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In a race against time, the Chinese launched a massive innoculation program, not on humans, but birds, specifically pigeons, one at a time, starting in a park, with photographers around.

The human strain of bird flu is less than 15 days old and has already killed 15 people, fairly impressive for such a tiny little bugger, but somewhat disappointing pandemically.

I have been blogging my butt off about this bird flu business while all these other guys are off doing Janet Jackson — I did her too, this morning, couldn’t help it — but so far I don’t think I’ve been able to foment the orsonwellesian panic I was shooting for.

Undaunted, I found the image that should send you looking for the duct tape.

In China, where bird flu is poised to spread, officials sheepishly admitted they’ve been a little slow on the uptake. In an effort to show their commitment to do whatever it takes to contain the virus, top health officials donned white lab coats and entered a city park armed with pigeon innoculators.

These grown men, in order to prove their preparedness for this not-so-tough “bird flu” succeeded in scaring the press, the bystanders, the pigeons, and now you.

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  • It took just one infected duck to scare all of Europe! There needs to be a balance between scaring people witless and getting organised in case a pandemic occurs.

  • Docent Shark

    China’s population exceeded ONE BILLION PEOPLE about two years ago.

    They need to IMPORT diseased fowl.

    Peace, Love, and Organic Population Control,