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Chomsky And Zinn On LotR:FotR

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I laughed, I cried, it moved me, and now I share it with you. From McSweeney’s, home of many things clever and amusing, by Marvin Appelbaum and Ian Pinkner, comes Unused Audio Commentary by Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky, recorded Summer, 2002, for The Fellowship of the Ring (Platinum Series Extended Edition) DVD, part One.

It’s funny, presumably even if you’re a Chomsky or Zinn fan. I can attest that it’s downright hilarious if you’re not. Enjoy!

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  • Brian – I had linked to much more than just the first movie, as you can see now, but like an idiot I had put spaces after each comma as if I was writing, and the software wouldn’t recognize anything after the first space. Note to self – must look into that now that cookie issues might finally be resolved.

    Also, I’m quite amused that you start your comment with “You’re wrong,” when I said, “It’s funny, presumably even if you’re a Chomsky or Zinn fan.” I don’t see how I was “wrong” by understating the extent of your amusement. After all, Michael apparently only thought it was “funny,” just as I predicted.

    And yes, I’m teasing. 8^)

  • Phillip,

    You’re wrong–it’s hilarious if you’re a Chomsky or Zinn fan. I wish I would have remembered more about the movie, though, so I could better appreciate the analysis.

    Maybe someone will record it so you can watch it with the movie.

    (But what’s with only linking to the LOTR DVD on the Amazon ads? What about Chomsky and Zinn books? They’re naturals for this.)

  • Well this Zinn fan found it funny.