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Cheney’s Scooter Takes The Fall, And It’s Still About Oil, Folks.

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While I was writing this piece, V.P. Cheney’s second in command, Scooter Libby, a man who left a golden life in law to reach the much higher altitude of the most powerful government in the world, was convicted on four counts of lying and obstruction of justice. Turns out the jurors reacted like many of us, believing Scooter was the fall guy for the rest of the gang, especially Cheney, the man who orchestrated the vendetta against Joe Wilson with a vengeance to prevent the unraveling of all his deceptions in the run up to Iraq, the man who stood by without a word and watched his friend plunge like Icarus from the heights of power.

So much for Bush’s promise in 2000 to bring honor and dignity to his office.

Okay, the last time I saw Vice President Cheney on television, his remarks stirred me from a prolonged period of quiet to write the following rant. The most generous view of Cheney is to believe that he has had one foot in a make-believe universe, considering he recently told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, “We’ve had enormous successes.” No doubt Wolf was near to choking from trying to restrain himself from crying “Liar, liar, pants on fire!” When asked by Wolf about a possible anti-surge resolution, snarly Cheney replied: “It won’t stop us,” a response so typical of a man whose arrogance has known no boundaries. He also told Wolf he was worried that Americans might “not have the stomach to fight,” conveniently forgetting WWII, when Americans had the stomach and the will for that legitimate cause. And may I mention post 9/11 when we and much of the world were one?

So, with remarkable timing, our sterling Cheney, who likes to tell us we are not supporting our troops, escaped some of the unpleasantness of the trial of his second-in-command, by traveling round the world; but then to his misfortune found himself a mere mile from the carnage of a suicide bomb at the gate of the main American base in Afghanistan; all of which highlighted with some embarrassment the resurgence of the Taliban and al-Qaeda, the ugly, vicious, and persistent gangs, in case you don’t recall, that our military had beaten to a pulp after 9/11. Remember that moral victory?

Of course, that success was just after Bush was elected based on his good-‘ol-boy compassion and family values bull, and V. P. Darth Vader accompanied him to the White House. That was when we still had a unified America with the will to fight, to take revenge with the support of our allies, when the snooty French, of all people, told the world: “We are all Americans.” Remember that? Before we were scammed about Saddam and WMDs, and backed away from capturing our primary target, Osama bin Laden, at Tora Bora, by giving up on Afghanistan through the withholding of the thousands of troops needed to cement our victory, and plunging these same thousands of young men and women into the debacle of Iraq. Remember?

I do. Do you recall this baiting and switching achieved by morphing with arrogance and ignorance into the phony democratization of Iraq, which in reality was an invasion for oil and bucks, because Saddam made a major mistake when he let the U.S. know, in September 2000, that his country would no longer accept dollars for oil, but would move to the Euro as Iraq’s oil export currency, which threatened the U.S. dollar’s supremacy? And this invasion would then be the U.S.’s stepping stone into Iran to establish a regime change in that oil rich country?

Should we now expect the same for Iran? William Clark wrote in the Energy Bulletin:

The invasion of Iraq may well be remembered as the first oil currency war. Far from being a response to 9-11 terrorism or Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction, Petrodollar Warfare argues that the invasion was precipitated by two converging phenomena: the imminent peak in global oil production, and the ascendance of the euro currency.

Do you remember how this administration succeeded in intimidating the wimpish House, Senate and media into silence by flat out suggesting that the right to dissent was traitorous? Do you remember how they ignored Sen. Carl Levin’s idea of diplomacy and multilateralism, and not the black and white go-it-alone Bush strategy? Remember that? Then Bush/Cheney, having achieved the muffling of the opposition, proceeded to whack away at the amendments to our Constitution while trashing our nation’s reputation and alienating everyone beyond our borders; remember?

Do you ever wonder: if so many administration failures and scandals hadn’t ensued like a thousand cuts, and the voiceless media and left-of-center hadn’t smelled the blood and woke to the notion that it might now be safe to issue an objection to what bordered on the criminal; that if this hadn’t happened, how many more of our inalienable rights would be challenged and even removed? Remember when leadership required courage to do the right thing? Remember what silence achieves, in the extreme, in response to dictators? Recall how the founding fathers risked hanging by their necks ‘til death when they challenged imperial Britain, an aggressive country in possession of the world’s most powerful army and navy? And isn’t it sickening and shameful when one compares their courage, and the courage and dedication of today’s American troops, to Cheney and Bush who never hesitate to risk everybody’s blood but their own?

