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Cher will not do a Kiss!

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Cher has told reporters her current ‘Farewell Tour’ really will be her last.
Speaking to the Canadian Sun newspaper the singer said her 31 Oct gig in
Toronto will be her last concert in North America.

“This is it for me,” she said. “I might go to Europe next year, and
Australia, but this will be the last time here in North America.”

She continues: “I’ve done this my whole life. I’m going to miss everything
about it, except going from town to town every day. The travelling is what I
don’t like about it at all. I’m not going to stop recording because I really
love that, but I’m not going to tour again.”

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  • Richard

    She’s not the first to say it and she won’t be the last. In between, there’s been many many who’ve said good bye and came back without everyone getting bent out of shape. I’m just glad she’s still around to entertain the masses – contrary to popular belief, the world belongs to everyone – not just the young!

  • Natalie – I knew that someone would pull out a Clintonesq definition or try to school me on the definition of touring. If we are going to be parsing words here, then let’s go with your last part in what does farewell mean?

    My point was pretty obvious, I thought. Farewell doesn’t mean farewell with musicians and it won’t mean farewell with Cher.

    You can’t just hang around in the studio and record albums — you have to support them by performing and making fans aware of the music. The TV thing assumes that people will want to see her on TV singing her new music. Maybe with her since she has acting credentials.

    I suppose she could also work her website to promote her music that way without performing, but it’s a joke when artists say they are on their “farewell” anything because they’ll be back.

    If their heart is beating and the price is right.

  • No, TDavid, that would be “performing selected dates.” A tour tends to be a long, arduous, grueling trek for performers, but doing a couple of shows here and there is not nearly as much strain for performers. There really is a difference.

    And in the media age, it is not really necessary for many artists to hit the road — there is always television as a venue to reach the masses after one has released a new album.

    That said, Cher probably would have been best served coming up with a title other than “Farewell Tour.” If one is going to say “farewell,” one should really mean it and go.

  • Not going to tour again but going to record? Riiight. So instead of touring she’ll play a few venues here and there, but that won’t be “touring”?

    Cher, count me into the crowd that doesn’t Believe.