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Chicago Bears Fans and Rex Grossman

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Tomorrow you are scheduled for surgery. It’s a one-and-done procedure, meaning if it doesn’t go well you’re done. Anxiety keeps you awake as the possibility of tragic results flood your mind. It’s so anxiety provoking that you forgot how you got there; Train, car, plane?

This is the situation with the Chicago Bears and their fans. While their record is most impressive, listening to Chicago residents evokes images of a nightmare season with the Raiders. Bears fans are so concerned with Rex Grossman they barely notice they are in the playoffs.

If The Critic was a Bears fan I’d be concerned. In recent memory, no quarterback of a team with this record has been so universally dismissed as inept. It’s as if a King was crowned for the sole purpose of taking him from Church to the platform where he will swing.

Bears fans embrace their heroes. From the earliest days of George Halas to this year, if you perform well, Bears fans will defend you with their heart and soul. Alas, in most of Chicago, Rex couldn’t get someone to buy a round of beer unless the purpose was to get him drunk and stash him away until the playoffs concluded.

His performance of late is putrid and it seems if the Bears lose it’ll be because of Rex. One wonders however, if Bears fans are not creating a scapegoat to take their frustrations out on if the Bears vaunted defense is run off the field. If Jones and Cedric Benson can’t move the ball it’s Grossman’s fault. If it’s a sunny day and 65 Rex screwed it up. Could Bears fans be so cunning?

No. Rex Grossman isn’t a good quarterback. At best he’s average and under pressure he wilts. Bears fans want to win, with or without Grossman. If he steps up he’ll be a hero and if he fails they’ll boo him and every other Bear walking off the field.

So, Rex? Win. It takes care of everything.

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About The Critic

  • Rex Grossman’s stats for the 2006 regular season:

    16 games started (so he’s durable)

    55% completion percentage (not bad)

    Over 3,000 yards passing (pretty good)

    23 TDs, 20 INTs (too many INTs, but still more TDs than INTs)

    6.7 yards per attempt (pretty decent)

    73.9 passer rating (not good, but not horrible either)

    He’s another Trent Dilfer – mediocre QB with a solid defense who is capable of winning the Super Bowl.

  • Brad in Wisconsin

    I don’t believe Rex is another Trent Dilfer.

    Grossman has a big arm, he just needs to make better decisions with the ball and move better in the pocket.