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Chocolate made from the cocoa bean has been with us for thousands of years. Today we know chocolate as three main types. The difference is in the amount of cocoa solids they contain. Dark chocolate has the highest, varying between 35% to 70% or more, while milk chocolate has at least 10% and the addition of milk solids. White chocolate is in fact not chocolate at all as it contains cocoa butter, not cocoa solids.

The discovery of dark chocolate’s health benefits has been promoted widely. It helps to prevent bad cholesterol, is full of powerful antioxidants and recently found to ease persistent coughs. These are just a few of the health and nutritional benefits bestowed on chocolate.

Chocolate is also a natural aphrodisiac possessing a lustful seductive quality that marries well with Valentine's Day, a day dedicated to expressions of love and the number one holiday for chocolate sales. Over one billion dollars worth of chocolate is sold during the time leading up to Valentine's, and men make 75% of those purchases.

A 20-gram (.70 ounce) square of premium rich dark chocolate has only 100 calories and provides that small indulgence of affordable luxury, so enjoy every last bite.

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Growing up an hour drive or so from Hershey, PA, chocolate has been a part of my life. When I was 8 and 9, nothing matched the feeling of going to the grocery store and buying a bar of pure Hershey’s chocolate. Knowing that a world renown chocolate brand was local made me proud to be from Pennsylvania.

Being homeschooled for my elementary and middle school years, my mom would take me and my sisters to the Hershey factory once or twice a year. They don’t actually allow people into the factory because, as they explained, it’s secret stuff. They do have an automated tour, however. It was in an air conditioned building. The wait to get on was usually quite a while, but it was worth it to be in an air conditioned building.

The tour was basically a large spinning conveyor-like belt with carts on it to sit in. It slowly spun around in a large circle where an overhead pre-recorded voice explaining the cheap, museum-style exibits that we passed. Cheap manequins were frozen in time beside bad re-creations of the assembly line.

Then came the pay-off. As we stepped off the rotating cirlce, there was a real life Hershey employee there. She (or as it sometimes was, He) would stand there and give us a free sample of chocolate. Back when I was a young child they handed out an entire chocolate bar. Then as I grew up, and the rest of the world shrunk, so did the chocolate. Last I remember, they only handed out a small bite.

Of course, these trips to Hershey were always accompanied by my small fantasy of the book, Charlie and the Chocolate Facotory. I would daydream about being in the the great factory, being surrounded by Oompa Loompas and eating the growing sweets from the garden.

If only real life chocolate factories were like that.


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