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Chicago Bears Jettison Their Tank, Whatever He Was Filled With

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This past weekend, when I heard of Tank Johnson’s speeding ticket-slash-possible DUI, I wondered if his upcoming eight-game suspension would increase and if he would see action for the Bears at all this year.

I guess he won’t. The Bears released him.

The defensive tackle still has to wait a couple weeks for the results of his blood test administered “Friday morning” (I still assert it’s Thursday night), but now he’ll likely have to wait longer to find a team that will sign him. At this stage in free agency, a talented defensive lineman is a hot commodity, but not one that served a 60-day prison sentence and could be guilty of a DUI.

Again, I’m always hoping that guys like Tank Johnson can turn their life around, and nothing has changed that sentiment since I first wrote about this story. He just has another step in his life — finding another team that will give him the support the Bears gave him earlier this year.

Then again, maybe “turning his life around” doesn’t imply his return to success on the football field. His personal demons could be fought through so many other methods. Falcons running back Warrick Dunn is considered a great humanitarian, as he’s best known for getting housing for single mothers. Tank Johnson may not be that rich, but he does have money. Maybe he can find some peace of mind through voluntary charity — not the kind a judge says he has to perform.

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  • RJ

    If he truly wants to straighten himself out, he needs to play in NFL Europe.

    Think about it: He’s gotten into trouble for two things. One, a weapons violation (guns are banned in most of Europe). Two, a DUI (you can take a train/bus/subway almost everywhere in Europe).

    A couple years in Europe, he’s as good as new.


  • This is actually Tank’s fourth arrest. That’s more like NFL Antarctica.

  • The Haze

    Young,Gifted and Black……sound familiar? What I don’t understand is that the three major sports(Baseball,Football,Basketball)have extensive programs in place to enlighten and help these young guys adapt to the world of professional sports,yet they seem to be oblivious to them. How many times did “you” get in trouble before you realized it? Now throw in millions of dollars into the equation……how long would it take then??? Damn!! Some fools just don’t get it!! Well there’s always “Da Raiders”.(lol)

  • While I think it is a shame for the tank, I am now looking forward to having the OU team of Tommy Harris and Dusty Dvoracek back together again.

    Anyone who knows of Dvoracek and his time down in Norman, knows that he can stay out of trouble….


  • Just a thought: why don’t these guys take a taxi? For that matter, why doesn’t Paris Hilton take her limo everywhere? A puzzlement indeed.

  • Chauffeurs write tell-all books.

  • RJ, there are reports circulating that NFL Europe is about to be nixed.

    I heard that they are moving to NFL Middle-East.