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Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.

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Xx3 / Xena Multiplied by Three could be used as an alternative title for this movie, for that’s what it is. But there might be problems with the X-Men franchise, so I guess Full Throttle it is.

And there’s nothing like a wholesome T&A* movie with girls kicking butt to get one’s blood going. Plenty of cheesey jokes, big bangs, cute bad guys and predictable storyline all around to keep the most inane of us entertained. And just in case you’ve not gotten the message that the movie is not a serious action film, this is your wake-up call. The concept of the movie follows that of the television series. Three lovely ladies getting themselves into improbable sitatuations to overcome apparent evil and preserve peace and justice for the rest of society (who of course, have no idea that this is going on).

Having said all that, it’s definitely a fun film. Girls will like it because the ladies kick butt and wear great clothes, and guys will like it because of the gratuitous T&A* action and lack of clothes actually worn. Lots of flesh to see and all of it very trim and pretty, even the boys.

But you guys wanna know about the storyline, don’t you?

Basically what happens is that two very important rings which, when used in conjuction with each other, contain the data for the the American witness protection organisation – information that many of the city’s gangs would pay much moolah to get their well-manicured, yet slightly bloodied hands on. The girls’ job is to get the rings back and into the authorities hands before the information is sold off to the bad guys. Guess who is at the bottom of this evil plot? Nope, I’m not telling. You guess. Go on. Honestly, it’s not hard. Along the way they meet gorgeous and famous ex-angel, Madison Lee (played by Demi Moore), that aught to be enough of a hint for you.

On the girls themselves, Alex (Lucy Liu), Dylan (Drew Barrymore) and Natalie (Cameron Diaz) are still spectacularly dressed and look fresh and comfortable even in the most dire of situations. Natalie is still a clutz, Dylan is still attracted to bad guys and Alex is still cross-eyed.

Demi Moore is stunning as the stereo-typical “fallen angel” and it’s nearly impossible to believe that the woman has given birth to children with that body – and you get plenty of opportunity to look and judge for yourself since she prances around in bikinis and black lengerie for much of her time on screen. Very taut. Oh, and her ex-hubby (Bruce Willis) is in the film too. For all of about ninety seconds for the time it takes to board a plane and get killed. He does that exquisitely pained face of his really well.

Pink makes a smallish acting debut as the ringleader of a closed and somewhat deadly motocross circuit, the Coal Bowl. She plays the female badass nicely, thanks for asking.

John Cleese is his usual bumbling yet highly entertaining self as the English father of Alex and Matt Le Blanc does what he does well; playing the clueless, idiot boyfriend.

Carry Fisher’s in it too, but I’m not telling you as who. I didn’t know until my other half actually told me after I’d seen the movie. It’s a surprise, but not the first time she’s played such a role.

And for those Jackass fans amongst us, Chris “Partyboy” Pontius is in the film too. My sister and I got a kick out of that.

[T&A = Tits and Ass]
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  • Now was it some sort of message that (I assume) Demi Moore’s character gets to kill Bruce Willis’ character?
    Oh and comedic action movie, yes, but some of the special moves in the action sequences were SO out of whack (unbelievable) that I just couldn’t really enjoy most of them. Come on, them crashing through and flying out of the wooden ceiling from the momentum of the rope pulling them up and then grabbing the plank shards mid-air to board their way down the anchor rope to escape?