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Challenge Blogcritics On Xbox Live

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We like Xbox Live. Chances are if you do too, you can never go back to anything else. It’s an incredible piece of technology, and it adds an extra dimension to every game that uses it.

It’s also great for snagging bragging rights.

Hence why those Gamertags below are posted. Read a review, disagree, and want to let us know by sniping us in the very game we hated but you loved? Feel free to do so, but be aware of the ground rules:

  1. Don’t be stupid. It’s a rule for Xbox Live play in general, but we’re especially cranky. We have a 100% guarantee that you will become an ignored player and catch a negative comment the moment you try to act like you’re three years old. If you’re three years old, read a review here on Blogcritics, and you’re sniping us, you’re a child prodigy and your parents should pay more attention to the ESRB ratings.
  2. Don’t expect to have a friend request approved until we know who you are, and have played you in Game X. Random friend requests pile up and get deleted. Send us a text or a voice message (and only ONE; anymore and you’ll need to refer to rule #1) saying that you’re a fan or hater, and we’ll get back to you when we have time. We DO have a site to run here… sometimes. If we don’t respond in 10 days, assume the Achievement Point addiction went too far or our fearless editor ended up comatose after a 79 hour straight Dead or Alive 4 marathon.
  3. Just because the game list says we have a game doesn’t mean we do. Don’t get ticked off because we won’t join your game of Tiger Woods. We do plenty of renting, trading, and selling. Even if it’s in the list, don’t make the assumption we still have the game in our possession.
  4. Have fun. Hey, we know we’re nobodies, but we’re extending this offer to our two readers because we care. We’re on Xbox Live to have fun (and for $50 a year, we’ll get all we can out of it), and we hope you do too. The added bonus of killing “the *^&*%& who hates Grand Theft Auto on Blogcritics” has to add to the experience.

You can use Xbox.com to check up on who has been playing what, and when they last played it. Because of the mountain of information that can be found on Xbox.com we will not be listing the games we have and are playing (also see rule #3 above). Anyone with an Xbox or Xbox 360 Gamertag can associate that tag with a Passport account and gain access to the Xbox Live tracking on Xbox.com.

Sadly the Xbox.com profile does not list Xbox 1 games. You will have to ask about that.

So, if you’re online and see us, drop us a message because it is (usually) more fun to play against humans. If we like you, or if you can find a way to make Call of Duty 2 run smoothly, we’ll invite you in as quickly as we would kick Jack Thompson out.

Ken Edwards: Matt Paprocki:
Sal Marinello: Aaman Lamba:
Andrew Ogier: Aaron Auzins:
Cameron Graham: Sean Dwyer:
Mad Cow: Christina Little:
Daniel Woolstencroft: Rob Faraldi:
Jon Grover: Rich Frankel:
Cptalbertwesker: Graeme Smith:
Ashleigh Charlesworth: Jason "Njiska" Westhaver:

You may also wish to add yourself to the BC Gaming MGC Leaderboard, it is open to all.

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  • My gamertag is MojoCat – and I play Halo 2 for R&R almost exclusively:)

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    Halo 2 only…Oh yeah.