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Chicago School Bans Homemade Lunches

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One Chicago public school has banned sack lunches. Two options for kids at that school: buy lunch or be hungry.

This story makes me mad for many reasons. What is going on with the nanny state? Why do politicians believe they have to protect us from ourselves? What right does the government (at any level) have to get involved in how we parent? What power does the government have to tell us what we put in our bodies or what we let our kids eat? How can the government order us to spend money on school lunches when we are already forced to send our kids to a public school?  Forced, because we already paid for the schools with our taxes so most of us don’t have the cash left to send our kids to private schools.

I hope someone with a kid in that public school sues the Chicago School Board. This type of overreaching cannot stand. When will Americans wake up and stand up to our oppressive government?

Do you agree that banning sack lunches is government overreaching? If not, why?

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  • When my kids were in public school we gave them sack lunches because they were invariably healthier than the cafeteria lunches. Makes me wonder what the Chicago schools are serving that’s different or better.


  • What makes me wonder is that the school has apparently had this policy for six years, yet only now are people supposedly getting in a tizzy about it.

    Methinks someone ahemthemediaahem is stirring the pot…

  • Cannonshop

    Meh, it’s the Progressive Way-if people aren’t making themselves dependent enough, just force them into it.