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Do you want to see a chick flick? That question usually brings a groan from men and a when-do-we-watch from women. Chick flicks are feel-good-often-cry-happy-ending-boy-meets-girl movies of successful love, romance, and relationship.

They symbolize the fantasy of the perfect romantic relationship. But perfect does not signal problem-free. The story must include the heroic defeat of solvable problems — the ‘love conquers all’ angle.

Bloggers will tell you that chick flicks define the unattainable ideal relationship. They are laughable at times, yet seem to clarify women's understanding of relationship must-haves. And if a guy likes chick flicks, he must be a keeper!

Typically, women (and men) choose chick flicks for date night activities to set a mood, a tone, instill hints, or a simply have a vicarious experience of romantic relationship pleasures. Related to an interest in chick flicks, many search for solid relationships by learning skills in therapy rooms and through relationship blogs chat rooms, the workplace, happy hours, social media sites or in their existing intimate relationships and marriages.

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