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Cheers to Obie Trice!

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I’d like to let my great friend Marti (of Muffet’s Mum) give this review of Obie Trice’s CD “Cheers” – We saw him with Eminem during his first of two shows in Detroit (his only US Appearance this year) – and he did a great job! Take it away Marti!

    Bottom’s Up!

    Let me first start by saying the marketing ploy for getting this cd on the bestseller list really ticks me off. But it will move copies. And no, I didn’t get one of the coveted gold tickets to spend time with Eminem in his next recording session.

    I will say however that the Cheer’s debut from Mr. Trice, “a well known asshole” as he is called. It is quite good actually. I was skeptical at first but curiosity couldn’t keep me away from it.

    The first single on the cd is “Average Man”. And right off the top I could tell this was going to be a good cd. “Average Man” is kind of moody and his rhymes are smooth.

    The next track is “Cheer’s” and he is clearly toasting his success.

    3rd up is his “Got Some Teeth” track is purely comical. If you like the Marshal Mather’s cd then you will defiantly like Obie. You have to appreciate the wit and talent for ragging on the rollie pollies and tying on a few and waking up to the no so model type the next morning … need I say more?

    On the “Lady” track he clearly comes through with his rhymes. It is catchy. Makes me want to boogie with the clapping and all sorts of stupid hopping around stuff that truly makes you look idiotic at the office … simma down. And yes, Marshal disses Mariah and Ja Rule on this track.

    “Don’t Come Down” reminds me of Jay Z for some reason. He teems up with Nate Dogg on “The Set Up” and “Look in my Eyes” both are sobering. And he teems up with Timbaland on “Bad B****”. “Shit hits the Fan” starts off with Dr. Dre and again we are dissing Ja Rule, and to add insult along comes Eminem. The background music reminds me of a gangster cartoon for some reason …

    On “We all Die one Day” he teems up with Eminem, 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks of G Unit. And now I’m walking around with the phrase “I don’t have to toot my own horn” …. Great. Again, catchy rhymes. And they blurt a few disses on this track as well.

    “Hands on You” and “Hoodrats” both have funny witty catchy rhymes about relationships with women and had me giggling at my desk with headphones on of course. Hoodrats even had me visioning what the video would be like. You know, like a good novel. He teems up with Busta Rhymes with “OH!” and with “Never Forget Ya” he tells his true friends he will never forget them now that he has found fame.

    All in all I would give Cheer’s four stars. Next time Obie, Don’t use a marketing ploy. I think you can sell it on your name alone. Don’t mistake him for another 50 Cent though. They are both great lyrically. Obie Trice is fresh and comical and he does have a serious side. Just what I needed to hear.

Give Marti her props at her site!

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  • It’s good to know where you stand on the issue, Bob.

  • bob

    obie trice is shit