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Cheap Cubicle Ideas for the Startup Office

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Configuring your startup business’ cubicle layout doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Your new business probably doesn’t have the funds for a grandiose floorplan, and today’s high startup costs mean you probably want to keep things sweet and simple.

One solution to consider: buy used cubicles and cubicle accessories, instead of buying brand-new.

Forget the received wisdom about used cubicles. Used cubicle furniture and accessories are often perceived to be shabby, at best a stop-gap solution while your new business gets its sea legs.

This isn’t necessarily true; used cubicle furniture, if vetted properly, can be just as attractive and durable as their brand-new counterparts. Used cubicles don’t necessarily have to look abused and feel wobbly.

Buying used has the added advantage of costing you far less; if you choose your supplier carefully, you can buy used and stock your office with far more cubicles and cubicle accessories on a set budget, compared to buying brand-new.

When looking for used cubicles for your startup, follow these steps to come out on top:

Get what you need, or use what you can find. Can you secure enough used cubicles to create the configuration you want? Or will you have to compromise, by mixing incompatible cubicle designs and styles? That’s one downside of buying used cubicles: you cannot be sure you’ll find the style you want, much less all the parts you need of your desired style.

You can forestall this by going to a trusted used cubicle dealer, one who deals with large orders and sizes of used, refurbished, or remanufactured cubicles. There’s sure to be one in your city!

Does this cubicle make me look fat? Cubicle fit is an important aspect of sourcing used cubicles. Like fitting dresses, color and size must be considered before the purchase is made.

First, the cubicle’s color should work with your new office’s overall color scheme. (If you don’t have a color scheme to begin with, there are many online sites that can help you select one that works for you.)

Second, the size of your new cubicles must fit into the specified office space, allowing traffic to circulate and possibly permitting expansion in case your business bucks the trend and grows!

Sure, you might save a bit by buying cubicles in the wrong color or the wrong fit. But think about how much productivity can be lost if your new cubicles are a collective eyesore, or if your cubicles hamper movement within the office!

Assess the cubicle condition. You might be able to tolerate some amount of wear and tear in your (like) new cubicles. But overall, you should go for as new as possible: stain- and tear-free panels, solid structural material, and almost scratchless work surfaces. 

Configure your cubicle haul. Now that you’ve rounded up your cubicle gang…ensure that the cubicle layout you can assemble is efficient enough for your crew. You might need to stock up on cubicle accessories for your workforce, too—like overhead storage compartments, cubicle wiring facilities, and desk accessories.

Pay attention to how storage is configured, and how the wiring will run below the desk and through the cubicle wall.

Voila! You’ve just stocked your startup office with the cubicle layout you need…without spending so much in the process! For a new business in an uncertain economy, that’s a great start. Good luck!

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