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Cheerleading Should G-O A-W-A-Y

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I really don’t see the point of cheerleading. How does our school benefit from girls running around doing flips? It’s mind-numbing. The only thing the cheerleaders actually do is inject their stupid cheers into my head. During two hours of JV football, the last thing I need is to hear is, “Let’s get a little bit rowdy, R-O-W a D-Y!” a hundred times. It makes me not even want to go to the football games, which is quite scary considering I live for football.

It makes me so happy that some pro football teams have actually gotten rid of their cheerleaders. The Pittsburgh Steelers refuse to participate, for example. And tickets to their regular season games are $600.

I love assemblies as much as anyone else; it’s a chance to get out of class. Every once and a while, they can even be quite entertaining. But when the cheerleaders come out, I can’t help it, I always find myself doing one of two things. If I have a test, I study for it. If I don’t have a test, I count the number of times the cheerleaders fall. I can’t help it. I’m not trying to attack cheerleaders; it’s just that what they are doing seems pointless to me.

I know that counting how many times cheerleaders fall isn’t nice, because there are some well-rounded cheerleaders out there. Cheerleading injuries are actually a serious problem. According to a recent study cited by ABC News, 16,000 cheerleaders get hurt a year. It’s become much more dangerous in the last two decades, with injuries having increased by 110 percent. CBC.ca reported that a girl in Massachusetts even died last year after falling. What happens if one of the people designated to increase our school spirit dies? The point of cheerleading would be reversed. Ironic.

Another thing that upsets me is that cheerleaders are pretty much hopeless when it comes to understanding football. I find it pathetic that the JV cheerleaders root for the defense when we are on offense.

For whatever reason, boys seem to be the main reason cheerleading is still around. I think cheerleading is sexist. It’s degrading. Girls are athletes, too, but cheerleading makes it seem like all they’re good for is cheering on guys. We don’t have guy cheerleaders cheering for the girls’ teams. How medieval.

Besides, I don’t know why girls would want to show their bodies off like that. Their outfits aren’t exactly family-friendly. Why does the school have a dress code if the cheerleaders are allowed to break it any day the football team has a game?

Cheerleading should be banned from our school. The songs are annoying, and the football game is about football, not them. On top of it all, cheerleading is dangerous. Why jeopardize girls’ lives? Join in. Boycott the whole idea of cheerleading. It doesn’t bring spirit; it brings horror, tragedy, and irritation.

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  • katie, danielle &jessica

    cheerleading is a sport!! i dont think that you should be talking because im sure that you can’t do anything that cheerleaders can do.its not everyone elses fault that ur cheerleading team sucks. u should mind ur own business and if u hate it soo much why are u writing a book about it. if u havent noticed people get injured badly in every sport not just cheerleading including football and u should apparently know that because u know everything about football so thats not an eccuse

  • kt

    Cheerleading is definately a sport. It encourages its teams and school spirit and is very hard working and fun. I happne to be playing basketball, cheerleading and am stil on high honor so its not brain washing. I also love the game of football and understand it perfectly. I would love to see u pick up a athlete in your hands or do u back hand spring. YOu Cant, we are athletic and energetic and keep the spirit alive. And its not a threating thing. Yes pople get hurt.but ive heard a story about almost everything invloving someone getting hurt. If we went by not doing things cuz we would get hurt, hockey and especially football would not be a sport. WE wouldnt drive or go to school or do ne thing, because there always danger we just need to be cautious and no how to deal with it, way to be a negative boring person who doesnt no the first thing about sports school or people ..welcome to the real world!!!!!!!

  • CallmeMaddy

    I’m sorry, but when did I say that cheerleading wasn’t a sport? If you girls want to debunk my article, use actual arguements.

    Kt, you understand football? Power to you. All I know is the cheer team at my school doesn’t.

    Why am I writing about this? It’s controvesy. It was originally for my school paper, and that was the first time RANDOM PEOPLE were walking it to get it before we sent them out.

  • Naomi

    I agree Completely!!!!

  • Hi,
    I agree that cheerleading is outdated. Cheerleaders used to be only male, but when females started doing it, it became another means of demeaning women.

    I don’t see football as being that important of a sport, and I certainly don’t think it requires as much skill as say, a female gymnast. It is built up because men do it. Women are supposed to build it up and support it, but when was the last time a man ever showed admiration for female skill?

    Of course, the other aspect of the this is the sexual objectification of women. This is another way of showing how men are so “important” and is a backlash due to all that womena are acheiving.

    This is one of the issues we are fighting in my media group, Women in the Media on Yahoo.com. Please join!

  • ciara

    i think cheerleading should be allowed. so what people say. cheerleading is fun. and it`s healthy becuase you run around alot. and it`s work i know you do not think it is not work but picking up someone is work. in fact i`m a cheerleader. and i think you are mean for saying that i mean you never been in cheerleading. so you do not know how muck fun it is!

  • AJ

    This dude’s position is correct, Cheerleading is for the brain dead, and is decidedly not a sport. That is just what it is called in these days and times when the concept should have gone the way of the dinosaur. The rebranding of selling sex does not make it a sport. If I want to see tumbling and flipping, I’ll go watch real gymnastics performed by real gymnasts. If I want to participate in yelling, then I’ll head on down to the mosh pit. If I want something sexy, I prefer the real thing. That, my friends, is not a spectator sport (I imagine it is for some), and most assuredly I won’t be watching football at the same time. Come on folks, cheerleading is really about one thing … selling s-e-x. Honestly, I would imagine that you bright girls would have figured out that the entire concept of the activity is in fact degrading to women (or men as the case may be). How has this institution managed to cling on for this long?

  • Amanda

    Cheerleading is without a doubt a sport. I was captain for my school and I’m still in AP classes and i get good grades. Our outfits don’t flaunt anything either these days are shirts completely cover our chests and our skirts are long enough. wow i think this arctice is ridiculous.

