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Cheeky is as cheeky does

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Y’know how in SF movies and paperbacks the pop music of the future is usually portrayed as some sort of combination of packaged machine-made sound and pornography with inappropriate global nationality? Well, the future has arrived.

The number 2 pop song in the UK this week is “The Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)” by The Cheeky Girls, a pair of Transylvanian twins.

They are also-rans on a number of reality teevee shows, and the song was written by their mom.

My mind is boggled.

I loaded a copy of the song, and it is craptastic! Wow, it is the Platonic ideal of what is wrong with pop music.

And while we’re at it, get some clean underwear.

Which, while we’re on the subject of cheeky, what about Charo?

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