Today, as in the past, there is often extraordinary heroism, making you wonder: where do we get such fine young men and women? Yet there is never glory in carnage, never “a good war;” but wouldn’t it seem so much less senseless and tragic if this invasion of Iraq, which has produced so many limbless and brain-damaged young people, hadn’t been so cynical and greed driven; but instead had been a war that was solely in defense of our cherished freedoms?

And how is it that these administration thugs who are the most obstinate and the least patriotic — not to mention the heads-in-the-clouds Democrats– have allowed the unforgivable indifference toward our terribly wounded vets at Walter Reed’s building 18, then followed this neglect by trying to pass the buck to lower ranked caregivers? And finally, adding to this insulting disrespect of our troops, they punished the wounded patients by waking them at 6 a.m., for speaking to the media. These are the same thugs who have frequently and without conscience accused those who wanted our military out of harm’s way, of “not supporting our troops.” These are the same people who will now send under-equipped and under-trained young soldiers to fill the ranks of those who have been returned again and again to Iraq — much to the agony of their loved ones.

What have the Bush/Cheney crowd ever supported beyond their own unconscionable interests? Certainly not our troops!

Cheney still refuses to admit that he and Bush have permanently uncorked Sunni/Shiite divisions which hark back more than a thousand years to the death of the Prophet Muhammed, divisions which today are efficiently exploited by die-hard Baathists, Al Qaeda, Shiite militias, and outside political opportunists; while Bush in aw-shucks mode suggests that maybe after all, and after much consideration, that yeah, maybe Saddam was not linked to Al Qaeda; while still insisting that the war in Iraq was, and is, the central battle against the war on global terrorism, AKA Jihad.

Jihad, according to who is doing the interpreting, can be viewed as violent and non-violent; these days most cruelly and aggressively violent; and Cheney will never acknowledge that his and Bush’s foreign policy disaster has been responsible for providing the extremists an additional rationale to kill Americans, strengthening Jihad’s much harsher version with its merciless treatment of those it deems to be in opposition, Islamic or infidel, innocent or otherwise, and it may be that the worst is yet to come with the spawning of a plague of suicidal teenagers.

Have you ever considered that if our military had had sufficient support and been allowed to capture or kill bin Laden, that this symbolic completion of a job well done, would have made Bush/Cheney’s pretext for their invasion of Iraq–so much less compelling to Americans? No? Well I have. And if Afghanistan had had the major oil fields, would we be in Iraq today? Huh?

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  • Extremely well-said. Thanks.

  • You’re welcome, Lee Richards. Appreciate your comment.

  • jaz

    solid read…thanks for putting this up there..


    another Thread in the Tapestry, Gonzalez and all the shenanigans he’s done, ever since being a WH counsel

    Even republicans want the resignation.

    “coming Undone, what looks so strong, is so delicate

  • Thanks, Jaz. Yeah, I wrote about Gonzalez, published here last June 3/06. (still listed) And General Hayden, too. About big brotherism. And look what’s happened–FBI sneaking a domestic look–with hypocritical Gonzalez, caught with his pants down, saying that maybe they crossed the line, merely because it was exposed. These are scary people.

  • The Truth

    I couldn’t read your entire article. I have a limit on the amount of stupidity and lies I can take.
    You said: “Before we were scammed about Saddam and WMDs”,
    Who were you scammed by? Hillary or Kerry or any of the others who blow with the political winds?

    As for Libby – thats just a joke. It cost millions to get a conviction for a process crime that could have been avoided if Libby had only taken Hillary’s “I don’t Recall” line. Wilson lies more in a 15 second interview than Libby has in his entire life.

  • Truth, if you liked this article, you should check out some of the items by our contributor ‘realist’. He’s bound to more than fill your cup.


  • The Truth

    I don’t know if I could take anymore – If the writers of some of these “articles” where Honest they would also write about all the flip-flopping liberals. But it’s all about Bush hate, get over it he won, he’s the President for another 2 years.

  • One of my friends just completed some research on WMD’s in Iraq. There are plenty questions about Iran. But there can be no doubt WMD’s are sprinkled all over Iraq! There are WMD’s in Iraq. They are just not the one’s the media talks about.