  • Thanks for writing about this. It’s definitely a topic that needs to be explored. Here’s what I think…

    1. Cheerleading a sport, but…
    2. It’s EXTREMELY sexist (and outdated)

    It’s a pretty complex dichotomy…

  • RedRocPhilosophy

    Anything that becomes all or mostyl women is AUTOMATICALLY decried as “sexist”.

    WTH? Many girls try to get on the cheerleading squad- nobody forces them.

  • kayla

    I am a cheerleader and I love it…it gets our croud going and routing for our team. well have to keep the same gpa as you do to play any other sports. Its also way harder than it looks we go threw alot. we have to learn all the technic to be able to throw people in the air and be able to catch them corectly. 76% of high school injurys are related to cheerleading….we play tough.

  • jess

    heres the thing, honestly cheerleaders work harder than other people because they juggle grades and work and cheerleading, and everything else. im sorry you are unable to appreciate the positive attitudes and dedication that cheerleaders put into everything. and for those of you who commented and are cheerleaders know how hard it is, and you also know that at the end of the day the football players really do appreciate all the signs, goody bags, and banners you work so hard on

    way to speak up cheerleaders!! and keep cheering

  • Tami

    Hello, I just wanted to say how impressed I am that a 17 year old girl would write this article. Not only was the points you made perfectly stated, but they were backed up with very intelligent followup. Koodos to you!! I agree with you 100%. I myself was a cheerleader several years ago. Hind sight is 20/20 they say. Luckily my parents made me quite after 2 years. I am now a mother, and would absolutely under no circumstances allow my daughter to be a cheerleader. You said it perfectly when you said that it is sexist and degrading.
    What purpose does a cheerleader really serve? Cheerleaders do not build school spirit or pep anyone up. The only pep they give is raging hormones to young adolescents or old pervs. They are there for one purpose and that is to be seen. I personally think more mothers & fathers should say no to this fiasco.
    If it is showing too much flesh for school, then it should also be considered too much flesh for school events.
    Congratulations and keep speaking your mind.

  • Maddy, I was much like you when I was your age. Anti-cheerleader, anti-jock. Better watch out. You don’t know what kind of offspring you will have. In my case, I had a rabid cheerleader. I don’t know where she got that from…

  • Lilith

    Women are often too complicit in thier own objectification. Cheerleading is a major form of this complicitness. If it was truly a “sport” as others have defended, it would be called gymnastics and they wouldn’t be rah-rah-ing at male games in skimpy outfits. Unfortunately, it’s why women will never gain full societal respectibility / credibility. Women should avoid anything that depicts them as objects of sexuality/desire i.e. movies, modeling, beauty pageants, porn, cheerleading, stripping and prostitution to name a few. If society sexually objectified men on the same footing, you wouldn’t hear a peep out of me. Some will say that a man is objectified for his wallet but not ANYWHERE near to the extent that women are for their bodies.

  • Meep

    I think cheerleading is a sport but i agree in some ways . I think that cheerleaders distract the audience to much and the players. and yes, some chearleaders outfits are appropriate nowadays but in some places it is not. in our school the teenager’s .. private areas were showing ; this girl wasnt even wearing underwear !

  • jill

    okay. cheerleading is definately a sport…this article is ridiculous. like all things in life, if u dnt like it, then dnt do it!!! no ones forcing u to watch cheerleaders or do cheer, so u should just mind ur own business! and cheer is much more difficult, complicated, and serious than u may think. next time, think before u write something tht can be offensive to other ppl.

  • Krystal

    Cheerleading is a sport if anyone thinks differently let them do cheerleading for i game and watch there feelings change. They dont understand that we work 2x as hard as tenis players or even Baseballplayers…ect. The cheerleader is sapos to incurage the players to win and to make the aduence help to cheer them up.

  • Ashley

    So, I understand what you’re trying to say. However, I just want you to think about the overall picture. You may think cheerleading is outdated and overrated, but to those of us who put in around 20 hours a week into this “mind-numbing” sport it’s a bit more personal.

    I understand that you’re cheer team may not be the best, they may not get whats going on out on the field, but they are trying. Many teams aren’t technically “the best” teams, but they have a right to be included because they put time and effort into what they do.

    Cheerleaders may get on your nerves, we may say cheers that seem redundant or superficial to you, but we do it to encourage our team. We do it to put confidense back into our players. Yes, I agree, sometimes we do not succeed in doing more than being a distraction from the game, but we have always put 100% of ourselves into everything we do.

    We love our sport. We work hard to prove to the world that we will stop at nothing to be taken seriously. They are even going to incorporate cheerleading as an olympic event! We have a right to be out on the field, encouraging and inspiring our guys and our fans! We love what we do and we refuse to let anyone get in our way of gaining the respect that we should have.

    Point is, even though one cheerleading team may not be the greatest, don’t diss the whole of us. We are athletes, we are determined, and we try our hardest at what we do.

  • Matti

    Last year i was captain of my schools jv squad and you wouldn’t believe how hard we worked to be a good team and earn the respect of our school. It’s people like you who make it so hard for cheerleaders by constantly shutting them down and telling them how stupid they are. Even though i am no longer cheering i know how hard cheerleaders work all the time and how much they do for the other sports teams. You don’t see any other teams taking time out of their day to make the football team or whatever feel encouraged and that people actually care about what they do. I have seen first hand the cheerleaders at my school get the crowd so pumped up during a football game that when at the half the score was 23-7 got the team to come back with a vengeance and almost beat our biggest rivals. Think about that before you write something like this again

  • Megan

    I’m a varsity cheerleading caption, and for you to write an article on how cheerleading should not be allowed and should G-O A-W-A-Y
    is upseting, actually im not upset im mad. Idk what cheerleaders you watch and what your cheerleading teams uniforms looked like but a classy school has nice uniforms and the cheerleaders are not all what you say them to be.. I dont think you could last a day in a cheerleaders shoes. we spend hours training a day and dedication to our team. idk what your high school experience is but i feel that you hate on cheerleaders because you never could be one.. its hard theres more to it then yelling and jumping, were ambassordors for our schools, people look up to us and were role models. i do agree some cheerleaders dont know the game of football but i can assure you my squad does and without us cheerin the football game would be boring without us. some people come to watch us NOT the football game. and you should prob hit up a VARSITY GAME and stop playing around with JV =]. cheerleaders work just as hard as anyone else, we practice the same amount of time and train the same amount of time im not saying you cant have your own opionin just stop slashing cheerleading and stay in your own enviroment and we will stay in ours and where we belong, FOOTBALL GAMES AND BASKETBALL GAMES..


