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Chelsea Snyder Wins NFL Elimination Game

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The competition is over.

Chelsea Snyder, who took the Bears at home against the youthful 49ers, correctly picked her 10th straight game as the Bears played a defensive gem, holding San Fran to three field goals in a 17-9 triumph.

I thought to myself, “Will these two make it all the way to the season?”


Joel Hammond, who picked the Atlanta Falcons for Week 10, fell to the struggling Green Bay Packers 33-25 at home.

Eerily enough, in his e-mail to me, Joel added, “May God have mercy on my soul.”

He will. It was a smart pick. RJ went with the Falcons by 4 points. And David Mazzotta cringed as he took the Pack solely for the 9-1/2-point spread.

Ninety-four percent of Fan Frenzy Pro Football’s over-80,000 participants went with Atlanta straight up. But that’s why the NFL is unpredictable. Just ask the NY Giants.

The Packers have screwed over many a contestant. Mark Sahm and RJ went out in Week 2 by incorrectly picking the Pack over the Browns at Lambeau Field. Then Eric Berlin bowed out in Week 3 when he chose the Packers — who lost again at home, this time to the Buccaneers, 17-16.

And Joel was the first person to pick against the now 2-7 Packers, a team without star running back Ahman Green or No. 1 receiver Robert Ferguson, Hall of Fame-bound quarterback Brett Favre dropping hints about retirement and a head coach, Mike Sherman, who keeps looking over his shoulder to see if he is being fired.

Just as the picks seemed to get easy, a team like Green Bay was just one of a small handful of shockers this week. Minnesota took down the New York Giants 24-21 without Daunte Culpepper and Kansas City fell to Buffalo 14-3 despite the Bills losing starting quarterback Kelly Holcomb.

But while the “contest” is over, the competition is not. Chelsea can still make it through the entire season.

Will she?

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  • Go Chelsea 🙂 I told yous alls the girl would win.

    That is all.

  • Although I know your contest was not fixed, I hope having your girl win got you some nookie, Suss.

  • RJ

    Chelsea! Time is almost up! Make your pick! 🙂

  • Joel

    Well, there goes my only reason for checking Sussman’s blog.

    Good luck!

  • RJ

    Congrats, Chelsea!

    Now, whatever you do, don’t pick the Lions on the road against Dallas…it’s suicide! 😉