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Children’s Books by Peter Spier

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Peter Spier is an award winning author and illustrator of children’s books. I know when I was reading to my children, I was always on the lookout for good books. I could always rely on Peter Spier to provide great stories and great art. So I thought I’d help out my fellow parents and provide a quick guide to the Spier books I’ve read. I never found one I didn’t like, so I can unhesitatingly recommend any of his books.

This award-winning book shows the story of Noah with text only at the beginning and the end. The pictures are beautiful and exquisitely detailed, easy allowing the grown up to tell the story, and later the child.

This book is all about people the world over. Not a narrative, it celebrates people, telling about all the different people in the world, showing them at work and at play, describing our differences and similarities. Like all of Spier’s books, the artwork is amazing.


My personal favorite Spier book, this picture book graphically (there is no text) tells the tale of a brother and sister’s rainy day, both indoors and outdoors. It captures the simple joys of childhood wonderfully.

This book tells the story of a visit from the circus, from the empty field it will occupy through putting up the tents, putting on the show, the performers, the animals, taking down the tents, and the return of the field to emptiness. What child (of all ages) doesn’t like the circus?

Two bored boys build and fly their own airplane from materials around the house and in the garage, until dad makes them take it apart. This book is a lot of fun and hopefully will inspire you and your children.

The baby sitter is late, but mom and dad have to leave. The children pitch in and take care of the important chores, like painting the house, because mom and dad will be happy to see how helpful they’ve been. When mom and dad come home, oh, were they ever happy!

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About Kevin Murphy

  • Rain is also my favorite. I love wordless books – we used to take turns making up words to go with Rain.

  • John Sandison

    I would like to also recommend Peter Spier’s “Christmas”. Another picture-only no-text book, it is simply brilliant.