    “Did you know that U.S. troops have fired in combat 2,500 tons of radioactive bullets and shells during the past 16 years? Made from a material referred to as Depleted Uranium (DU), these kinetic penetrators are 99.8 percent Uranium 238, a radioactive emitter of Alpha radiation with a half-life of 4.5 billion years.” – Montana Depleted Uranium Education Project

    The United States government sent Dr. Doug Rokke to the Middle East during and after the first Gulf War. He was sent to investigate the effects and amounts of DU left there by our military. Upon returning home, Dr. Rokke became sick from the very substance he was sent to investigate.

    We found the Weapons of Mass Destruction and Dirty Bombs in Iraq. They are ours! We have found the enemy and he is us. [more]

    QuestionItNow – Still In Iraq

  • The Truth

    What a bunch of crap – It’s no wonder, with these wack jobs, the Democrate party has gone nuts.

  • jaz

    “But it’s all about Bush hate, get over it he won, he’s the President for another 2 years.”

    so, how about last November…

    as you said…”get over it”

  • The Truth

    Last November? You picked up a few seats, took control of Congress and have not done a thing that makes a difference. And since the polls show that congress has a lower approval rating than Bush you should be proud.

  • Nancy

    First, very excellent article, & says what I think, too.

    “Truth” (what an ironic moniker), you wouldn’t know truth if it bit you in the balls. If congress has a rep lower than a maggot’s belly these days, it’s thanks to 12+ years of GOP mismanagement, scandal, arrogance, & outright corruption gratis of those fine ol’ boys of the neoright, Dubya, Dirty Dick, Rummy, Tom D., Billy Frist, Hastert, Cunningham, Ney … oh, yes, and Abramoff, Safavian, & we mustn’t forget dear Scooterpie Libby, the good soldier for W, Dick & Karl, now must we?

    It’s going to take longer than 3 months for ANY new congress of any party whatsoever to resuscitate Congress’ rep from the slime to which it’s been dragged. It will take years, should there actually ever be any pols elected who have the ethics & energy to buck the rest & clean up The Hill, altho frankly I don’t see the Dems doing much better, from what I’ve seen of Nancy Pelosi’s judgement (or lack thereof – WHAT is the woman thinking -?!) regarding her less-than-stellar colleagues, Jefferson & Murtha.

    Just goes to prove what I’ve said all along: ALL pols of BOTH parties are trash & should be invited to one-way necktie parties on the Mall.

    And of course the biggest trash of all are the ones in the WH, especially those who have the guts to fight (by proxy, of course. As the author says, they’d never risk their OWN precious butts) now that they’re safe from having to actually engaging in combat themselves, but didn’t have the guts to fight back in ‘nam when they were called to do so.

    Dubya & Dick aren’t crazy; they’re moral & ethical cesspools, liars, cowards & cravens of the utmost & worst degrees of hypocrisy & vileness. Bush hate? You betcha. Just like hating Hitler or Pol Pot or any other yellow bellied butchers, dictators, & traitors to the human race, let alone their own nation.

  • The Truth

    Everything (and more)you just said about GW and Dick could and should have been said about your hero Tricky Dick Clinton. You take ethics in Congress, go done the list Murtha, Jefferson etc…………………….How much money can the Libs fit in their freezers.

  • Nancy

    My hero? When did I ever include Billy C. as my ‘hero’? Also, please note I DID include Jefferson – & Murtha – in wondering what the hell Pelosi is doing palling around with these two. Further, I could include a bunch of others. I DID make the point that as far as I’m concerned congress both current & past isn’t up to cleaning up their acts, just continuing to find ways to wallow in the muck while stealing left & right. It’s just that in the past decade or so the GOPs have been rather more brassy & rapacious about it than usual.

    Actually, as I said, I think every single professional pol & most of the political appointees of ANY party should be rounded up & shot on general principle.

  • The Truth

    Tell me who in the Democrat party, with a chance to win the presidency, served in the Military giving them the moral authority to send Troops into battle? Clinton not only did not serve, he protested the war over sea’s. You didn’t complain when he sent our Troops all over the world. Hillary, Kerry and most Democrat politicians not only voted for but made the case for this war. It is quite interesting to watch all the flipping and flopping going on. If the media would cover this truthfully, I would say pull out and let the Democrat’s live with the millions of innocent Iraqi’s murdered after we are gone. Frankly if it wasn’t the war you would still be complaining about something else Bush was doing because you HATE him so much. Proof – He signed Ted Kennedy’s Education bill, now its a bad thing, go figure????????????