  • brandon

    I agree that cheerleading is assanine.

    Guys who enjoyed the cheerleaders enjoyed it because it was supposedly attractive girls lifting up their legs. It was a free stripshow for kids too young to go to strip clubs. Everyone else just hated it or ignored it outright.

    I don’t necessarily have a problem with cheerleading existing… I just don’t understand why they don’t contain it within itself since hte only people who really seem to like cheerleading… are cheerleaders.

    Why infect football with it?

    And to all the girls who defend the merits of cheerleading by saying it’s hard… that doesn’t even make any sense. It’s hard to do a LOT of things that have no worthwhile application or value.

  • Samantha

    I agree with a lot of this (mostly because i have a hatered for cheerleaders after not making the squad) but i need to add that competive cheerleading is a real sport and i do support that but i agree with hating cheerleaders at football games

  • Joe Blow

    I’m sorry but cheerleading is not a sport. My girlfriend is on kickline and I tell her all the time that she’s wasting her time. I don’t go to any of the games and just because you get good grades or promote school spirit doesn’t mean its a sport. Then is the school newspaper writing a sport????

  • Fallon

    Ok I am a cheerleader. First thing said. I do respect your opinion because a lo of what you said is true. But it not about sex. Most of the time we do not get to choose our own uniforms the coach does. And like someone else said if your school is classy then you will have classy uniforms. I totally object the extremely short skirts I think it is gross but we cannot do the things we do in long skirts. For instance, you definately cannot do a toe touch in a long skirt although that would be funny to watch. And for the person who said people look up to us.. What are u talking about. If u didn’t see, most of these articles do not like cheerleading. It is forming to be something it should not be. It is more about popularity now. I hate that, I think it’s stupid. I know that no one looks up to us anymore that is for sure. Sorry if there are a lot of mistakes I’m typing this from my iPod. Again I totally respect all of everyones opinions. Thank u.

  • Mary

    Whoever you are, you need to back off cheerleaders. I am a cheerleader and I totally understand football. People automatically stereotype cheerleaders as brainless girls who are only good for jumping around when your team is winning. That is wrong so go find something better to do with your life

  • I agree with Maddy. I think cheerleading is sexist and degrading.

    People automatically stereotype cheerleaders as brainless girls who are only good for jumping around when your team is winning.

    Yes, I can see that cheerleaders are more than that. But it is cheerleading itself that stereotypes girls.

    I remember trying out for cheerleader in 6th grade. How shocked I was that I made substitute cheerleader. I actually think I must have looked so utterly pitiful that the judges sensed they’d better give me a token placing. I never actually got to do any cheerleading, as they never needed a substitute. But, that was okay, as somehow I finally felt like an acceptable human being because I wasn’t laughed out of the whole business entirely.

    Cheerleading promotes a focus on superficial self-image. It should G-O A-W-A-Y.

  • Dee

    Look up the fucking defintion of cheerleading!

  • kkz

    Hmm, Well i think cheerleading is a sport and is really fun! I agree with almost everyone. My school doesnt pick our uniforms the coaches and assistant coaches do. I don’t think the students have ever designed or chosen there own uniforms. I really can not wai to try out again. And if we wanna do cheerleading we should be able to do it. You don’t see us telling you, you can’t play sports or be in after school activities- just saying. Cheerleading is NOT about mini skirts. Its quite fun and exciting at the games to cheer for the football players/basketball. But i do respect all of your opinions. Also at my school if we do not get a certain GPA average we are kicked out so we can focus on our work.

  • yea

    HAHAHA, you argument is for JV football…. my man it is just as much as a sport as anything else.

  • kiki

    first off cheerleading if deff. a sport. its prob the most advance and extremly hard type of sports out there. you compete all over the world, if a sport is on tv and you can win awards its deff a sport. yes i get very mad when people dont call it a sport like honestly iv been cheering for about 18 years now and its makes me so mad. i love cheering. cheering at football games giving all the spirtit in the world. or just going all over and competeting at competition and wining, just having the feeling of winning first place, its just like any other sport around. cheerleading is not always little prissy girls who cant do anything, your think completly wrong! cheerleading is very challenging. from working out getting muscluar for lifting up girls, and gymnastics is in cheerleading to doing round off back handspring back tuck, its just as hard as any other sport and i cant stress over that enough!

  • Rebekah

    Most of what you said is true. But everyone is made to do something. Cheerleading can be a life filled with excitement and commitment. If cheerleading wasn’t ever introduced I would hate every other sport!

  • sunshine

    cheerleading is fun and a sport so mind your own bussiness because just because u dont like sumthing dosent mean that other people cant got good bye

  • Feminism

    Cheerleading can be a degrading sport as with many others. It seems that girls in sports do less and just have to look pretty. Most of the cheerleaders in high school or middle school are not very spirited and just do it to be popular and look pretty in front of a crowd. I hope that one day girls will understand we don’t have to stand on the sidelines and look like dolls and do little cheers for the boys playing in the field, and that we can be the ones out there playing and nobody will be on the sidelines. Its about time we relaxed on the couch while the husband cleaned and cooked in the kitchen. Now who’s with me?

  • shauna

    ok i am a cheerleader and ive done it for all my lif and i love it.I do competion and sideline. I agree sideline is not a sport but i dont agree that we should not cheer at the games because we do help our team. But i do say that competion cheer is a sport because it takes lots of practice and dedication. and i do not do cheer to be popular or cool or anything like that i cheer because it is my life i would not be me without cheer and cheer would not be cheer without me!!! HAHA!!!!

