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Charo Disputes Former FBI Official’s Claim That He Was Deep Throat

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“I am the ‘Deep Throat’ not this man. Coochie, coochie.” says Charo.

Written by Joe Wilson

LAS VEGAS (PoopyCaca.com) – Although a Vanity Fair article reveals that W. Mark Felt, 91, a senior official at the FBI in the early 1970’s, has claimed that he was the source known as “Deep Throat” who leaked information about the Watergate scandal to Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the claim is already being disputed.

Felt’s statement was challenged by musician and comedienne Charo, who is best known for her tag-line “coochie, coochie” and was a regular visitor to the Nixon White House.

Charo held a press conference at Las Vegas hot spot, Sevilla, a Spanish Steakhouse and nightclub. “This person, this Mark Felt, he is no the ‘Deep Throat,’ I am the one true ‘Deep Throat’ and these mens, the Woodperd [sic] and Brainstine [sic] they were going to wait for me to be in the great nightclub in the sky before anyone would know. This Mark Felt makes my coochie, coochie a very angry coochie, coochie.”

Charo’s story as to how she gained knowledge of the Watergate scandal began with her appearance in the 1970 TV special Elvis: That’s the Way It Is, which led to a friendship with Elvis Presley and an introduction to President Richard Nixon.

President Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley at the White House in December, 1970.

According to Charo, “I preformed [sic] many, many times for the President Dickie Nixon. He loved my music and wanted me to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him, but I couldn’t be there on that day, so he asked me to record the song with one of those machinies [sic] in the oval office. I was alone, because Dickie didn’t want to ruin the surprise. I hit the play instead of the record and heard this talking by Dickie about this Watergate thingie.”

Charo then met Bob Woodward at a White House Press Correspondents Association Dinner, where she was performing, and mentioned the contents of the tape. Woodward and Bernstein, according to Charo, encouraged her to ask President Nixon if she could rerecord “Happy Birthday” to gain additional access to recordings, which resulted in the Washington Post stories and President Nixon’s resignation.

Both Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein have again stated that they would not reveal the identity of “Deep Throat” until the individual has died and declined to comment on Charo’s claim that she is the one true “Deep Throat.”

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  • [snicker]

    Just [snicker]…

  • RJ

    I’d let her be my own personal deepthroat!

    Even though she’s probably like 70 by now…

    Nevermind… :-/

  • HW Saxton

    Funny post as usual PC.On a serious note
    She is an excellent guitarist. Flamenco
    isn’t something you just pick up and
    play overnight.It takes many years of
    practice,work and dedication to play as
    it should be played. And some say it
    takes some Gypsy blood in your lineage.

  • david

    even if she is 70 which she’s somewhere CLOSE…She’s Beautiful…I mean look at her complexion and skin..No wrinkles except for crows eyes and around the mouth..lmao…she’s gorgeous