  • The Truth

    O.K. you did mention in passing a couple of Democrat thiefs, but you left out several, but the focus was on the GOP. The reason the last decade seems worse is because thats about how far back your memory goes.

  • Give ’em hell, Nancy.
    Sorry if I upset your tummy, Truth. Anyway, please notice I haven’t been defending the Democrats. They just haven’t been in office long enough for me to jump down their throats. My truth is that I was born during the Hoover adminstration, and since that time I never once particitpated in any kind of political protest; but rather stood to one side in awe of political cynicism, corruption, ineptitde, and often the downright gullibility of the American voters that seemed to relish swallowing to the last drop what was spoon fed to them every pre-election. But somewhere around 2005 I decided that the Bush/Cheney gang had out-stripped, by a country mile, every previous adminsitration in lying and greed–not to mention their amazing ability to stay on every deceiptful message rthey delivered. It was at that point I started my “whack job” writing if only to let off steam.
    The problem lies with both sides of the aisle in Congress, and with every calculating presidential candidate that delivers a different message to every region of our country. Anyway our system has been bought off, left and right, by lobbying in the employ of corporate money, and our collective voice has been seriously diminished. If you can’t see this, you need new glasses. If the Dems do a good job, I’ll praise them. If not–

  • Nancy

    Hells bells, Truth; if I listed ’em all, we’d be here all year! I don’t have enough room or inclination to list EVERY single bastard scumbag politician I know or have heard of who should be shot on sight. On the other hand, I don’t have enough time to sit & think seriously about trying to scare up names of those I DO think had some integrity.

  • Nancy

    Yeah, Martin – that’s my stance, too: BushCo has been more egregiously, arrogantly, blatantly corrupt, dishonest, etc. than just about any other administration in US history – & considering that includes the infamous rough-&-tumble 19th century which had some real doozies, that encompasses quite a bit as far as dastardy & evil intentions go.

    I could handle having troops sent into battle by, say, Republicans like McCain who have done their duty & paid their dues. I can’t & won’t stomach the kind of bullshit Cheney pulls about ‘not having the stomach to fight’ from a cowardly little shit like Cheney who hid from service first via FIVE (5) deferrals & then when he couldn’t get any more, by hiding behind the skirts of a wife he married for convenience’ sake like the yellowbellied manipulative sociopathic turd he is; or by Dubya, who conveniently got Poppy to pull favors & get him appointed to a rich boy’s Guard unit, then ‘forgot’ to show up for his physical, thereby ensuring he couldn’t fly so couldn’t be sent to ‘nam. THAT kind of cowardice is unforgivable, as is that kind of arrogance & gall in urging warfare afterwards, especially when neither one has anyone int heir families serving, hence no stake in the danger. What’s that old saying: ‘rich mans’ fight, poor mans’ war’?

  • The Truth

    Are you trying to tell me you said these same things about Clinton when he sent our Troops all over the world? John McCain is your answer? How about Hillary or Obama since they sat on the sidelines and haven’t been to war they are not qualifiied to be President?

    As for Mr. Ryan – your insights are full of half truths. If you think they are all bad, give em all hell. Who, in your humble opinion, was the best President in the last 50 years?

  • The Truth

    One last question – are you wearing a tin foil hat like DTW 06 (#8) who thinks we are using Uranium tipped bullets?

  • Methuselah


    Actually, we do use depleted uranium in Iraq, and IIRC here is no dispute about that. DU is heavier than lead so it’s useful in bullets. It emits alpha radiation (helium nuclei), which is generally considered rather harmless in small quantities because the nuclei are 1800 times as heavy as electrons, slow moving, and quickly stopped. Your favorite breakfast cereal is probably irradiated with alpha particles to kill cooties.

  • Yes, Meth. But we don’t use it as bullets as was suggested, or as the payload of ‘dirty’ weapons as has also often been suggested. It’s used to coat the exterior of artillery shells.

    What’s more, alpha particles bounce off human skin. DU is only dangerous if taken directly into the bloodstream or ingested. The only documented cases of DU poisoning in Iraq have been people who have been pierced by shrapnel with DU on it – which generally makes it the least of their problems. The one other documented set of cases of radiation poisoning was a group of Iraqis who used emptied Yellowcake containers (what, Saddam had barrels full of deadly radioactives?) to store drinking water.