  • shauna

    ALSO i understand football perfect and i am a cheer captain so this article means alot to me.

  • Stacey

    I couldn’t agree more. I am a mother of 2 girls that would NEVER let either of them join in that ridiculous “sport”. I have always told my girls not to stand on the sidelines and cheer for someone else, have enough courage and desire to be the one they are cheering for. If I would let my daughters cheer I feel I would be telling them they aren’t as good as the people actually out there playing. I do think some cheerleaders are very athletic, which is even sadder to me because they could be gymnists or anything else they put there mind to do but instead they dress up like paper dolls and run around jumping up down worrying about their makeup running.. Exactly what does cheerleading teach that any other legit sport couldn’t?????? One last thing for you mothers that think this is such a great activity for you daughters….. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear a girl is a cheerleader?? You can think all the positive things you like, but 99% of the boys and men are thinking she is a dumb, piece of a$$.

  • Marci

    TRY it. & then tell me its not a sport. it’s not as easy as it looks.

  • Rokku

    God i hate feminists,they fight for so long to get equal rights but if you take one for dinner and dont pay the tab like a “gentleman” is supposed to do they get mad.They say they can do any sport a man can,but when they manage to conquer a certain sport it becomes sexist.Some women dont work so they can take care of the house,but if a man does that he is called a lazy ass.Women wear mini skirts and tops whit a low neckline,but they get mad when men look at their legs or chests;do they care that its something men do by instict?No of course not!But we are supposed to let their badd mood because of the TPM because its something natural.Frankly ballet is pretty much a all women thing too why i dont see anyone trashing it?It does a horrible damage to their legs yet no one says it should spot because of it.Well thats all have a good day/night.

  • destiny

    maybe ur just mad cuz u werent one nd let me tell u somethin just cuz u want cheerleading to go away doesnt mean it will nd believe me i am not gonna push cheerleading to the side just cuz u said it needs to be end of discussion

  • ManicPixieDreamGirl

    I think the idea of raising spirits with dancing and chanting is nice, but sexed up girls doing backflips on the sideline is not that appealing to me. It’s kind of degrading for those women. I have respect for the competitive cheerleaders, who do wear skirts, but the outfits have little to do with their goal; winning.

  • Shannon

    Wow, I can’t believe you’re sitting here talking crap about cheerleaders. Just because you sit down and watch football while you “r-o-o-t” from your couch on weekends, you think you have the right to say women (or men) can’t cheer their team on from the sidelines? You’re probably too lazy to get up and do something so instead you waste your time bashing cheerleaders, Jealous Bitch. Get a life, you sound like a bitter old lady who has a house full of cats.

  • dymnd

    i dont agree with any thing about this article cheerleading is a sport monday to friday 24-7 when you get home you go to the mirror and work on your routine constantly so we wont look like fools reping our team so what if the uniforms are a little skimpy somtimes get over it i dont hear you saying football players pants are to tight when they bend down i get it its your opinion but i feel like it an insult to me when you say all cheerleaders when youve probly only saw the ones in your hometown and ok so lots of injuries happen in cheerleading but people die in car crashes every day yet you have the time to sit and type an article ridiculing cheerleaders how dare you

  • Nicole

    Ok cheerleading is DEFINITLY! a sport! if u dont think it is u go try being lifted up about 15 ft in the air on one leg or doing backhandspring tucks or our conditioning. ITs hard work. I kno the CT legaled it not a sport but it should be. We practice like a team, compete like a team and get injured like other sports over 81 high school cheerleader died or severly hurt in 2007 and the amounts r rising so. And Im not saying this to offend anyone and yes i do respect yuor alls opinion. and no we r not sluts either like Fallon said we dont choice our uniforms and yes again i do respect yuor alls opinions

  • Fen

    This article almost exactly sums up my view of cheerleading in high school. While some of our cheerleaders were fairly intelligent and rational people, most of them succumbed to this idea that they were better than every other girl at the school because they could do a backflip. I like a lot of the actual gymnastics that some cheerleaders can do, and I agree with the idea that COMPETITIVE cheerleading is kinda a sport. But the football cheers and stuff are straight-up annoying, and the whole cheerleader “subculture” of sorts is just sexist and brainless.

    I do have to admit that I almost like the cheerleaders at Ohio State, where I am now, mainly because A) they do cheer at girls’ volleyball games and bring male cheerleaders with them, and B) they do these quasi-sophisticated dances to our fight songs and don’t just wave pom-poms around like they’re five years old. I realize that most colleges probably aren’t like this though, mainly because they’re not as big and therefore can’t justify sending cheerleaders to women’s sports.

    Also, I find it hilarious that almost every pro-cheerleader comment on here (“OMG ur wrong!!11”) has multiple spelling errors, which kinda proves our point – except in the case of people who are typing from their iPods (ie, Fallon), which I kinda understand, ha ha.

  • uzeb

    Competitive cheer is just a really bad version of Cirque du Soleil® with rules that are governed by the United States All Star Federation with support from local & regional cheer associations. Any sport that supports cosmetics and ridiculous costumes that don’t enhance either safety or performance is performance art, not sport. Further, U.S. District Judge Stefan Underhill ruled, “Competitive cheer may, some time in the future, qualify as a sport under Title IX, today, however, the activity is still too underdeveloped and disorganized to be treated as offering genuine varsity athletic participation opportunities for students.” QED (I don’t expect any cheerleaders to understand what QED means, as some stereotypes exist for a reason; they’re an accurate reflection of reality).

  • sarah

    i find it exteremely wrong that you would write this article i am a cheerleader and our uniforms follow the school dresscode completly

  • kayla

    why would you write this article cheerleaders work ten times harder than football player do i have been in for six years now and not once have I had a uniform that wasn’t appropriate you need to realize how amazing cheerleaders are how dare you say cheerleading should G-O-A-W-A-Y you honestly dont know how hard we practice

  • lisa

    I would like to see one of you peole who think cheerleagind is a sport to go try it. If you can get throught it for a month then i give you props. But most of us ” nonn- athletes” are very angry when people tell us what we are doing is not a sport. 16,000 people get hurt every year and that number is increasing every year becasue teams get more up to date on new technic and how they want their team name known.


