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Chairman Bill’s ‘magic spam cure’ – a revenue opportunity?

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Spam is a modern tragedy of the commons: as few as two hundred spammers pollute inboxes of hundreds of millions of Internet users, and will fairly soon account for half of all email volume. Fixing spam is simple if we permit ourselves to make slight changes to the Internet protocols. These protocols are supposed to be our servants, not our masters, but the technical community refuses to support a consensus to allow the tweaks that could cure not only spam, but worms too.* A simple modification to the SMTP protocol is now supported even by the author of the protocol herself.

Source: The Register

This one is right up there with “Windows is more secure because of all the virus attacks” speech.

Originally posted on Breaking Windows.

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  • You know, I want to see someone write the article about the similarities between spam and a virus, if it hasn’t been done already. Computer viruses and spam seem almost indistinguishable except in the architecture of their distribution.