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Apple’s new Panther operating system is out and it includes iChat AV. Apparently, a fair portion of our Blogcritics use Macs, and some fair number of those have upgraded to Panther. I’d like to see if there’s any interest in forming a private Blogcritics iChat AV directory — for those of us with either an iSight or strictly voice chat capabilities. If you are interested, have voice and/or video capability, please send me either your .mac address or your AIM screen name.

In the interest of privacy, please don’t post your information in the comments to this entry. Rather, e-mail your particulars to Sanford May and I will compose a list. Ideally, I’ll create a secure directory on the Web, pass that information along to Eric Olsen; and he can send out an e-mail to the Blogcritics mailing list with the link and the password.

[Note: I’ve been getting a few questions about this. iChat AV will work with audio chat on any Mac that supports Panther and has either a built-in or external microphone (USB or line-in if your Mac has an audio-in jack). You do not need an Apple iSight to use the audio chat functions of iChat AV.]
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  • This isn’t going to turn into Blogcritics Gone Wild!!!! is it?

    I recently upgraded my iBook to Panther, but I don’t have a webcam. Will the AV chat work with Logitech devices, or do I have to use the iSight (or can somebody send me an iSight for free 🙂

  • It’s in the mail, Carruthers-:).

    I’m still waiting for my Panther order to arrive from the education store, San. Will consider the idea when I get it. And install it. And possibly reinstall it (if some of the reported problems are true).

  • When you look to install Panther, MD, block out 8 hours. Seriously. Okay, so some of that is doing a backup of your boxen.

    However, my experience installing 10.3 on an iBook was 8 hours., and six of that was just the install.

    Though I did see one of those iSights on a G4 powerbook at the dealer, and it was sweet. So when can I expect my freebie in the mail?

    I knew you had a crush on me and couldn’t wait to see my glorious visage.

  • Eric Olsen

    ah yes, both tempted by the Apple, I see

  • In the words of Paul Carrack: “tempted by the fruit of an other”.

  • Eric Olsen

    it’s only fitting

  • Which begs the question: which is the piss and which is the vinegar?

    And I do have the beaucoup microphones, so I can do this all audio stylie (and with a Mackie mixer and a couple of outboard units dub-dub-dub in effect).