    Wow, dude. Just, wow.

    I’m not even a cheerleader, but this whole article is ridiculous. I don’t care for NFL cheerleading, that’s just dancing basically, but have you ever seen… VARSITY HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADING? Or COLLEGIATE CHEERLEADING?

    Many varsity cheerleaders compete more than they sideline cheer. They follow the same, if not more, rules as the soccer players, the volleyball players, the softball players, and the basketball players. They have to have a GPA over 3.0, and some teams, like at my school, don’t even allow girls to date so they have a good reputation.

    JV cheerleading? Are you kidding me?
    Cheerleading has changed since before the 2000’s. Now, they do tumbling, stunting, cheering, chanting, dances, motions, jumps, and much more.

    Maybe it’s just your school.
    But using JV as an example is really dumb.

  • Orlando

    You are soooo right. Cheerleading is very stupid and should just go away. Football, however is even more stupid and it should go first!

  • Lone Ranger

    If Suzie goes to school in a short skirt and Jared places his hand up her skirt during English class, he gets slapped by Suzie and expelled by the school. Now, if Suzie is on the sidelines of a football game and is cheerleading and Jared puts his outstretched hand in the air, Suzie will not only let him put his hand up her skirt, but she will willingly jump unpon it after spreading her legs for all to see.

    Many social stigmas and rules of conduct in our society are illogical and insane. At the end of the day, Jared is going to be feeling Suzie’s nether-region up under her skirt, and whether or not he gets slapped, expelled, jailed, or hailed depends on where he does it.

    The bottom line is cheerleading is about promoting sex…like it or not. And, I do not believe it is young women being exploited, but rather young women trying to steal glory away from the boys. You can see this throughout our sex-driven society. If women want your attention, they seem to always go into their playbook and call their favorite play…sexploitation!

    And aren’t young women taught that their primary export is sex. Think about it. When the US economy hit the skids 3 years ago, women flooded the skin industry to make more money. Sorry girls, you are taught young to promote sex and use sex to manipulate your way through life. Please put down the pom poms and go home and while you’re there, why don’t you work harder at character development and less on spreading your thighs.

  • Lone Ranger

    I can see where cheerleading may have had a purpose 120 years ago, when people did not know the rules of the game or what was going on back then, let alone if they should be excited by something happening on the field. But, things have changed and sports and all forms of state-sanctioned amusements have been readily accepted by society. Sports are now so ingrained in our minds and the rules that govern these sports, that cheerleading is no longer relevent, except to keep young, scantily clad women in focus on the sidelines, while the young men compete on the field of glory.

  • Lone Ranger

    Now, if Suzie showed up to school wearing a short skirt and began kicking up her naked leg in the air in front of 30 students and striking a pose with said leg next to her ear during English class, then demonstrates to the class how far she can spread her legs during a jump, but not before doing a little bump and grind dance, she would be asked to leave class due to lude and crude behavior unbecoming of a young lady.

    However, if Suzie were to do the same motions on the sidelines of a football game, while wearing her sexy little skirt in front of 3,000 people of all ages, or at half court during a basketball game, she would be applauded for strutting her “stuff”.

    Seems like our public school system is guilty of promoting conflicting values outside the classroom. But, then again, over the years our public school system has become more of a whore house than a school house, so the antics of cheerleaders should come as no surprise.

  • Lone Ranger

    The last thing I will say on this matter is that cheerleading is not a sport…it’s an activity. I know over the past few years it has become more competitive and I have even watched the talented young women and men performing their dynamic routines on ESPN 2 and I dare say they are amazing. Now, I know they work hard and of course they are talented, but this, in and of itself, does not warrant our attention. Shoot, even porn stars have talent and work hard at their craft, but that doesn’t make what they do a sport anymore than the exotic dancer or the local city sanitation engineer.

    The bottom line is I don’t believe cheerleading is a decent way to express school spirit and it promotes the wrong values. How many worthy young women have complexes because they weren’t “sexy” enough to make the cheerleading squad? How many young men in the stands have indecent thoughts about these cheerleaders as they prance around in their short skirts? How many young women look at these cheerleaders and think this is what society values, so this is what they must become if they want to be popular and successful in school? How many cheerleaders receive preferential treatment from the school and peers alike because they had what it took, when all the other girls did not? How many cheerleaders begin to believe that all they need to do in life to get what they want is shake their booty, show some skin and prance around like a show pony? How many young men can see past all the sexy gyrations, skin, tight outfits, glamour and glitter and can focus on her inner beauty, virtue and value? Not one! So cheerleaders become sex objects to the opposite gender and objects of scorn within their own.

    And, there is a special place in Hell for those mothers especially, who force their daughters into this sex racket, hence trying to live vicariously though them in order to relive their own glory days or to gain some kind of social honor for giving birth to a CHEERLEADER! Don’t even get me started on those sick mothers who push their little girls into modeling at 2 years of age. And don’t get me started on those mothers who have killed, beaten, or put a hit out on another girl, so her daughter has a better chance of making the cheerleading squad.

    Perhaps cheerleading should go off on its own and see if it can sink or swim based on its own merits, without forcing fans of other “sports” to be their captive audience. But, if I were king, I’d make it go away.

  • The Lone Ranger? More like tonto if you ask me…

  • Lone Ranger

    Very clever, Christopher! But, I do not think Tonto had a firm grasp of the white man’s language and I don’t think I ever saw an episode where Tonto wrote the white man’s language. In addition, I believe it is highly unlikely that he was ever invited to an event where the Americanized squaw was featured prancing around like a harlot showing off her goods in front of a crowd. Peace out. :0)

  • kori

    I think people need to spell words out instead of using “u, or r.”

