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OK, it’s China this and China that, but where’s the rice?

Right here.

Right now.

Get out your rice bowl (the unbreakable one) and have a look at Chinese-tools.com, just up.

As SKii, my kind informant, wrote, “A lot of tools to learn Chinese.”

Best of all, it’s free.

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  • 🙂 Thanks for the link.
    I remember thinking my cousin was mad when he told me over 20 years ago that he minored in Mandarin at university…

  • Li Ping

    Nice links!
    I was just looking for those kind of tools. Thanks.

  • Damn, I thought this was going to direct me to a site where I could buy discount power tools from china.


  • tè bié gǎn xiè

    [special thanks]

  • Very nice!