthday baby. My birthday is April 6th. I’m ging to be old as some dirt. I’m divorced and was pregnant.
    My man was cheating on me which goes along with neither him nor my sister’s man making a committment. Q got kicked out of the house dispite his efforts to get back in good. This time it’s for real. My younger sibling is now seeing a african-american male 21 years of age. I still have my no good for nothing man. But I’m looking for a young tender roney like you Chris. I had to put the bitch out of my house. She had moved in with him. She was driving his car. And I finally called the bitch up when I found a furniture bill with her correct number. I told her I was his girlfriend. The ame day the bitch moved out. I mean this ho got some nerve fucking around with my man. He mostly lied to her anyway. So I gave her the benefit of the doubt and leveled with her. Anyway the bitch just tried to call ma gain on Friday when we had already spoken a few days prior. And it’s his fault. He had her believing in him. He was lieing to her. Telling her what she wanted to hear. And spending my damn money on her. But he couldn’t take me out to eat at Ruth Chris Steakhouse. We’ve been there before but not recently. He stopped paying my bills. And I had to check both them hoes. I told that motherfucker it’s over when I say it’s over. Then I got that bitch straight. So anyway Chris sweetheart all that bull shit wasn’t necessary. You know if you just wanted to give me a baby I would be game. You would make a good father. I lost my last pregnancy due to medical complications. At that time I was strong enough and the fetus was aborted. Probably only two people knew about it. The baby’s father and another male father figure. So not even my mother know that I was pregnant. And even if she did know it’s not something to talk about. When I was down there it only cost a couple of hundred dollars to get a abortion. I meet just about every nationality you can think of. Sure we all made excuses to make ourselves feel better with going through with the procedure. But we still had to ask for forgiveness from God. So my baby is in heaven. The baby father and I saw each other shortly there after but didn’t continue the relationship. And the father wasn’t about nothing. He was working selling vacation packages. I was working about two jobs in the process of moving out from my parents. It was an era like that. I also believe he was the reason my car got broken into. I’m not saying he did it.
    But I’m under the impression that he know who did.
    So we were using protection and somehow I came up pregnant. At that time he porbably had feelings for me but it was just a dirty trick and he got me pregnant. You know trying to tie me down. I see girls on television making the call to schedule an abortion and I try to stop them. It wasn’t an easy decision for me. And if there’re isn’t anything wrong why go through with the abortion.
    Now that’s why I’m judgemental. Because I probably wouldn’t have had my abortion if things hadn’t gone wrong. Anyway I’m an advocate for the baby so. But hell yeah I would have your baby. If I thought I could keep it with my family and just have the baby in our family. His/her/they cousins would like the little bundle of joy. But if it was a situation where you tried to sue me or get legal guardianship by making me out to be a bad parent. Then I wouldn’t want to be involved with you like that. Because I would definately want to keep the baby. And you can just do what you can. My family wouldn’t give me a hard time about it at all. I promise. Also we have a bi-racial family. My cousin have mixed kids with a white girl. My uncle have mixed twins with a hispanic but my auntie is black. My grandmother’s
    mother is full native-american back when they fought for their land. So our family is light skinned. Our boys are mostly all hi yellow. I’m not going to lie to you. We have race issues but it dosen’t stand in our way of loving one another.
    And I go through it with them about their culture and mixed up heritage. And we have to be blind to the fact of our roots that goes past our background. The different stresses that society put on our family. The racism and prejudice that we go through. We are mixed and believe me we look it too. So anyway having a little brown skinned baby will fit right in. Now don’t think that I just want to use you like that. Because I could just have a white man’s baby. And my mother has dated white’s before but her kids are black.
    So that’s where we’re coming from. Now don’t get me wrong I have a cousin that is married to a light skinned black and their son is black. And all they socialize with are blacks. So we have some growing to do. But we are not a family of biggots by no means. Most of the time it’s a black thing and they know whats up. And we basically pick and choose each other. As dysfunctional as we are we’re still here. And I have my views about black men dating white women.
    I still don’t see the love. But inspite of what I think they still chooese who they want to be with.
    So you would fit in with us. Because your mother
    is mixed. Anyway speaking of bay I just would like to say that I don’t appreciate the bull shit
    between Eddie Murphy, Scary Spice(Mel), and Baby face ex-wife. What’s up with that love triangle.
    Mr. Murphy if this is your child it don’t take all of that. This motherfucker has been on every major network demanding a biological test be done.
    This is the women of your child(one of them anyway) show some respect. She didn’t keep you in the dark. You knew for 10 months this girl was pregnant. See that the type of shit that I can’t deal with. On top of all of that he goes out with baby face ex. I thought there were enough kids running around. So Chris what are you going to do about your baby rumors? You know we all get caught up. You just have to be more responsible.
    And for all those players out there who say they where drunk you can’t even say that. I personally don’t have a problem with the Tina Davis scandal.
    I mean if she had to put in a back investment to prove herself worthy. That’s taking care of a little bit of business. Now when you moved to New
    York and stayed with her I guess that was a way
    of getting to know one another and getting closer.
    Maybe it was a big move for you and you need a little more guidance then somebody else. It definately seem as if your mom and dad supported
    you having a music career. Another thing you were doing it at an early age. But it wasn’t until
    your manager came along that you blew up. You don’t strike me as being the most intelliegent
    person so a few extra bumps and bruises. You see when NeYo make that comment about being attractive to dark skinned sisters you didn’t really say much. But you got to be like that. Show some love because we are over here and we are called blacks. There are lots of stories over years. But it use to be that light skinned women were status symbols. When it were actually laws about
    dark and light skinned african americans/negros.
    Whites didn’t trust dark skinned blacks. Only brown paper bag blacks were allowed in clubs.
    About what was beautiful. Granite sometimes the black was only brown complexed but still we all knew what there were getting at. Shows as innocent as the Cosby Show had to address issues and concerns with black americans. So anyway it’s all Jim Crow but have we really chnaged that much?
    The more things change the more they stay the same.
    in this country

  • hey chris i luv your songs imostly like the song “with u”.I just want u to come over at Champaign Assembly Hall.I like how u smile I like everithing abuot u

  • jessica cortez

    hey chris i luv your songs imostly like the song “with u”.I just want u to come over at Champaign Assembly Hall.I like how u smile I like everithing abuot u

  • im da best

    Chris Brown i love u
    im so happy ur Dream
    of being known world wide
    has come tru
    i hope the rest of ur many
    dreams u have come tru also
    i love all ur songz my fav
    is, Gonna Be My Girl. i love
    u chris brown

    chris brown’s
    wifey 4 lifey

  • Hey chris,i love u boo,and im just so inlove with your song’time to love’ its so sweet mwah! im your yamaha mama 4 ever!

  • tasha

    i think chris brown should be able to sing songs i love you chirs brown your my farivate artsts i love you keep on singing