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Chicago’s Mansions (Images of America)

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Chicago is known throughout the world for its architecture. Although many people are familiar with the city’s skyscrapers and public buildings, they often overlook or are unaware of Chicago’s mansions that are located throughout the city. These mansions represent Chicago’s past and its future, and it can even be said that they are the very embodiment of Chicago and its architecture. These fashionable residences were built to make a statement, and what better way to have done this than to employ the leading architects of the time to design them. These architects included men such as Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, Henry Hobson Richardson, Daniel Burnham, and John Wellborn Root.

    “Many were first-generation successes who wanted the best for their families, but were never fully accepted in Chicago’s top society,” Remer said. “Many built where their mansion was perhaps among the first in a trend to add value to their community.”

    Many of the homes were built when now-revered architects were still unknown. “Frank Lloyd Wright began his career as a draftsman of lovely homes in the development of Edgewater, then a Chicago suburb, in the late 19th century”

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