    Anyways, I agree. Cheerleading is overrated, whether cheerleaders agree or not. It may be fun, until someone gets hurt and then what you send them a card and keep on cheering? Also there’s plenty of ways too stay fit..I personally do yoga and gymastics. But I do not try to “pep” people up with short skirts and horribly enormous tits. Excuse the profanity. But its..horrible. instead of giving are school funds too sports and cheerleading we should be putting the funds towards libraries, special classes, and things that will help everyone in the long run.

  • cheer leading is better than U

    cheerleading is the tuffest sport. it takes effort to practce 3 hours EVERY night. cheerleading, u have compatition, games u have to practice for.cheerleading may sound stupid but we support the team ulnlikeu losers on the bench getting no exersize. its called work, bach hand springs, dance moves, stunts lip take practice. i sure u would die on the first day sweating soooolong in a gym

  • cheer leading is better than U

    the only reason u call it bout sex is false. actully cheerleading u have a under armor shirt, ur half shirt for bottoms u have these under shortts to secure u when ur jumping.and the mini skirt.cheerleading is tuff out their for sooo long cheering hallf the teams competing in compatition 5 diffrent ones with a new5 minute rutin, jumps,stunts,soooo much more it takes dedication to be their every game, every practice, and actully it is hard work

  • Kaylyn Sparks

    I was captain of JV my freshman year. I am a senior now and I have not done cheer since, nor have i gone to any games since. I see everyones points, but cheer is hard and somewhat rewarding. Cheerleaders dont lift balls, they lift people. I have seen girls noses get broken, fall, get knocked out, and pass out while stunting! We learned like 50 cheers and i had to know every one of them perfect so i could call them. Plus i had to learn all of varsitys dances plus jvs dances and i still never got any credit! i practiced dances while girls did makeup and messed around and i still got yelled at for something because on cheer if your not preppy and a suck up to the bit… coaches :] they tear you apart! I would say cheer is for people that like getting their ego ripped to shreds and gossip gossip pmsing! maybe that is just in a small town though 2a school. Cheer itself is sooo much fun so let the girls who like it enjoy it! let them have fun too dont be rude. But if you do decide to be a cheerleader just take my advice.
    1- get on the coaches daughters good side.
    2- never argue with anyone because you will regret it when they start doing personal attacks.
    3- never think that if you start on varsity that that is where you stay. I started on varsity, got brought down to jv, back up to varsity, down to jv, and then put as captain of jv. And this was all BEFORE camp! It was torture because everytime its like being slapped.
    4- Dont care about what the amazing cheerleaders say to you if your not as good… chances are that is the only thing they are good at lol

    and lastly, come on guys the uniforms are a lot more modest than volleyball or track or gymnastics or wrestling! If you saw the girls downstairs then she probably got in soooooo much trouble for not wearing spankies (the only thing volleyball wears for pants btw) she probably got kicked off and eaten alive by people cause people take any chance they can to hurt cheerleaders. Just remember these are teen girls with feelings they are not objects to critisize and eventually they will become wives, mothers, doctors, hairstylists, ect. Cheer is painful on your ego and self esteem enough just from the coaches and girls, they dont need everyone attacking them, give them a break they are probably starving and in pain.

  • Anna

    All the girls who are saying it is hard… have you seen gymnastics? 10x better, and they are actually getting a workout. you should try it if you think Cheerleading is hard.

    As for uniforms, they are racy, weather they are “classy” or not…

    Another thing, cheeleading is NOT about popularity, half the girls i know that are cheeleaders, are quirky girls who dont give a crap about what they look like and who they are friends with.

    As for football, its a distraction, and its unnecessary considering 1 the football players cant hear and dont give a shit about them. 2 it annoys the fans. and 3 whats the point of standing in the cold/hot to “cheer” when nobody enjoys it anyways…

  • karesha

    I agree. Although high school cheerleading is not the major problem. cheerleaders at pro sporting events, should be changed. Not only is it demeaning to women all around but it is also far from family friendly. They do not bring sprit, they dance around in sexual moves and change mens tempers. They make it hard for women to gain respect. The worst part about all of this is our kids outlook. I took my 5 year old to a basketball game the other day. when the dancers came out in their Belly shirts and underwear shorts my daughter said, ”mommy why are their bellys showing? by having cheerleaders at family friendly events wearing less than must west to bed or to swim in is causing a downward fall in socitiy in many ways. My daughter wanted to be able to dance like them at the end of the night. I had to teach her that those women do not respect their own bodies like God wants us to. Then we are teaching our sons to want those women. Next we are causing our husbands to sin. We are allowing our own sex to hold us from having more power in this world. We are promoting sex and an image that most women could never have back after child birth. We are hurting every one around with this so called sport. And yes I guess it is a sport to pratice flaunting your body in a sexual way. That takes a lot of hard work. If you high school girls want to go pro just remember there is a corner at every street. And you won’t always have the body you do now, so don’t come crying to us when you cant make money off being sexual anymore. Use your brain now and realize all you are is a sexual image. Throgh your.couch a playboy and put on some clothes. There are perverts in this world. Sorry for the typos im on my phone internet.

  • Karesha, your caricature of men as being unable to control themselves at the mere sight of a woman’s belly button is just about as offensive as the mysogynistic opinion of your fellow women that you clearly hold. Do you actually understand anything at all about human nature?

  • karesha

    Also if it were a sport and if it was not demeaning than why do our pro football players make millions while our pro Dallas cowboy cheerleaders not even make enough to live on their income.

  • karesha

    Dreadful, do you understand anything about respect, and gaining it as a humman being and not a sex object? And its clearly not just belly buttons, they are dancing in sex positions. Have you ever sat front role on the court and watched the maverics dance team? When you do so, then ill hear you out.

  • Karesha, I’m not disqualified from having an opinion just because I’ve never sat in the front row at a Mavericks game. (I actually think cheerleading, along with basketball, is rather tedious.)

    As far as respect is concerned, I found none whatsoever in your comment 63. Your implication that men cannot control their sexual urges, and your conflation of cheerleading with prostitution, are crass, ignorant and, frankly, vile.

