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Chimaira – The Impossibility Of Reason

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All I can say is “W-O-W.” Heavy is the word of the day and Chimaira accomplishes heavy with The Impossibility of Reason No cheezy, nu-metal, radio-oriented filler here. Every song is 100% balls to-the-wall Hardcore/Industrial stomp.

The use of electronics is so subtle at times that it’s difficult to pick out of the music. The guitar is so heavy it makes Metallica’s riffs look like the teeny-bop rock it’s become and the vocal style would make your mother run for cover. The addition of guitar solos, which Rob Arnold proves more than capable of handling is a welcome change from Pass Out Of Existance which for whatever reason had none. For me, the best part of Chimaira is the incredible double-bass drum work, though. You simply HAVE to hear it to believe it. The drumming, especially the double-bass is bone-crushing in it’s intensity. Add to that the impressive use of melody, intro/outros for the songs and you have one hell of a disc. The only possible criticism I can come up with for this CD is that it’s too short.

Highlights include the title track “The Impossibility Of Reason,” “Pure Hatred,” “Crawl” and “Implements Of Destruction,” a moody instrumental, although all of the songs are above average. Any question about the band’s ability to deliver on a strong follow-up to POE should be WELL answered now.

Chimaira is currently on the road (in Europe), so don’t forget to check the Chimaira – The Impossibility Of Reason website for dates. I highly recommend catching this band live.

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