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Hello Blogcritics writers and readers – we are in the process of moving the site to a new hosting company. As always seems to be the case under such circumstances, all kinds of things have come up unexpectedly and we are having to deal with them one by one.

For the time being you can make comments on posts – and as always we encourage you to do so – but for awhile this afternoon they will not show up on the front page. They will appear on the post where you make them.

The central issue is that our site is so enormous – with 8,700 stories and over 22,000 comments – that the new computer has to “get used” to us.

Other than the comments not appearing on the front page for the next few hours, everything else should be normal, and things should be loading at normal speed again.

Thanks, Eric Olsen

All should be functioning normally – thanks!

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  • http://w6daily.winn.com/ Phillip Winn

    We believe this situation is resolved as of now. If you post a comment and it doesn’t show up on the front page, well, something else is wrong. 😉

  • Eric Olsen

    All functional, please resume normal activity. Thanks!