  • The Truth

    thanks Meth (#22)
    Proves my point, these wack jobs take a little bit of truth and twist it into a line a crap to fit their needs,ie. Radioactive bullets, man made global warming, new ice age in the 1970s the list is long and the scare tatic old.

  • Best President? Too difficult. These guys are all apples and oranges, all of whom had too many bad moments. Their better moments were fewer and easier to remember:
    Roosevelt for social intervention, Truman for confronting McArthur, Ike for warning us of the military industrial complex, Kennedy for asking something of us & the Cuban missile crisis, Johnson for civil rights, Nixon for going to China, Carter in his post-presidency, Regan for outspending Russia, Bush Senior understanding limits and diplomacy & nicer than Jr., Clinton for no deficit & no loss of American lives in Bosnia.
    I have senior moments, so I might have missed something.

  • Nancy

    In any event, Jr. is NOT among the top 40 or so presidents we’ve ever had, & may just rank at the very bottom of the barrel, but how far down is for those who come after to decide, as we ourselves are too close to really judge, I suppose.

  • The Truth

    GW is leaps and bounds better than Carter – after the Carter adminstration we are all lucky to be alive

  • Truth–
    Carter: Please notice I said “post-presidency.” He has good intentions, which I’m afraid G.W. hasn’t. Anyway you can have the last word. Gotta go.

  • Methuselah

    At least Carter worked for and achieved peace between Egypt and Israel, and it is still lasting.

  • Forgot that, Meth. Thanks.

  • Zedd


    What exactly happened in the Carter administration that caused us to be in such great peril?

  • The Truth

    Zedd, are you to young to know? Carter was an idiot. With his finger on the Nuck button was bad enough but inflation and interest where both in the double digits. I bought my first home in 1980, closed at an intrest rate of 13% and that was pretty good at the time.

  • The Truth

    Sorry ment “Nuke button”

  • Methuselah

    Truth claims: “With his finger on the Nuck button was bad enough but inflation and interest where both in the double digits. I bought my first home in 1980, closed at an intrest rate of 13% and that was pretty good at the time.”

    I am very old, so old that the Number Theory of mere humans is inadequate to express my age adequately, and i remember the 70’s vividly, unlike the various Scooter persons of the Bush admnistration and BC itself, who, even if they were mature enough to remember the 70s would surely have forgotten them by now.

    It was in the Nixon administration that mortgage rates began to rise and house values escalated, doubling in less than 5 years in my neighborhood. Indeed, while the Nixon administration experienced out-of-control inflation, wages remained stagnant, and economists had to invent the expression “stagflation” to describe this double edged sword that wounded US citizens both ways. Carter couldn’t solve the problem, but he didn’t start it either. For that matter, it is probably not Nixons fault either, since he didn’t really do anything bad enough to cause it. I lay the blame for stagflation on LBJ, who was imprudent enough to attempt a “guns AND butter” economy in the 60s. Remember? He was so financially imprudent that he borrowed $10billion to fight his favorite war in Vietnam. How much has the current admin borrowed to fight THEIR favorite war?

    IMO Carters big error was allowing himself to be mugged by the power and energy interests against his better judgement. Sort of like McCain allowing himself to get mugged by Bush in SC in 2000.

    YMMV. As usual.

  • Clavos

    For that matter, it is probably not Nixons fault either, since he didn’t really do anything bad enough to cause it.

    Oh, but he did: He and his Fed Chairman allowed way to much money to be printed and pumped into the economy, which anyone who has taken basic economics knows is the prime cause of inflation.

    The stagnation came from the price controls Nixon (and Congress) also mandated in a fruitless attempt to rein in the inflation.

    The runup in oil prices at the time also contributed.

  • Methuselah

    Nixon was more inept than malevolent at domestic policies, IMO, YMMV, etc. Thus illustrating the folly in electing a prez untutored in government functions and practical experience at such management functions as economics, etc. you’d think we’d have learned.

  • Learned? Look at the field of candidates for 2008. It’s still mostly legislators with no management experience at all.


  • Clavos

    So Bliff,

    Why’d you change your handle?

  • Maybe he was feeling old. Like 900 years old.


  • Clavos

    Not any wiser, though…