  • karesha

    Dreadful, you took everything I said out of context. Ur points your trying to make against me have nothing to do wIth the overall meaning I am trying to get across. As long as we.women use our bodies to reach an over all goal, we will always have a cap on how far we rise. To most men not All we are sex objects. Thanks to the good moms out there that we do have some good men. Now us women really have a chance to change the future. How we raise our kids really matters. Raise your daughters and sons the way you would want ur son and daughter in laws or your husbands to be. Think smart.

  • emily

    Um…not to burst your bubble or anything (the article was really well written) but cheerleading is totally a sport, and takes a ton of dedication and hard work. It’s not just jumping around and screaming,it’s carefully coordinated movement and takes a lot of teamwork to pull off. To say that it is demeaning to women is I think a misprepresentation of what it is cosnidered nowadays. I personally find it very empowering, and it’s also a lot of fun! You should all check out the professional cheerleading videos out there-now that’s amazing!

  • giovanni

    so… i like football im 9 me and my cousin have fun im not being offensive but football may be fun and all but u need offense and defense cheerleaders are grat cus they give spirit and dont think im a girl im a guy andu do need offense and a bit of defense they show spirit byo my peeps and was up

  • giovanni

    u women are gettinng a bit over dramatic

  • giovanni

    for reals u may be 13 trough 17 year old women but even though im i aint afraid too speak okay its time for me to be nice and pure good again like im always and to be the top of my school lke always and wobbly wobble wobble

  • giovanni

    awww typo i put trough instead of through

  • Amber

    I’m sorry, but can you lift people? Toss them? Tumble? Get up at ten to six every morning for practice? Competitive cheering is HARD (and also tons of fun, but currently that’s beside the point), and takes a lot of dedication and trust between team-mates (this is coming from a flyer-the one they toss in the air, for the cheer-illiterate.). Many people here don’t seem to actually know what competitive cheerleading is, and the stereotype that cheerleaders are dumb and slutty is certainly more demeaning and altogether hurtful than the sport itself, especially when the cheerleader in question is actually planning on becoming a particle physicist. I shouldn’t be judged for the sport that I participate in, I should be judged for the kind of person that I am.
    Well, that’s my two cents. People should REALLY do their research before writing/posting coments about things they know absolutely nothing about.

  • louis lefrou

    you’re crazy. i’ve had many injuries from cheerleading, i.e. knee dislocation, broken/sprained ankles, twisted thumbs, broken back vertebrae. we are never respected for what we do in our school and it makes us angry. i do not like your opinion, i think you change it because apparently, you have never been to the World All Star Competition held in Florida, where they defy gravity and are for sure a sport.

  • annie gage

    Cheerleading is not sexist by any means. There are plenty of guy cheerleaders. The sport needs to be appreciated more. The cheerleaders at my school never fail to pump us up, have a great reputation and have some of the highest ranks in our class. We work hard and have many practices before and after school. Cheerleading is the farthest sport from being sexist. Football? 99.9 % are male. Baseball and softball are separated by sex but cheerleading is not. Cheerleading requires a lot of technique that normal people could not do. We go to the gym, we tumble, we train, we practice and yes, sometimes we get hurt. But what sport doesn’t? You need to take a step back and look at what you are evaluating the sport at. There are very few people at my school that do not appreciate our performances. The parents of the football and basketball players often thank us. So instead of bashing cheerleading itself, you should recognize that your school has poor school spirit.

  • Sealy

    Hi I am a freshman cheerleader with very bad spelling but very good logic (it’s almost a curse I can be right all the time cuz I know if I’m wrong when i don’t want to be) I love cheerleading but wanted to give one of very few non biased comment in regard of the logical errors made by almost everyone who commented on this page(and non biased doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion on whether cheer is good or bad, it just means I don’t agree with the things I like, I agree with the things proven right or more precisely don’t agree with the things proven wrong and partially agree with the things proven right)
    I have bulleted some of the statements or opinions of the person who posted this and proven them wrong (practically everything on here is wrong) anyway enjoy actually hearing a logical debate about cheerleading…
    •”how does or school benifit from doing flips?”
    Although u don’t have to benifit from sports to have them,(how does the school benefit from girls bumping a ball over a net to another girl . They don’t but people like it do the school should have it). Anyway, cheer does “benifit the school” it takes much energy and makes you more healthy and agile, it teaches you how to work together in sinc, plus it encourages others and teaches us to support one another
    •you think the cheerleaders at your school are “stupid anoying mean consided bad”
    That doesn’t mean everyone is like that. (in fact you could never prove that even if you surveyed 50000 cheerleaders and had proof of them all being terrible, that still wouldn’t mean you could say all cheerleaders are like that) you can say some cheerleaders are like because you have only seen some like that not all… Also even if some are bad you shouldnt insult the entire sport some football teams may only beetup nerds and do terrible(or may even own a waterpark and not practice which makes them do bad :)) but you shouldnt get rid of football some people enjoy it and are professional about it in every way
    •”Steelers refuse to participate”
    Fine it’s their choice that doesnt mean we should all follow their example their many people that love cheerleading whether it’s watching it or doing it
    •”I count each one that falls. ; it’s just that what they are doing seems pointless to me.”
    (You shouldn’t ever make fun of someone’s pain or mistakes that’s like lagging when a football player gets hit and has to go to the hospital)
    I’m giving you reasons why cheerleading is good right now and prooving all your reasons wrong, so you shouldnt still think its pointless. It’s as “pointless” to cheer a crowd up and get everyone going with complex dances, stunts and chants as it is for people to run around with a football(not saying I don’t like football, I do but if cheerleading is frivolouse what makes football important and seriouse and not for intertainment?)
    •”Cheerleading injuries are actually a serious problem”
    Yes it is but that is what we have practice for. When you fall during cheerleading, it is because someone in the stunt was too weak there was a communication propblem and the list could go on but it isn’t really necessary right now. If the cheerleaders actually dedicate themselves to cheer and work to get stronger and remember the routine etc. these problems most likely won’t happen. Just like uneven bars. If someone wasn’t strong enough or messed up they would get injured. But they take that chance and work hard because they love what they do and taking a chance on injury in some cases is worth it when done right it won’t happen. Just like gymnasts on uneven bars, cheerleaders take chances sometimes for an over all benefit and work each day to prevent someone from falling. Some cheerleaders do not do this but that shouldn’t include the whole group of chearleaders.
    (p.s. some people say cheerleading isn’t a sport and cheerleaders will stupidly respond id like to see you try . For the record I’d like to say that both sides are wrong. Going by the definition of “sport” it is when one or more persons do a physical activity against one or more teams. Therefore cheeleading in some way is and isn’t . There is competitive cheer which is a sport and cheering at games which technically isn’t but if u consider that practicing or an extra requirement of cheer then it absolutely is a sport. Dancing is a sport both when performing and when competing so it is in a way similar to cheerleading)

