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Chiller Eyegore Awards Recap

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For ten years, Universal Studios Hollywood has hosted the Eyegore Awards, which recognizes and celebrates the Horror Industry’s best. On October 2nd, the annual tradition continued. After the awards show, Halloween Horror Nights, when Universal Studios Theme Park turns into a giant live horror film, began. Dozens of celebrities from the horror genre showed up.

The award show was hosted by Corey Feldman, who was very charismatic and quite funny. As he said, the Chiller Eyegore Awards Show is the “only award show where there is reward for stabbing colleagues in the back.” Corey’s newest movie is Lost Boys 3, which is coming to theaters soon.

The first award presented was for “Best Villain.” The award went to Noah Segan (Deadgirl). It was Noah’s first Eyegore award and he said, “I’m very excited.” After that, he said he was “looking forward to seeing some of the mazes.”

The next award was the “Jack Pierce Lifetime Achievement Award.” The award went to Rick Baker, a special effects make-up artist that has worked on 42 films and won six Academy Awards. Corey called Baker, “The Legend! The Legend!”

Baker said that the movie Frankenstein “inspired him to become a make-up artist.” Oddly enough, Jack Pierce did the make-up in the movie Frankenstein. Baker's next project is The Wolfman (2010), which he describes as an “old school, gothic horror movie.”

Baker then added, “The fun is doing the work. I don’t do the work to get the awards.”

In July, a film contest was announced. The goal was to submit a short horror film and submit it to Universal. Over 100 films were entered. The prize was a broadcast of the filmmaker’s short film on the Chiller network, $1,000, and a trip for two to the opening night of Halloween Horror Nights (October 2nd) in Hollywood.

John Murdy, creative director of Halloween Horror Nights, actually helped pick the winner of the short film contest. He said, “I was really impressed with the quality [of the film entries.] And I’m happy, because the one I voted to be number one was the winning short film. [The winning film] was a really simple idea, but executed flawlessly. And the main character scared me and that’s not easy to do.”

The winner was Drew Daywalt, who submitted “Bedfellows.” He was honored at the Chiller Eyegore Awards. Drew came with his wife, Marichelle, whose film “Mockingbird” was also in the top ten.

On the red carpet, Drew revealed, “‘Bedfellows,’ which is what I’m here for tonight, was actually the physical carnation of my childhood worse nightmare. I was terrified. I lived in a huge old house and I had this guy in my head always there. Everyone has a bogeyman. Bedfellows is actually mine.”

Halloween (2007) and Halloween II (2009) actress Danielle Harris presented the next award, happy she was keeping it “in the family.” The “Master of Mayhem Award” went to Director/Writer Rob Zombie. Rob received an Eyegore Award 10 years ago.

Tanedra Howard, who will be in the next Saw movie, presented the next award. She’s a very social and sweet girl. The award she was presenting was the “Repeat Offender Award” or the best villain in a film series. The winner was Tobin Bell, who plays Jigsaw in the Saw franchise.

The Chiller Eyegore Awards airs later this month on the television station Chiller. In the meantime, catch up on your horror movies by watching Chiller or buy tickets to Halloween Horror Nights.

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