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Chick Flicks and Chick Lit: The Dangers of Girl Pornography

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But I think this addiction is comparable to real pornography. It can affect relationships and outside activities, and suck away money and time. Many men complain that their wives are too obsessed with the books. One woman even wrote into an online advice column to complain that she didn’t understand why her husband was upset when she bought an Edward Cullen pillowcase and blanket. This obsession with emotional pornography comes between many husbands and wives, and sometimes, the roles are reversed and the women feel ignored by their husbands because of a similar addiction to emotional entertainment.

This story and many like it tell me that unhealthy obsession with girl porn could possibly lead to problems for younger women in the future, too. No real man is as sexy, devoted, or faultless as the men in girl porn. This could lead to girls growing up with unrealistic expectations about men – whether they realize it or not – that could jeopardize their future relationships. Just like I sometimes wish the boy I’m taking to a date party was as charming as Matthew McConaughey in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, girls can set themselves up for disappointment if they lose themselves in a fictional world. They have to emerge from the perfect world of fiction eventually, and that might be a painful awakening.

What’s the solution? I’m definitely not saying we should do away with chick entertainment like Twilight. That would rob me and many other women of hours of enjoyment and of many movie nights with friends. However, I do offer a word of caution to women and girls who find themselves spending excessive amounts of time and money on chick entertainment. Stop, back up, and consider if what you’re doing is dangerous. Real men don’t sparkle in the sunlight or stay devoted to you no matter how many times you reject them. Life has enough heartbreaks of its own without the added emotional disappointment of girl porn.

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  • AJ in Nashville

    Wow. This is one of the smartest and interesting modern culture pieces I’ve read in a looong time. Nice work, and so very true.

  • Deborah

    The idea of chick flicks being comparable to porn seems extreme. After all, no women or teen girls are being physically exploited in the making of these movies, in general.
    However, the similarity in reaction is undeniable! Guys get a rush from porn, girls feel great with chick flicks.
    I hope girls don’t take crazy expectations into their relationships, from watching unrealistic portrayals of interactions with guys.
    Thanks for the article – good work!

  • Amber

    I discovered this article months ago and keep it in my bookmarks to read through again on occasion. You hit your point home very well, Ms. Brown! It’s so true how chick flicks and books like Twilight can give girls (and even grown women, sometimes) false idea about men and romantic relationships. Balance in all things, everyone! You’ve gotta have balance to keep chick lit and chick flicks from becoming like porn! (I don’t think the comparison between the ‘chick stuff’ and porn is all that extreme, either)