  • Jose


  • Just An Opinion

    Okay, this is just my opinion, I am not saying anybody else is right or wrong, after all, everybody is entitled to their opinion.

    So, I happen to know a bunch of people who cheerleed, and may I say, wow, has their self-obsession ever gone through the roof. I swear they have gone from being happy, friendly, 18 y.o.’s with little to no interest in boys, to being so self-obsessed, that they only think about themselves, oh, and the pack of guys they now hang with. So, I appreciate that this is not the same for everyone, but hey, I’m just saying what I have witnessed.

    I swear their “cheering” does NOT cheer anybody up, in fact, if anything, it just makes people wanna lodge something in their mouths just to make them be quiet.

    So its a demanding “sport”, yes, I appreciate that, but, how many other types of sport or dancing are out there that are just as demanding, if not more so. I can say from experience how hard irish dance is, especially when you start it at 18 and have to work to catch up. Now there’s a “sport” that demands respect.

    Thank you for putting up with my rant.

  • lollylolly

    Right on i agree 12748584% !!!! Personally i find whole idea of cheerleading degrading and pointless. To me the whole cheerleader persona makes a probably nice girl appear ditsy; as if they actually give a serious fuck about the team or let alone understand the sport they’re cheering for; why would you want to cheer on a group of guys who don’t cheer you on or support you?I don’t get why they wanna expose their pussy to the entire school either the ones at my school practically twerk LOL . Until i see guy cheerleaders for girl sports teams … i will forever rant about this

    • Lisa Diaz-Escalera

      Right on! I can’t even enjoy a family game without being subjected to stripper like routines. The point is for them to show their asses off as much as possible. EVERYTIME I ask a cheerleading dick rider why the outfits need to be so slutty… Crickets!

      • Audrey

        My cheer uniform is a skirt that doesn’t show off anyone’s ass. The top is a long sleeve midriff and a shell (since you don’t cheer you wouldn’t know, it’s basically just a normal shirt made out of material made for cheerleading). We cheer to get the crowd excited for the game and encourage our athletes to perform their best. We do stunts and tumble to show we are not the typical sideline cheerleaders who are ditzy, I have yet to meet one cheerleader who is that way. I don’t work my ass off (that I’m apparently showing off to everyone according to you) just to show off for guys. Why would I work on routines for 3 hours every weeknight just to make a guy think I am “hot”? What is your problem, you are obviously just bitter.

  • Abby

    someone didn’t make the cheer squad.

  • Tia

    I agree SCHOOL cheerleading is stupid and annoying but competitive cheer is a sport and it might be dangerous but cheerleaders don’t get enough credit for what they do plus most people can do half the stuff we do

    • Keykei Brook

      Competive is the next Level up. Not every one can pay for it.

  • Tia

    Can’t do half the stuff oops

    • Tendo Pain

      go back to the kitchen , weaker sex

  • Keykei Brook

    Hello, so i need to point out a few things. I get this is your opinion but i hope to open your eyes on the matter. You see when it comes to Football games, the reason for Cheerleaders to make the crowd more loud so that the other team on Offence gets distracted. That will then make it hard for communication, then the likelihood of losing the ball is higher. Same goes for Basketball.

    Now look at what type of things they do, what they do is hard. Continually pushing himself to new limits, always in top shape and devoting a part of them to the sport they love. You may not call it one but it truly is with all the tumbling, stunting, and even the dance/cheering.

    Each and every girl has a reason for being down there, they love what they do. So at assemblies it was about showing what they can do. Lets say you are a great dancer but no one takes the time to look at you. They look at the boys who are throwing the ball and are making great passes. Yes football is nice but Cheer likes to be seen more than that. So at the assembly’s they show what they are not aloud to show. I could continue but I will stop. If you couldn’t tell yes I am a Cheerleader, but i’m also on track… To be exact I do pole vault… but another thing i’m in advanced classes. Yes there always is that air head cheerleader. But not all are this way. Thank you for your time.

    • Lisa Diaz-Escalera

      Are you kidding? And you all need to be almost naked to do this?!? Lol

  • 89ismyhero

    Honestly, sports where the fans start chants are where it’s at. Having the attention whores at your school start them for you is stupid.

  • Tessa

    Have you ever seen a real cheerleading competition? I don’t mean a football game but a real one. Cheerleading is like any other sport with a risk of injury but people do it because they love it. Cheerleaders spend so many hours on a mat every week pounding down a routine for nothing, I don’t think so. So obviously it is all for something. Also we wouldn’t be spending hundreds even thousands of dollars on nothing. And I know from many many years of experience.

    • Lisa Diaz-Escalera

      Well Tessa not true… We spend millions on nothing every day. Idc how anyone tries to justify it… Put some clothes on stop acting like your actually needed at these games. Why are the uniforms so slutty? Why if this is such a valid thing must the outfits be so skimpy that it breakes all dress codes at school? Well… Obviously they WANT to put themselves on display period.. So run the it’s a sport bs to those who actually but into that. I refuse to participate until this shit stops. There are already 6 pro teams who have chosen to eliminate the unneeded crap. If you want to porn yourself out keep it out family friendly events.

  • Annie Doig
  • Annie Doig